Four Kneecaps and an Elbow

Eldrik is drinking in the bar, when Taya, someone he shot earlier, walks in.

A lean man in his mid twenties, roughly six feet tall, with hair the colour of jet. It's cut short in a sensible style that keeps it from his attractive, clean-shaven face and a tasteful emerald stud rests in his left earlobe. He moves with the efficient energy of a coiled spring, giving the lie to the nonchalance of his sharp blue eyes.
He's wearing a black turtleneck tucked into comfortable fitting bluejeans, black snakeskin boots showing from the cuffs. A piece of amber dangles just beneath his throat, kindling quiet fire on a nearly invisible black silk cord. A longsword is scabbarded across his back for an overhead draw, and a leather gun belt cinches his waist, a sandalwood-gripped revolver slung at each hip.

Taya appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya appears to be in her early twenties, standing at around 5'5". Dark olive skin gives the impression of a lot of time spent outdoors, and her body is well-built and athletic in appearance. A wolfish grin is ever present on her face and contrasts with her cool grey eyes, deep and expressive, which gaze around with a calm intensity. Her raven hair is pulled back and braided to hang well down her back. Interwoven in the braid are numerous white rosebuds that contrast beautifully with her dark hair. She is dressed in black English style riding boots and pants, and a likewise black tunic reaches down to about mid-thigh and is tied loosely with a thin black cord. The collar of the tunic tucks down into a V-neck to show her collarbone, upon which rests a necklace of glittering silver links. Each individual link is a carefully constructed dolphin of amazing craftsmanship.

Taya walks in quietly and heads towards Eldrik, anger ever present on her face.

Eldrik glances up at Taya, setting down his mug. "What?"

Jerome appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Gothic turns his head slightly towards Taya.
Gothic frowns slightly.

Taya says sadly, "You had to kill him didn't you, bastard.."

Marcus has arrived. Marcus steps out of the darkness of one of the bar's corners.

Tarot glances up from her coffee.

Eldrik says "Eh?"

Lanne glances at Taya, then Eldrik.

Gothic slides off his bar-stool.

Jerome stops on his way to the bar, and cautiously continues...

Taya says, "The had to kill him..."

Gothic stands and leaves the long obsidian bar.

Marcus makes his way from the darkness, into the light, heading for the bar.

Tarot looks over to Marcus, and nods politely.

Eldrik rubs his chin.

Taya's right arm seem to be tucked close to her if it is injured.

Eldrik says "Yep."

Gothic moves over towards Taya.

Taya walks up to the chess table. "You are real prick..."

Eldrik says "Thanks for telling me."

Marcus says "Killed a cat, Eldrik?"

Taya says "That was a cat, a defenseless had to shoot him in the head..."

Eldrik says "Yeah."

Marcus nods towards Tarot, and then glances over at Eldrik. Marcus says "In here?"

Eldrik says "It peed on my barstool."

Marcus points at the floor.

Eldrik says "While I was on it."

Taya nods angrily "A little defencless cat.

Marguaritte stands and leaves the near corner booth.

Marcus pats himself down, "Just a sec."

Jerome leans on the bar

Marguaritte says "Good bye, gents."

Jerome sits down at the long obsidian bar.

Gothic stands on the sidelines of the "conversation", frowning.

Marguaritte approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Shanden appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Eldrik considers Taya. "So I suppose you're here to get revenge or something?"

Marcus looks disappointed. "Ah, well. Congratulations, Eldrik. You've joined an elite club."

Shanden slips into the room, and glances around.

Marcus resumes his steady advance towards the bar.

Tarot looks over to Marcus. "What club, sir?"

Taya smiles and points with her left hand to her chest and to her shoulder "No, you have injured me already..I'll come for you when I am full healed..."

Gothic turns to look at Marcus.

Eldrik says "You'll come for me when you're healed?"

Marcus says "Cat Killers of the WEB Club."

Taya nods "Indeed...unless of course you are going to shoot me now...when I am defensesless as the cat was.."

Gothic mutters something about Marat, a cross-bow, and his pet mink.

Shanden glances at Taya and then Eldrik. He sighs slightly and then takes a step beside Eldrik.

Tarot shakes her head, and takes another sip of coffee.

Jerome perks a brow, muttering about the elite club

Marcus leans against the bar, and arranges for a coffee.

Eldrik pulls a gun from his holster, considering it.

Taya holds up her heands "I carry no weapons.."

Sejanus sighs as he glances at Eldrik.

Shanden says "One minute Eldrik. Let me talk to her a moment."

Jerome steps off the bar

Marcus says "Not as prestigous as the Bird Killer Club, or the Unarmed Annoyance Club... but."

Eldrik says "I think you should forget about the fucking cat."

Gothic looks at the gun and frowns, "It was a quiet day so far in here.

Marcus adds some sugar to his coffee, then turns to watch the unfolding tableau.

Lanne glances at Eldrik and his gun. She shakes her head softly, then turns back to Javerlin.

Taya puts her hands on the chess table and leans over. "You know..I would, but you shot me twice...and someone who was only trying to help heal my wounds.."

Jerome stands and leaves the long obsidian bar.

Shanden takes a step towards Taya, and then grabs her arm. "Time to talk. Excuse us Eldrik."

Eldrik lifts the revolver to Taya's chin when she leans in close. "You shouldn't get so close."

Marcus looks at Eldrik over the rim of his cup, "Busy day for you Eldrik?"

Eldrik says "Hold, Shanden."

Taya smiles at Eldrik. "oh..?"

Tarot's eyes flick to Eldrik and the gun. "Is that really necessary, sir?"

Jerome watches the events with a look of disgust in his squinting

Lanne blinks at Jav, then turns to see Eldrik. She sighs.

Gothic coughs, "You know, guns are like swords....don't draw them unless you plan on using them. It lacks a certain honor.

Shanden glances at Eldrik and gives a visible wince, but stops.

Gothic crosses his arms.

Armand_winged clears his throat, "Cold blooded killing of the unarmed also lacks a certain honor."

Lanne growls at Gothic. "SHut up, afore you make him do it."

Jerome nods to Gothic, "And to draw upon weaponless people...

Eldrik says "Forget the cat. Forget trying to get revenge."

Gothic turns to Lanne, frowns, but remains silent.

Jerome says "Why don't you make reparations for her loss, sir?"

Taya simply smiles at Eldrik.

Eldrik nudges the underside of Taya's chin with the revolver's barrel. "I really don't feel like killing you."

Marcus says "It was just a cat."

Lanne regards Eldrik a moment, then turns back to Jav.

Gothic says "My point's been made."

Taya sasy "Then don't..."

Gothic turns and walks back towards his seat.

Taya says "It was not just a cat...Sam was my friend..."

Eldrik says "Then don't fucking bother me again, capiche?"

Sejanus glances at Javerlin and Lanne.

Eldrik grinds his teeth.

Taya smiles sweetly "Only if you promise not to kill the lil cats.."

Javerlin sits back smiling at Lanne, ignoring the whole business about the cat.

Shanden sighs and glances at Eldrik.

Gothic puts his hands in his pockets, "Caffine. Ah well....

Eldrik says "No. You don't fucking get it. You have no say in this. I'm giving you your fucking life here."

Tarot looks over to Taya. "Really, lady, this is not necessary. If the cat was intelligent, it was responsible for its own actions. If not, it's owners should have minded it better. Either way, what is done is done."

Gothic sits down at the long obsidian bar.

Taya slowly lifts her hands from the table and turns saying "I suppose I should thank you, I'll send you a collar and leash. You could use them..." as she walks towards the mirror.

Marcus says "Eldrik, she's a Cat person. Cat people don't understand things like that. Dog people, they get it. Cat folks, don't." Marcus sips his coffee.

Jerome reluctantly turns his back to the events and moves to the bar

Gothic sits back down, "Tempers, tempers all. Back to neutral corners and let the damn noise stop so the rest of us can have a quiet drink.

Jerome sits down at the long obsidian bar.

Jenner appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Eldrik trains his revolver on Gothic's forehead. "Care to make another fucking remark?"

Javerlin finally looks over at Gothic, "With respect, Edler..Hug a Tree or be barried under one."

Gothic appears rather calm and relaxed at the moment.

Jenner says "Touchy today, Eldrik?"

Marcus says "Jenner."

Lanne glance quickly at Gothic shaking her head.

Eldrik says "Very."

Marcus says "He's a Cat Killer."

Gothic harumphs, but is silent.

Jenner says "Pity, that; raises the blood pressure."

Gothic picks up his drink and takes a sip.

Jenner says "Marcus."

Taya laughs angrily "He need the leach and collar...not me.."

Javerlin looks from Gt(gothic) to Jenner, "Hail, Duke Jenner."

Gothic says "Taya, come here."

Eldrik flicks an irritated glance at Taya. "I gave you your life. Don't push it."

Taya turns towards Gothic "how sir do you know my name?"

Shanden grabs Taya's arm and looks at Eldrik, and then Gothic. "One minute gentlemen."

Gothic says "It seems you are popular in the words that travelers bring to me."

Marcus sips his coffee, and waits.

Tarot watches mildly, hands still curled round her mug of coffee.

Gothic lowers his voice, "Now come here please.

Taya smiles at Gothic and nods "I am sure..Shanden...let go of me..."

Shanden says "Be glad I don't toss you over my knee and spank you."
Shanden begins to drag Taya towards the middle booth.

Marcus says "Kinky."

Taya grits her teeth and shudders slightly "Let go of me before you break my arm again.."

Jenner says "My, everyone's quite full of themselves today."

Marcus says "Aren't they." Marcus starts over to Eldrik's table.

Gothic turns to Jenner and chuckles.

Eldrik sets his revolver down onto the tabletop, still frowning.

Shanden mutters to Taya, "... you... to sit..."

Taya says "No, let go of me..." Taya says "NOW!"

Gothic wipes some cider from his lips and turns around at the bar.

Marcus sits down at the chess table by the mirror. Marcus joins Eldrik.

At your table, Marcus says "Figure I'd get a game of chess in with you now, while you're angry and distracted, and I can maybe eek out a stalemate."

At your table, Eldrik says "I'm getting too fucking nice in my old age."
At your table, Eldrik says "No thanks. Not in the mood too play."

Taya says "Shanden, hurts..."

At your table, Marcus says "Ah, you kill her, it gets everyone else angry and then they all start calling you names and before you know it, you've killed everyone."

Shanden grits his teeth. "Are you going to sit down?"

At your table, Marcus says "Then they're buddies come looking for you..."

Marcus holds his hands up in the air and shrugs.

At your table, Marcus says "It's not worth it."

Jenner says "Where's Jurt when he's needed."

At your table, Eldrik says "How much you wanna bet she comes after me again? Eh?"

Jenner hmphs.

Taya says "I said no...what part of that don't you understand?"

At your table, Eldrik says "Should I just blow out a kneecap and let her heal up to come at me again?"

Tarot says "Perhaps on vacation, sir, like others of the House."

Javerlin chuckles at Jenner's Jurt Comment and turns back to Lanne with a chshire cat grin.

Catherine appears out of a rainbow sparkle.

Gothic says "Yes...Jurt would add an interesting twist to this...."

At your table, Marcus says "Blow out a knee, and she'll hate you."

Lanne fires a cold look at Shanden, murmuring firmly, "Let the fuckin' girl go, Shanden. Now."

At your table, Marcus says "Right now, she just doesn't like you."

Catherine looks around, slipping her trump away.

Jenner says "Still think we should have left the place full of rock. Ah well."

Marcus gives a nod to Catherine.

Catherine nods to Marcus, Tarot, and to Lanne.

Tarot glances up from her coffee over to Catherine, and nods politely.

At your table, Eldrik says "Difference?"

Gothic looks over at Catherine

Javerlin turns to Jenner, "perhaps you would consider...redecorating?"

Lanne's gaze rests on Shanden. Her eyes narrow.

Shanden ignores Lanne, and pushes Taya towards the booth, releasing her in the process.

Sejanus looks to Javerlin. "May we join you?"

Lanne returns her gaze to Javerlin, nodding to him.

At your table, Marcus says "If she hates you, she's more dangerous. Maybe she pops through the mirror, and doesn't give a speech before she starts shooting. Sure, you'll be okay, but maybe the person you're sittin' with, they'll get a one way ticket to Grave Central."

Taya turns around sharply and curls her hand into a fist. It connects with Shandens face hard and loud.

At your table, Eldrik says "She already stated she's coming after me when she heals up."

Catherine makes her way up to the balcony.

At your table, Marcus hmms.

Taya says "Don't ever push me around..."

Marcus reaches down, and unholsters his own pistol slowly, putting it on the table beside Eldrik's.

Lanne takes notice of Catherine and waves belatedly.

Jenner says "With what, Javerlin? Place stood up to being filled with /lava/ for Jah's sake."

Gothic shakes his head slowly, "Great, now to fista-cuffs.

At your table, Marcus says "Well, hell. Kill her."

Catherine smiles to Lanne.

At your table, Eldrik says "I gave her a warning. I'm not certain if she's taking it seriously. Like I said, fucking kindhearted I am."

Gothic chuckles at Jenner's comment, "But he did not try marshmellow-goo....

Tarot glances over to Eldrik and Marcus. "Would you gentlemen mind if I joined you?"

At your table, Marcus says "Put a few holes in her, keep her in the hospital. If she don't ever heal, she don't ever come after you."

Jenner says "And it was replaced with this *cough* attractive decor..."

Eldrik says "Yes."

Marcus glances at Eldrik.

Gothic watches Tarot walk past.

Javerlin shrugs, "Perhaps...Something Or at least moving towards the creative aspect of nature?

At your table, Eldrik says "That's not a solution."

Tarot nods, returning her attention to her coffee.

Marcus says "Man talk."

Tarot nods again. "The Four forbid I intrude, then."

Gothic turns back to Jenner, "Primal Chaos?

Catherine says "Tarot..."

At your table, Eldrik says "I need to know if she took my warning seriously first."

Gothic takes another sip of his drink.

At your table, Marcus says "Well, your picks are this: Leave her alive and hope she gets smart, leave her alive and have her come after you, kill her and hope no one cares, or kill her and anyone who comes to avenge her."

Jenner gives Marcus a sudden evil grin but says nothing to him, or Eldrik.

Tarot looks over to Catherine. "Yes, lady?"

Jenner says "Ah well; things await."

Javerlin turns to Sejanus, "I'll be leaving soon, you can have my seat. Unless there is something you need of me?

Jenner flickers for a time.

Catherine says "You're welcome up here."

Shanden turns his head with the slap. A red mark appears on his cheek from it. Very very softly he says, "Taya, sit down before I really lose my temper."

Sejanus nods to Javerlin. "Your seat will suffice. We can speak later."

Jenner has left.

Tarot nods. "Perhaps some conversation, then." She rises, mug of coffee in hand.
Tarot stands and leaves the far booth closest to the bar.
Tarot moves quietly over to the balcony stairs, avoiding any imbroglios in her path.

Taya turns around and walks towards the mirror.

Eldrik eyes Taya. "You're taking my warning to heart, right?"

Bret appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya laughs. "I'll be back asshole."

Eldrik quickly picks his gun up off the table and fires a shot at Taya's knee.

Taya falls to the ground saying "Words really hurt you...don't they..."

At your table, Marcus says "Well, rule out the first option."

Marcus says "How many friends you got?"

Jerome stands and leaves the long obsidian bar.

Marcus scoops his own pistol off the table, and prepares to shoot anyone inclined to shoot Eldrik or himself.

Gothic looks over at the sudden gun-shot.

Tarot makes her way up to the balcony.

Bret hears the gunshot and heads back out the mirror.

Armand_winged flinches at the gunshot.

Bret approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Tarot pauses on her way up to the balcony, eyes flicking to Eldrik, Marcus, and Taya.

Eldrik stands and leaves the chess table by the mirror.

Lanne doesn't bother looking.

Eldrik stands, hand drawing his other revolver.
Eldrik says "No. I kill you now, I don't have to worry about you showing up later and ruining my dinner."

Shanden draws his on pistol quickly, glancing around the room, he approaches Taya.

Gothic raises and eyebrow.

Jerome strides out of the bar, disgusted at the dishonorless scum

Sejanus frowns and shakes his head.

Jerome approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Taya tries to stand...her back still turned to Eldriks she drags herself toward the mirror.

Marcus stands and leaves the chess table by the mirror.

Thumb pulling back the hammer in the same fluid motion, Catherine draws the black glass pistol.

Tarot reaches out to catch at Catherine's arm, pulling the pistol's aim down.

Gothic shakes his head and consider's something.

Eldrik fires an extremely loud shot at Taya's other knee.

Tarot says "With respect, Eldrik, leave her be, if you would."

Shanden aims the pistol at Catherine, "Drop it." Over his shoulder he says to Eldrik, "Let me take her to Shadow General and talk some sense to her Eldrik."

Marcus speaks in a clear voice, "The woman has said she's out to kill him."

Eldrik says "I didn't say you could leave yet."

Lanne still doesn't give even a glance. She speaks softly with Jav, oblivious to the events around.

Callvyn appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.
Callvyn enters and takes a gaze around the room.

Keno appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya continues to drag herself towards the mirror..her right leg bloody from the knee down.

Marcus has a pistol out, and it covering Eldrik's back.

Gothic motions Callvyn back towards the mirror with his hand.

Tarot looks over to Marcus. "You seriously think she has a chance of so doing, sir? Let her be. She is deluded."

Callvyn notices the woman bleeding and crawling along the floor. He kneels down to inspect her.

Eldrik raises a revolver and points it at Callvyn. "Back the fuck off."

Marcus says "So, he does this now or later."

Eldrik's other gun focuses on Taya's back.

Taya ignores the man looking at her and continues to drag herself ever nearer to the door.

Keno moves so that she is out of the way, as best she can.

Gothic frowns deeply.

Lanne glances up finally, at Eldrik's words. She sees Callvyn and calls to him, "Cal, just walk away."

Callvyn stands with his arms out. "Chill out turbo..."

Eldrik shifts the aim of the gun aimed at Taya and fires at the elbow of the arm she's dragging herself with.

Taya falls helpless to the floor and lies there not moving.

Catherine fires her pistol as Shanden turns.

Gothic watches the bullets fly.
Gothic mutters, "This sucks.....

Sejanus scowls at the senseless violence. He mutters, "Such bravery."

Callvyn glances at the woman lying motionless.

Eldrik says "Now."

Lanne glances at the sound of a gun above, following its path...

Armand_winged stands from his table.
Armand_winged stands and leaves the near corner booth.

Taya lays face down in a pool of her own blood.

Lanne watches Armand.

Marcus finally cocks back the hammer on his pistol as things start getting a bit more lively.

Taya remains motionless.

Armand_winged walks deliberately towards Taya, his wings spread back behind him.

Sejanus rises and follows Armand.
Sejanus stands and leaves the near corner booth.

Callvyn notes Armand and Sejanus.

Taya says "'"

Javerlin finally turns and rises looking towards Edlrik.

Tarot looks towards Eldrik and Marcus. "She will likely be a while in the healing of that, sir. Could you not count your point as made?"

Eldrik walks over to Taya, slowly.

Shanden drops the pistol as Catherine's shot grazes his wrist.

Marcus says "That's up to Mr. Eldrik."

Keno watches everything, a bit too accustomed to this.

Lanne stands as Jav does, her wrist coming to rest on the hilt of her silver blade.

Javerlin calls out, "Eldrik, old friend."

Armand_winged continues on his path and leans over Taya.

Eldrik stops right next to Taya.

Taya says ""

Catherine's arm is brought down after the shot fires off. "I didn't point my weapon at you, Sir. You shouldn't have pointed yours at me."

Tarot releases her futile hold on Catherine's wrist, taking a step down the stairs. "Eldrik, please. Let be."

Callvyn stands just left of the mirror, watching the situation.

Sejanus moves to the other side of Taya, opposite Armand. He nods to Callvyn as he gets near him.

Javerlin says "How about I freshen you coffee up at a nice little shop out and away from this place?"

Eldrik says "No. Things are settled here."

Taya says "All of you...just leave me alone..."

Lanne moves to stand hust behind and to the side of Javerlin.

Eldrik eyes Sejanus and Armand.

Alexander appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya is talking to those tring to defend her.

Jackie appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Javerlin says "Sejanus, "Stand down!""

Eldrik finally raises his voice, "Back the FUCK off."

Lanne says softly, to Armand and Sejanus, "Please, guys, no more trouble."

Javerlin says "Alexander, please join me."

Gothic leans against the bar, still frowning, but not moving.

Sejanus glances at Eldrik coldly. He frowns and nods then to Javerlin. He backs away from Taya.

Taya lays with her face to the floor..bleeding everywhere.

Alexander looks blankly at Eldrik, then, rather predictably, glances about the room.

Eldrik is obviously pissed, both guns out.

Marcus turns also to face Aramand and Sejanus. "Might do as the gentleman says. He's still got more bullets.

Armand_winged says quietly, "Eldrik, as a doctor, I either demand the right to treat her, or I await her death."

Tarot stays where she is on the balcony stairs, watching.

Armand_winged shudders.

Jackie looks about with eyes a bit devoid of expression.

Eldrik nudges Taya with his foot, kicking her onto her back so she can see him.

Javerlin stands arms folded infront of chest, watching Eldrik and gang.

Callvyn flicks a glance to Lanne.

Tarot's hand tightens slightly on the stair rail, but she remains still.

Armand_winged says "Playtime's over, Eldrik."

Keno stands off to one side, glancing at Catherine from time to time.

Taya rolls onto her back a moan of pain escaping her lips.

Eldrik raises his other gun and fires a shot at Armand's kneecap. "Shut the fuck up."

The shot at Armand passes through the wing, and hits a glancing blow to his calf.

Gothic growls slightly but he stays restrained.

Alexander stands dumbly, staring at the scene.

Taya does all she can to hide the pain, but it shows slightly in her eyes..and in the deep redness still pooling about her.

Sejanus begins to make his way to Javerlin. He stops at the gunshot and turns back to watch Eldrik.

Javerlin motions with his head for Sejanus to come closer.

Sejanus resumes walking and takes his place beside Javerlin.

Lanne's wrist twists quickly, a second later her silver blade is unsheathed.

Marcus says "Right."

Jackie hmphs to herself.

Shanden watches Catherine, and moves towards Eldrik, drawing his sword. A trickle of blood flows from his wrist.

Marcus says "Folks who would like to be shot, step forward. Folks who think they've got other places to be, maybe take the door and be there."

Catherine moves back from the edge of the balcony, and sits down, deciding her part in this is over.

Marcus turns slightly, leveling his pistol at Shanden. "Tsk. Where are you going?"

Javerlin leans over towards Sejanus and whispers something to him.

Lanne steps out from behind Jav, taking a step in front of him to his side alittle.

Keno mutters to Catherine.

Sejanus whispers back to Javerlin, frowning.

Shanden looks at Marcus and says a bit angrily, "Point that thing at someone else."

Catherine says "Join us, Keno."

Shanden mutters to Marcus, "... Eldrik... dolt."

Tarot moves down another pace, so that she is standing at the foot of the balcony stairs, but makes no further move. Tarot abandons her spot on the balcony.

Javerlin nods to Sejanus and turns towards Marcus.

Marcus mutters to Shanden.

Keno moves past her, up to Catherine's side.
Keno makes her way up to the balcony.

Jackie looks at Tarot and nods.

Shanden mutters to Marcus, "... it later."

Gothic sighs and looks like there is a foul taste in his mouth.

Lanne's eyes narrow, looking at Armand. They then carry up to Eldrik.

Tarot glances over to Jackie for a moment, and nods in return.

Javerlin reaches up a hand toward Lanne, "Lanneara.

Callvyn watches Lanne closely.

Eldrik looks back down at Taya.

Lanne says "Enough, Eldrik. That was my _friend_ you just shot.""

Marcus says "That's one."

Jackie looks at Eldrik.

Shanden looks at Lanne, "Sit down Lanne. If Taya and Armand would listen for a moment, none of this would of happened."

Javerlin quirks an eye at Marcus,

Shanden says "I really don't want to see you get shot."

Lanne calls out coldy to Shanden, "Shut the _fuck_ up."

Marcus glances at Javerlin, "What?"

Lanne remains stationary, Jav's hand upon her shoulder.

Alexander scratches the side of his head, watching in a distant manner.

Gothic still growls quietly

Javerlin says "Right now, that depends on you, mon ami. You are unknown to me.""

Danyil appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.
Danyil steps in.... and blinks.

Eldrik says "BACK THE FUCK OFF!"

Marcus says "Give the man some room, people."

Taya lies on her back in a pool of deep crimson.

Jackie arches his eyebrow at Eldrik.

Marcus gestures with his pistol.

Danyil scowls and looks at Eldrik, then glances about the rest of the room. He sees Taya and takes a step towards her.

Taya says "Danyil, leave now...get out..."

Alexander retains his blank look, but takes an obliging step back.

Javerlin steps up to Lanne and whispers something in her ear.

Eldrik's other gun snaps to Danyil.

Danyil stops and he looks at Taya, ignoring Eldrik.

Gothic says "Lad, that might not be a good idea (to Danyil).""

Sejanus glances at Taya and wonders just how much blood she has left *in* her, as it looks more is *out* right now.

Eldrik fires a shot at Danyil's kneecap.

Danyil yelps and drops to his other knee, clutching at the wound.

Taya says "I mean it leave...I don't want you here...."

Catherine begins to reload her weapon.

Lanne mutters to Javerlin, "... is... watch..."
Lanne's words to Jav are hushed but firm.

Armand_winged stands and faces Eldrik. His eyes blaze a fiery red. "That was uncalled for. Either kill her now, or I will treat her."

Marcus says "Folks, he's still got more bullets. And you've got a lot of knees. Are you willing to find out if you've got more knees than he's got bullets."

Javerlin says quietly, "Lanne, if that one opens his flaming mouth again, You can vent you anger on him."

Shanden shakes his head as Danyil get's capped.

Callvyn looks back to Lanne again as Danyil kneels."

Lanne glances at Marcus now.

Taya cries softly "Danyil..I ..why do you never.." she fades out slightly and then dizzily shakes her head.

Jackie shakes her head, slowly, and walks over to Tarot.

Marcus points his gun at Lanne. "Make me feel guilty."

Eldrik looks down at Taya, cocking the hammer of a revolver. "I can kill you now. I'll kill all your friends that come after me. Do you want that?"

Tarot mutters to Jackie, "... suggest... single... stopping this... should be... to..."

Danyil closes his eyes and takes a slow breath, passing a trembling hand over his knee.

Lanne's silver blade whisps to touch her chin. "I hope you carry a blade as well."
Lanne says that to Marcus.

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "... could..."

Barton appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya tries to focus on Eldrik's face and just closes her eyes and then speaks slowly, almost drunkenly "Kill me, but let them go..I tried to leave...I came with out friends..with out arms and you shot me with my back turned.."

Javerlin realese his grasp on Lanne's should and turns back to Eldrik.

Tarot mutters to Jackie, "... be likely... you if... I... a... but... I... the casting."

Shanden says "Dammit Taya, I tried to tell you otherwise, but you kept running your mouth."

Callvyn rests his hand on his sword as well.

Eldrik says "You stupid fucking bitch. You said you'd come back for me. Did you think I wouldn't do anything?"

Danyil's hand shakes a bit, then he pulls it back and the bullet pops out of the wound and into his hand. His face is beaded with sweat at the effort.

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "... don't... would should me...."

Lanne steps towards Marcus the instant Javerlin lets her shoulder go.

Martel appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Lanne stands and leaves the far corner booth.

Taya says "Not when I was unarmed..I am weaker than you, you know it..."

Marcus lifts the gun, and shoots the light fixture over Lanne's head, sending it plummetting down towards her.

Lanne doesn't flinch at Marcus' shot, then suddenly blinks and attempts to leap forward, but surprisingly doesn't go far... the leg brace just doesn't allow jumping. She falls forward _nearly_ out of the way as the chandellier drops down onto the backs of her legs.

Azrazeel appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Martel looks about for a place to sit..

Azrazeel looks around

Alexander's shotgun comes out in one hand, his blade in the other, as he lowers into a crouch, not seeming quite so confused, just now.

Eldrik aims the gun squarely at Taya's forehead, hammer cocked. "Why should I let you heal to come after me?"

Shanden says "Good enough."

Gothic puts his arms on the counter-top and back-flips over the bar, so that he lands behind it.
Gothic stands and leaves the long obsidian bar.

Danyil looks at Eldrik with a scowl, his hand still holding the bleeding wound.

Shanden glances at Azra, "Hi Azra. Don't come any closer."

Martel sees guns drawn and grabs Azra, stepping infront of her.

Taya says "Do you really think I can kill you then? I don't..."

Barton mutters something like a curse as he moves slowly away from the mirror, staying out of any lines of fire.

Martel mutters to Azrazeel, "... me.."

Gothic moves behind the bar.

Lou appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Taya says " more shooting..please..I won't come after...please just leave the others alone.."

Jackie barks out, in a voice of command, "*Eldrik!* Just *what* are you trying to prove?"

Armand_winged says in an emotionless voice, "Either kill her, or don't, but let's end the posturing now, shall we?

Taya says "Eldrik...please..I am at your total mercy...I can do nothing and I will not..just let the others go.."

Martel mutters to Azrazeel, "... get out of..."
Martel turns, facing Azra. He gently wraps both arms around her, his back to the combat.

Taya says "I will never come after you...should you choose to let me live...just let them leave..."

Shanden glances at Armand, "Shut the fuck up, before he decides to shoot you again."

Azrazeel mutters to Martel, "... to..."

Taya says "Danyil, leave I do not want you here!"

Martel leans close to Azra, muttering.

Javerlin opens the door and departs the bar.

Eldrik pulls the trigger of the gun aimed at Taya's forehead. A loud CLICK is heard. "Good."

Taya just lies there on her back staring up at Eldrik.

Danyil turns his eyes to Taya and shrugs slightly, "Sorry... I wasn't quite planning on getting shot myself..." He winces at his knee again.

Koori-Henka appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Lou tucks a hand in a pocket. Starts cautiously circling around the room towards the bar.

Shanden looks at Koori, "Koori. Hi. Get to the side please. I really don't want you to get shot."

Taya says "Get out DAnyil I don't need you"

Barton looks a bit tired as he pulls what looks to be a silenced automatic from under his shirt, and starts firing at Eldrik. "Mother of.. "he mutters.

Danyil drops the bloody bullet on the floor and takes a yellow flower from his pocket, ignoring Taya.

Shanden makes a slight motioning motion with his sword.

Gothic looks around and gives Lou a stern look like (you may want to stop)...

Koori-Henka looks around, ducks behind the chess table

Tarot remains where she is, eyes a dark hazel, watching.

Keno says "Hey Lou... welcome to the circus.."

Catherine says "Hey, Lou."

Eldrik says to Taya, "My business with you is finished. My problem with you has ended here. Do not forget what you have said.

Armand_winged nods to Eldrik, "Now, let me do my job?"

Azrazeel mutters to Martel, "Too..."

Taya says "Danyil you are no longer my Protector..leave..."

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "Well,... *something*"

Marcus looks over the bar, and heads to the door. "If things are settled then, Eldrik, I'll talk to you later."

Danyil winces and stares at Taya for a long moment, "As you wish." He cracks his staff against the floor and uses it to pull himself to his feet.

Taya nods at Eldrik and lies there unable to move.

Eldrik dives to the side as Barton draws his gun. As he's dodging he brings his other gun up and fires at Barton's chest.

Lanne glances up at Marcus, frowning, she scowls as he deaprts, trying to get her legs out from under the damn thing...

Tarot sighs, faintly. She mutters to Jackie, "... work... somewhere..."

Marcus walks out the door.

Catherine sighs.
Catherine says "Some people have no sense."

Shanden looks at Barton, and then Catherine.

Callvyn launches immediately after Eldrik as he moves noting his preoccupation with others.

Alexander moves to Lanne, sheathing only his sword.

Taya tries to roll onto her stomach but can't.

Armand_winged drops immediately to the ground, covering Taya, cursing in could it be, German?

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "And..."

Shanden moves to block Callvyn.

Keno stands up, and moves to the edge of the balcony.

Danyil uses his staff as a crutch and hurries away from everyone and to the mirror.

Gothic drops behind the bar.

Catherine replaces the black glass pistol into its place, tucked into the sash.

Gothic can be heard hitting the floor.

Taya suddenly stands with a burst of energy and sasy " life has no meaning..end it for me.."

Lanne flips partly to her side, grabbing a hold of the chandellier and starts dragging it off herself.

Danyil spins with a growl, "I don't think so!"
Danyil mutters a few words under his breath and a stream of shimmering blue sparks trail towards Taya.

Lanne mutters, "Fucking... drop the... legs... damn, damn...

Alexander pauses on his way to Lanne, to look at Armand. "Jawohl," he murmurs in admiration of the string of german flowing from Armand.

Azrazeel moves to help Lanne, keeping a watchful eye.

Barton mutters, "Good a time as any.." and continues firing at Eldrik.
The crow at his shoulder suddenly takes off in a blur of motion. Looks like Barton got sho t in the left shoulder..
Barton murmurs to the crow at his shoulder, and it takes off, suddenly airborne.

Sejanus was rather close to Lanne and quickly reaches her side.

Taya can stand no longer and she crumples to the floor unconscious.

Martel decides this isn't his business and heads to the mirror.

Tarot's eyes flick to Taya and Danyil a moment, then back to Barton and Eldrik.

Nashua appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

The blue sparks swirl from Danyil's fingertips to wrap around Taya. The cloud seems to slowly sink into her flesh until it all vanishes from sight.

Gothic slides his staff over to Sejanus (over the floor) to use as a lever on the chandaleer. (sp)

Azrazeel mutters to Lanne.

Lanne glances at those coming to her with a brief smile. "Ah, friends, Romans, give a girl a hand?"

Keno nods to Catherine. "Fine."

Black Crow dives towards Eldrik, claws and deadly beak extended.

Eldrik rolls to his side, the crow ripping a gash in his clothing.

Keno abandons her spot on the balcony.

Martel approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Scurra appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Catherine extends a hand to Keno. "Come back up here. I have a shortcut."

Margot appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Keno says "Huh?"

Alexander smirks, returning to helping the chandelier off of Lanne.

Keno makes her way up to the balcony.

Sejanus nods faintly to Gothic as he uses his staff to help Lanne get out, setting his own staff to the side.

Nashua calmly walks towards the bar, a strait line, wading through what he must to get there, at his slow pace.

Scurra looks around multiply.

Azrazeel crosses to Taya, casting as she goes...

Lou glances over at the mirror. "DOWN, gunfire incoming."

Scurra goes down on six bellies, promptly.

Margot blinks and drops immediately.

Shanden slides in front of Callvyn, his sword at the ready. "Go sit down."

Koori-Henka drops under the chess table again.

Azrazeel raises her hands and motions at Azrazeel's body. She chants "Bla tre na UT!" Azrazeel's hands begin to radiate a pale blue light.

Tarot remains flat against the wall, not trying to interfere in the melee.

Taya just lies there unconcious.

Catherine stares at a card in her hand.
Catherine moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

Scurra squirms in six directions, each member heading for a different section of wall.

Nashua murmurs, "Who would shoot little old me?" and chuckles.

Lanne slowly slips out from under the chandalleer, pulled by Alec as Sejanus and Gothic pry it up with a staff. She appears fine, save her shredded cloak.

Two CS gas cannisters come flying over the bar and into the room.

Azrazeel knees next to Taya after finishing her spell.

Zarkon appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Alexander stares at the gas cannisters, curious.

Tarot raises her hands in front of her in a vaguely warding gesture, her fingers interlacing, as she murmurs a few quiet words.

Margot slips sideways against the wall, staying down, and removes a flat box from her belt.

Lou says "DOWN, GRENADE."
Lou drops, rolls for cover.

Barton has emptied about fourteen rounds at Eldrik, and pauses to reload after ducking behind a table.

Eldrik dives behind a table, putting himself closer to the door.

Azrazeel passes her hands over Azrazeel's body. As Azrazeel does so, light leaps form her hands to Azrazeel's body. The pale blue glows is slowly absorped into Azrazeel's form.

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "... going... that..."

Danyil glances at the mirror just behind him.
Danyil approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Nashua's eyes track the flying projectiles. He moves with gracful speed and unslings his axe.

Scurra gets each member behind the closest table.

Lou sits down at the near corner booth.

Tarot pulls Jackie back against the wall beside her, hands moving to complete the spell.
Tarot snaps her hands apart in a quick gesture, and a shimmering globe about two metres or so in diameter begins to glow around Tarot.

Lou's roll takes him under the near corner table.

Black Crow shrieks as it digs at Eldrik's face, claws going for blood.

The bubble forms around Jackie as well as Tarot.

Koori-Henka sighs and creeps over toward the mirror.

Jackie taps against the inside of the globe and nods to Tarot.

Azrazeel checks out Taya
Azrazeel mutters to Taya.

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "Works..."

Koori-Henka looks at the mirror

Lanne blinks, stepping in front of Alec, blade up, her free hand reaching into her cloak.

Nashua crouches and leaps in the air, batting one grenade back towards the door, and his axe formly deflecting the other in the same direction, with side, not edge.

Alexander looks blankly at Lanne, then the cloud of gas rapidly filling the room.

Callvyn barks out to Shanden. "Take Turbo and leave..."

Lou mutters. Doesn't sound flattering. Something about ancestries.

Gothic yells, "RUN SEJANUS!

Margot gets behind the chess table, blinking several times.

Guest pulls Taya out from underfoot.

Sejanus concentrates as his nose changes shape.

Cygnus appears on the mirror as a faint smudge, gradually growing more solid.

Azrazeel gathers up taya and stares at a card.

Cygnus sits down at the long obsidian bar.

Jackie sighs and leans against the steps in which Tarot has stuck herself and her.

CS gas is still filling the room.

Jackie mutters to Tarot, "... is... a... ridiculous."

Lou does something in the corner.

Azrazeel stares at a card in her hand.
Azrazeel moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

Lanne is near the bar, with Alec, Sej, and Gothic. She pulls out a card, garbbing Alec's hand.

Eldrik barrels for a door, firing off another shot behind him at Barton.

Koori-Henka couughs, and goes for the mirror

Shanden follows Eldrik's lead.

Koori-Henka approaches the mirror, and fades to a faint smudge before vanishing.

Lou stares at a card in his hand.
Lou moves forward and vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

Eldrik walks out the door.

Obvious exits:
Bar Space Out

(You've changed Shadows. Now would be a good time to check +lhelp.)

Shanden walks out from the bar.

Eldrik says "Jesus fucking Christ!"

Shanden takes a deep rapid breath, coughing. "What the fuck.."

Eldrik holsters the guns and starts jogging away from the door, coughing.

Shanden stumbles a bit after Eldrik, sheathing the sword as he does..

Eldrik jogs into Shadow, Shanden following close behind. The scene ends soon after.

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