The Christine Plague

Part VII

Mike left the hospital. Rebecca had awakened, and was no longer under any particular compulsion concerning his orders, so he was no longer needed. He had business waiting at home in the form of an irate girlfriend with a black belt, also named Rebecca. He hadn't done anything to deserve a jealous reaction, but knew she was going to be angry at him anyway. So, as long as he was going to be in a fight anyway...

Mike flung the door open with a bang. "Okay, wench, where's my dinner?"

The view of the six foot oaken club swinging at him reminded him suddenly of where he had left it: at home. He quickly vanished in a puff of smoke, before the club could reach him.

He reappeared behind her, "Now honey, put down the club..."

The neighbors sighed, as crashing and breaking sounds came from their apartment.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Carl was still examining the problem of Rebecca. He persuaded her to stay at the hospital for observation for a couple of days, and conned some doctors into prescribing some anti-dreaming medication for her that night. A day of occult research later, he was no nearer to an answer, but had to see if she'll revert.

That night, Rebecca fell asleep, but got up and started walking out of the hospital, dreaming real again. She was easily restrained, since she isn't changing anything... so far. One hurried call to Mike Shermerhorn later...

Mike said, looking not at all beaten, "Great, what do we do now?"

Carl said, "I thought you said your girlfriend was going to beat you senseless?"

"I heal fast."

Rebecca had taken up her standard "follow Mike" position, slightly behind him and to his left.

Carl said, "She's reverting to dream-form when she falls asleep. We have to do something to stop that."

Mike said, "Yes. I can't have her following me around at night all the time." He snapped his fingers. "Wake up and don't return to this state."

Carl said, quickly, "No! Wait..."

Rebecca said, "Huh? What's happened now?"

Three days later, the error was becoming rather obvious. Rebecca was going mad with lack of sleep, with no sign of being able to go to sleep again. Mike was called in again to try to contact her dream-form and get her out of the problem. Several attempts later, using maximum mesmeric force and a switch orders command, she was brought back to her dream-state.

Carl started dreaming up complicated orders to give her, while Mike just didn't want to deal with the problem any more.

Mike said, "Look, here." He snapped his fingers. "Treat him in all ways as if he were me, and treat me not at all special." And to Carl: "Now you can do anything you like. I'm going home."

Rebecca moved to follow Carl. Mike left. Carl formulated complex commands to himself, then realized the easy way of dealing with the problem.

He snapped his fingers. "Listen to the whole command, then implement it. I want you to behave like a normal person would, awake and asleep, with no alterations to reality, until you hear the phrase 'all power is mine' [ed note: in Greek] and then you will return to your current state. Implement."

Rebecca dropped to the ground, asleep. She proceeded to operate completely normally from then on. Carl is currently trying to get to know her better...

The players:

"That's great... I love the last bit, perfectly in character for a mage."

"How do I buy that? Contact or favor?"
"Ack! Favor, I think."

"Nice phrase."
"He kept a slave trigger on her, when he says 'all power is mine.'"
"Oh. Hey, Fay knows classical greek, and she's just the sort who might say 'all power is mine' some day..."

And so the adventure ended, with everyone (mostly) having had a lot of fun blowing up cars, doing property damage, being weirded out by strange events, and listening to Brad's character's personal life getting worse and worse...

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