Name: Madame DraytonAge: 43Gender: F
Player: PLAYERYear Born: 1257Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 3
Experience since last update: 51Decrepitude: 0Last update: 1300

Intelligence: 2Strength: -1 Presence: 2Dexterity: -4
ShrewdSmall Frame Inspires ConfidenceSlightly Clumsy
Perception: 2Stamina: 3 Communication: 4Quickness: -2
AstuteTough Minded Good SalesmanMoves Deliberately

Speak French: Merchant5  Speak German: Merchant4 
Speak Latin: Church3  Area Lore Strasbourg: Markets4 
Area Lore 100 Mi Around Strasbourg: Markets3  Area Lore, Rhine Valley: Markets2 
Ride: Safely1  Swim: River1 
Boating: River1  Wagoneering: Avoiding Accidents1 
Animal Handling: Pack Animals1  Bargain: Merchants5 
Etiquette: Merchants5  Intrigue: Alliances5 
Folk Ken: Merchants5  Subterfuge: Selling5 
Charm: First Impressions4     

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore Virtues & Flaws
Brave-3 Sharp MerchantStrasbourg1 +3Fast Learner
Loyal3 CompetentCovenant2 +3Business
Efficient2  +1Social Contacts: Merchants
Motherly1  -2Dependant: Children
Gullible-3  -2Small Frame
Independent2  -3Noncombatant

Dodge: -2Unhurt
Soak Total: 3Hurt
Fatigue Total: 3Light Wounds
Encumberance: 0Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1300 Adventured this year
1277 Husband killed by either unscrupulous priest or disease caused by monster fished out of bay. The unscrupulous priest attempted to gain her family business, but was foiled by M. Amadeus & Company. She accepted the offer to join the covenant and has been generating wealth for them ever since.

Madame Drayton has connections through her husband's business, basically an Import/Export business using the Rhine as a highway. This business is still being run by Agents, but most of Drayton's energies are taken with the stone-slab trade, made much cheaper because of a knife that cuts through stone like butter.

She has merchant business contacts on both sides of the Rhine in a variety of durable goods fields.

She has three children, two boys and a girl. They look to be interested in joining the family business as they get a bit older. (in 1283 the ages are 10 (Boy), 9 (Girl) and 7 (Boy))

Madame Drayton has no intention of remarrying