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Vital Statistics:

Code Name - Ivory Rose, Agent Rose
Real Name - Tanith Ichiko Miramoto
Rating - Tough
Status - Active, Bordeaux, LA; November 1993
Classification - Fey; Martial Artist/Speedster
Sex - female
Date of Birth - July 23, 1974
Place of Birth - San Francisco
Height - 6'2"
Weight - 145 lbs.
Build - tall and skinny
Eyes - violet
Hair - black
Skin - pale ivory
Race - Asian/Fey
Creator - Gretchen
Player - Gretchen
Edition - Champs.4


Costume: As Ivory Rose - bodysuit w/ ivory top, black pants, & pink belt. Pink roses on pants & top. Pink high heels. As Agent Rose: silly little battle-bikinis, big guns.


Tanith is a fey who uses the Miramoto Technique of kung fu, which places emph asis on avoidance rather than attack. Tanith often forgets the strengths of her form and attacks, exposing her weaknesses. If she is on guard, though, she is very difficult to hit.

Her fey ability is a combination of preturnatural reflexes and fine control over the air, allowing her to balance and even fly.


Tanith is a fey, the daughter of Hiroshi, an empath, and Mieko, a fox maiden and #1 of the Miramoto school, who had exercised the advanced form of the Miramo to technique when they moved away from Japan. She possesses an odd mishmash of Japanese, Fey, and American cultures.

She is currently attending Georgetown University with a major in International Relations and a minor in Linguistics.

Tanith has participated in informal "Berkeley Mob" fights as Ivory Rose, generally helping out her godmother, Fay. She also helped Fay rescue Gottfried from th e South American Nazis, earning the emnity of der Macht, and later was in on the treasure hunt for the Nazi gold, where der Macht was killed by Rebecca. She got half a million in Nazi treasure, but her father has placed most of it in a trust fund, though she did manage to buy a Corvette and paranormal insurance through her college years before that.

She later joined the Lords of Doom in an attempt to infiltrate, but was swept in to the gang as a full member, 'Spike'. Michael, distressed by the gang's activities, got Alan Wiese's help and Tanith's unwitting aid in dispelling the Lady, the gang's patron goddess. During this time she also studied under Potter-sensei, who later took on the ex-Yamaguchis as students.

Tanith later singlehandedly took out Darkon and his fake Foxbat agents, acquiring the Foxbat gun and several Darkon guns. She then founded the Violent Angels, becoming Agent Rose. The other members are Hypatia (Agent Lapis), Tiffany (Agent Indigo), and Tane' (Agent Hyacinth).

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