Name: Heloïse, conjugata Marci AmadeiAge: 30Gender: F
Player: ChrisberYear Born: 1269Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1299Confidence: 3
House: VermattDecrepitude: 0Current Cnf: 3

Intelligence: 0Strength: +1 Presence: +2Dexterity: +1
MethodicalLarge 'Vast Tracts of Land'Nimble Fingers
Perception: +1Stamina: +5 Communication: +2Quickness: 0
Keen-EyedStrong Constitution Expressive Hands 

Speak French: Noble5  * Stewardship: Managing5
Speak Latin: Magi4  Ride: Staying On2
Scribe Latin: Specialty3  Etiquette: Nobility2
Search: Small Items3  Strasbourg Lore: Personalities2
Charm: Being Witty2  Church Lore: Saints3
Folk Ken: Magi4  Faerie Lore: Faerie Festivals1
Play Harp: Solos3  Hermes Lore: Politics1

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScoreVirtues & Flaws
Brave-1Trait0 ReputationLocation0+1Knack (Stewardship +2)
Loyal+1Trait0 +1Clear Thinker
     +1Sharp Ears
     +2Books (dowry)
     -1Poor Eyesight
     -2Common Fear (Night)
     -1Delusion: Moisheim Family
     -1Enemies: Moisheim Family
Dodge: 0Unhurt
Soak Total: +5Hurt
Fatigue Total: +5Light Wounds
 Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1286 MaleMundaneGeoffraiFostered: Count of Lorraine, 1294
 Int+1/Per+3, Str+2/Sta+2, Pre+3/Com+3, Dex+3/Qui+1
 +3 Knight, +2 Large?, +1 Inspirational, +1 Clear Thinker
 0 Oath of Fealty, -2 Overconfident, -1 Reputation - Magus' Son
 Obsessed? Sense of Doom? Uncommon Fear of Magi?

1287 MaleTalentGillesFostered: Church 1295
 Int+2/Per+0, Str 0/Sta+1, Pre+3/Com+3, Dex 0/Qui+1
 +1 Second sight, +2 Visions? +2 Piercing gaze, +2 Indulgences?

1288 MaleTalentGuyFostered: Strasbourg
 Int+5/Per+3, Str+1/Sta+1, Pre+1/Com+2, Dex 0/Qui 0
 +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Alchemy, +1 Magic Sensitivity, +1 Educated,
 +1 Inventive Genius, +2 Latent Magic Ability????, +1 Parma????

1289 MaleGentle GiftGuillaumeFostered: Mercere, 1295
 Int+1/Per+3, Str 0/Sta+3, Pre-2/Com+1, Dex-1/Qui-1
 +1 Gentle Gift

1290 FemaleGiftSophiaFostered: Quaesitoris, 1295
 Int+4/Per+2, Str 0/Sta+3, Pre+3/Com+1, Dex 0/Qui+1