Name: GrigorAge: 54Gender: M
Player: PLAYERYear Born: 1246Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 2
Experience since last update: 3Decrepitude: 4Last update: 1300

Intelligence: 2Strength: 3 Presence: -4Dexterity: 3
Low CunningMassive Shoulders Scarred FaceDeft Hand
Perception: 2Stamina: 3 Communication: -2Quickness: 1
Keen-eyedIron Constitution Thick AccentQuick Reflexes

Speak Own Language4  Alertness: Ambushes3 
Scan: Woods3  Athletics: Long distance run1 
Climb: Walls2  Dodge: Surprise Attacks4 
Charisma: War2  Folk Ken: Soldiers5 
Survival: Leading Groups2  Brawl: Tackling3 
Ride: In Battle4  Leadership: In combat4 
Chirurgery: Bind Wounds2  Drinking-1-1
Quarterstaff Attack 3  Quarterstaff Parry4 
Broadsword Attack: Formation Fighting5  Shield Parry: Formation Fighting5 
Shield Attack: Formation Fighting3  Long Spear Attack: Formation Fighting3 
Long Spear Parry: Formation Fighting2+1    

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore Virtues & Flaws
Brave2  +1Enduring Constitution
Loyal3  +1Knack: Swords +2
Reliable2  +1Resilient Constitution
Fair to Grogs3  +1Tough
Leader2  +2Superior Armament
  -1Missing Foot
  -2Cursed: all wounds linger and scar horribly

LoadSpaceMelee Weapon1stAtkDamPar
0.51 Broadsword614165
0.50 Long Spear98135
02 Quarterstaff68109
1.51 Kite Shield16510

Dodge: -3Unhurt
Soak Total: 13Hurt
Fatigue Total: -4Light Wounds
Encumberance: 7Medium Wounds
Armor: Heavy mail CuirassHeavy Wounds
Load: 4Incapacitated
Protection: 10
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1300 Adventured this year
1299 Adventured this year
1298 Adventured this year
1297 Adventured this year
1296 Adventured this year
1295 Adventured this year
1294 Adventured this year
1293 Adventured this year
1292 Adventured this year
1291 Adventured this year
1290 Adventured this year
1288 Adventured this year
1283 Adventured this year
1281 Adventured this year
1280 Adventured this year

Grigor is about four feet tall, four feet wide, and vaguely slavic. He speaks French with a thick but undefined accent, and is not much to look at, as he has lost most of his teeth and is horribly scarred.

Although age has sapped his strength, he is still stronger than most men, but he has taken to riding whenever he has to travel any distance from the Covenant rather than stump along on his wooden foot.

Over the last ten years, although his mind and his perceptions are as keen as ever, as is his strength, he has gotten even uglier, with a broken nose that never set right and an unidentifiable lump on the side of his jaw.

He has spent most of his time when not actually instructing the grogs sitting around telling tales of his youth and indoctrinating the younger grogs with stories of heroic deeds of Amnis Mirabilis grogs in the past.