Name: ChloeAge: 39Gender: F
Player: PLAYERYear Born: 1256Size: -1
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1295Confidence: 3
Experience since last update: DEADDecrepitude: 0Last update: 1295

Intelligence: 4Strength: 2 Presence: -2Dexterity: 0
quick wittedstrong arms butchsteady hand
Perception: 4Stamina: 3 Communication: -3Quickness: 1
eagle eyestough tactlessjumpy

French: noble5  Alertness: children3 
Scan: keeping watch1  Search: children2 
Athletics: jump2  Climb: walls2 
Dodge: react to surprise4  Tracking: humans1 
Survival: mountains1  Stealth: tail1 
Intimidation: overt2  Occult Lore: demons1 
Local Lore: geography3  Faerie Lore: Giants2 
Brawling: ambush3  Bastard Sword-attack: ambush4 
Bastard Sword-parry:bay5  Long Bow: moving target7 
Dagger-attack: bg1  Folk Ken: Magi4 
Ride: Performance1  Charm: Aeolio1 
Chirurgy: bind wounds2  Scribe: Latin2+1
Medicine: physicianry1     

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore Virtues & Flaws
Brave3 Traitorous WenchFamily2 +4Magic Resistance
Loyal1 CrazyGrogs2 +1Lithe
Kind2 Awesome shotCovenant1 +1Keen Vision
Follower1  +1Sharp Ears
Leader2  -1Enemy: Family
Romantic3  -1Dark Secret
  -2Diabolic Upbringing
  -1Driving Goal: Kill Diabolists
  -2Cannot Tell a Lie
  Prematurely aged by a demon while battling her parents.

LoadSpaceMelee Weapon1stAtkDamPar
.52 Bastard Sword: bodyguard97198
00 Dagger: bodyguard3552
 Brawl strike: ambush435
 Brawl tackle (q+sz+b-e)434
 Brawl wrest weapon (st+b)435
 Brawl immobilize (st+b+5)435
LoadRangeMissile WeaponRateAtkDamShots/Round
.5250 Long Bow: moving target1414142/1
0120 Self Bow91281

Dodge: 6Unhurt
Soak Total: 6Hurt
Fatigue Total: 3Light Wounds
Encumberance: 0Medium Wounds
Armor: Ring Mail CuirassHeavy Wounds
Load: 1.5Incapacitated
Protection: 4
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1295 Adventured this year
1285 Married Aeolio
1284 Fought Diabolists/Family (3)
1283 Tremere Tribunal
1282 Peter arrives (1)
1281 Fought Ghost (3)
1280 Fought Frost Elemental (1)
1277 Fought Monster (Harrick) (3)

+20 protection against magic

Gloria, born autumn 1286, protection from magic
+4 magic resistance, +1 keen ears, +1 keen eyes,
+1 Knack w/ bows (+2), -1 curse of venus,
-2 cannot tell a lie
Christian, born autumn 1287, the gift
+3 affinity w/Au, +1 keen eyes, +2 knack with
bows (+4), +4 mastered skill (bows) (+4)
-1 curse of venus, -2 overconfident
Natalie, born summer 1288, magical talents
+1 second sight, +1 sense holiness/unholiness,
+1 magic sensitivity, +1 healer, +1 student,
+1 keen eyes, +1 keen ears, -2 small frame,
-3 noncombatant, -1 curse of venus
Sebastien, born summer 1289, the gift
+1 Bonisagus, +1 keen ears, +2 lucky,
+5 mythic int, +1 inventive genius
-1 curse of venus, -2 incomprehensible,
-2 susc. to infernal, -2 overconfident
Eric, born summer 1290, the gift
+1 book learner, +3 free study, +5 night reader
+1 keen ears, -1 curse of venus, -4 susc. infern.

Chloe is lithe and fairly short, with fine bones. She has mousy brown hair cut short, a healthy, tanned complexion, and entirely too many muscles. Her eyes are blue.

Chloe du Lac comes from a family that holds lands to the west of Conventio Adamas. Her father is a banneret knight.

Unbeknownst to the Church, her family is a nest of diabolists. They brought Chloe up in their nefarious ways, but she was immune to the magic which they used to ensure her obedience.

Many generations back, a saint had blessed an ancestor with a gift of invulnerability to magic, and this ability was passed down through the firstborn children of the line, along with a hand- shaped white birthmark over the heart and an inability to lie.

Demons, attempting to strike back at her family and the saint, corrupted the pure ancestor's younger brother, and this diabolism survives to Chloe's day. Sometime before Chloe was born, the last member of her pure ancestor's family was killed in the Mundane War. She was born with the mark, and immune to the diabolical magic of her family.

When she was twelve, she discovered her family's plans to indoctrinate her into the rites of black mass, and she took her young sister away to a nunnery, then fled, herself, to Conventio Adamas. She has no other siblings, and her sister is now a nun.