Name: Aeolio, Age: 41Gender: M
Player: TripYear Born: 1254Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1295Confidence: 3
House: BonisagusDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points:

Intelligence: +5Strength: -1 Presence: +3Dexterity: +1
TalentedScrawny CuteCareful
Perception: +2Stamina: +1 Communication: +3Quickness: +2
 Single-minded NiceNimble-footed

Speak French: German4  Finesse: Aiming2
Speak Latin: Jargon5  Certámen : Auram2
Scribe Latin: Comprehensible3  Concentration: Flight31
Magic Theory: Auram6  Faerie Lore: Faeries of the Air3
Hermes Lore: Research2  Auram Affinity: Rego3
Hermes History: Bonisagus21  Astrology1
Parma Magica : Auram42  Charm: Women1
Search: Sound1  Occult Lore: Demons11
Alertness: Ambushes1 

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Intellego10Aquam6Imagonem10+3Affinity: Auram
Muto11Auram14Mentem6+1Extra Arts
Perdo10Corporem10Terram9+2Personal Vis Source
Rego10Herbam7Vim11+1Sharp Ears
Longevity (to 1313): -9, 15 Vis-1-5 Magic if Cut Off From Air
      -2Shortlived Magic
      -1Infamous Master
      -1Curse of Venus
      -1Infamous Master
      -1Enemy (old master)
      -2Twilight Points

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Ruthless+1Curious+2 Useful in CombatCovenant1
Hate Demons+2Forgiving+1 
Dodge: 8Unhurt
Soak Total: 7Hurt
Fatigue Total: 1Light Wounds
 Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Aeolio's Grimoire
25Re/Au29Wings of the Soaring Windstouch/self, conc
  Fly at up to 40 mph
20Re/Au29Circling Winds of Protectionreach, conc+5
  Roll Size stress 9+ or be blown away Melee at -2, Missile at -10
25In/Au24Eyes of the Batbody/touch, spec, Im
  Sense by feeling air until able to see normally
15In/Au24Whispering Windssight, conc/moon, Im
  Hear all sounds within LOS (blocked by any barrier)
30Cr/Au28Charge of the Angry Windsspec, conc
 5p x 30p, up to 10p away, max 5 rds
Size+Str Stress roll 10+ to remain standing
Roll 16+ to advance, Dex+Size 12+ to stand if failed
20Cr/Au28Helm of Sweet Airtouch, sun, Re
  1' globe of breathable air, continuously renewed
15Pe/Im21Invisibility of the Standing Wizardself/touch, sun/yr, Có
  Invisible until move or touched by anything larger than a mouse
35Cr/Au28Incantation of Lightningnear/sight, inst
 +45 damage, those adjacent roll Size 6+ to keep standing
20Mu/Vi23Wizard's Boostnear/sight, inst
  Boosts a spell of =< 20pts by 5 (after 1/2 for spont.) Int+Conc 9+ to use on own spell
15Re/Co21Weight of Smokeself/touch, sun/moon
  Levitate, able to move up and down as smoke
20Re/Au29Flight of the Dandelionself/touch, sun/moon
  Push around someone already levitating as fast as a galloping horse
20Cr/Au28Glade of Mistnil/near, sun/moon
  Fill a castle-sized area with pea-soup fog

Vis Stores
Cr An Ig
2 In Aq 1 Im
2 Mu 35 Au 6 Me
Pe 9 Có Te
6 Re 1 He 1 Vi
6 Hier