Name: Father GeoffryAge: 32Gender: M
Player: PLAYERYear Born: 1268Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 1
Experience since last update: 30Decrepitude: 0Last update: 1300

Intelligence: 0Strength: 0 Presence: 0Dexterity: -1
Well read  Aura of AuthorityDistracted/clumsy
Perception: 5Stamina: 0 Communication: 5Quickness: 0
Inquisitive  Sympathetic 

Spk French: Vocabulary5  Speak Latin : Church4 
Scribe Latin: Church3  Church Kn : Heresy2 
Church Lore: Corruption2  Humanities: Philosophy3 
Meditation: Prayer3+3 Sense Holiness & Unholiness: while concentrating6 
Folk Ken: Priests2  Charisma: Religion2 
Debate: Philosophy3  Subterfuge: Arguments2 
Bargain: Superiors2  Diplomacy: Negotiation2 
Etiquette: Church2  Intimidation: Intellectual2 
Intrigue: Alliances2     

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore Virtues & Flaws
Brave1 Pious Covenant1 +3True Faith
Loyal0 Witch SmellerChurch2 +3Clergy
Pious3  +1Sense Holiness & Unholiness
Curious2  -1Obligation: Church
Cruel-3  -1Oath of Fealty: Church
Dogmatic-1  -1Social Handicap: Unworldliness
  -1Driving Goal: Convert Magi

Dodge: 0Unhurt
Soak Total: 0Hurt
Fatigue Total: 0Light Wounds
Encumberance: 0Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1300 Adventured this year
1290 Broken Covenants
1284 Joined Covenant

12+ sense holiness/unholiness in area
18+ sense holiness/unholiness in person
20+ in divine or infernal area incapacitates