Name: Hieronymous, filius Cornelii Age: 84 Gender: M
Player: Chrisber Year Born: 1215 Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis Mirabilis Current Year: 1299 Confidence: 3
House: Criamon Decrepitude: 0 Twilight Points: 7

Intelligence: +4Strength: +1 Presence: -1Dexterity: +3
Puzzle SolverLeverage InsaneLong Fingers
Perception: +3Stamina: +3 Communication: -2Quickness: +3
VisionarySingleminded MotormouthEnergetic

Speak Italian: Merchant 3   Parma Magica : Perdo 5+3
Speak French: Colorful Phrases 3   Enigmatic Wisdom: Enigma 6+1
Speak Latin: Hermetic Jargon 5   Certámen : Terram 1 
Scribe Latin: Encrypt 3   * Affinity - Perdo 5 
Scribe Greek: Classical Hand 2   Occult Lore: Undead 2 
Scribe Arabic: Calligraphy 2   Medicine: Anatomy 3 
Scribe Hebrew: Classical Hand 1+1  Chirurgery: Anatomy 2 
Hermetic Theory: Unified 11+6  Fantastic Beast Lore: Races of Cain 2+2
Mercuric Theory: Unified 5   Greek Magic Theory: Unified 1 
Drinking: Keeping his head 2   Druidic Magic Theory: Unified 5 
Southern Europe Lore: Current 2   Hermes Lore: Politics 3 
Guile: Quick Lies 1   Hermes History: Houses 3+1
Druidic History: Magic 2       

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo10Animal12Ignem6+4Magical Affinity: Perdo
Intellego9Aquam8Imagonem8+2Free Study
Muto8Auram11Mentem15+4Charmed Life
Perdo+20*Corporem+18Terram6-1Blatant Gift
Rego15Herbam10Vim+10-2Lack of Control
      -1Slow Writer
Vís (40): 8 -4Susc. Divine Power
Longevity (51): -17 (7+34 Vis) -2Disjoint Magic

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave-1Talkative+3 ReputationLocation0
Dodge: +2 Unhurt
Soak Total: +3 Hurt
Fatigue Total: +3Light Wounds
  Medium Wounds
  Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Hieronymous' Grimoire
15Cr/Au21Chamber of the Spring BreezesNear/, Sun./Perm.
 Creates a constant breeze of fresh air, keeping the air breathable even if airtight.
Tremere Fecit.
20Cr/Au21Helm of Sweet AirTouch/, Sun./, Rego
 Produces a bubble of sweet air about a foot across that will keep out water.
Aeolio Fecit.
15Mu/An23Beast of Outlandish SizeTouch/, Sun./Perm.
 Land animal Size +1 +2 Damage, +1 Soak, -1 Defense, +1 body level.
Hieronymous Fecit.
10Pe/An40Agony of the BeastSight, Conc.
 Target must make Stm+Size 9+ or be unable to do anything but howl in pain.
Hieronymous Fecit.
25Pe/An40Cleanse the Verminous InfestationSight/Spec, Inst.
 Causes all animals of less than Size -3 to emerge and kill each other.
Hieronymous Fecit.
5Cr/Co31Charm Against PutrefactionTouch/, Moon/Perm.
 Prevents the decay of a human corpse.
20Mu/Co29Preternatural Growth and ShrinkingTouch/, Sun./Year
 Changes size from +1 to -2. Each step gives 1 Soak, 1 Str, 1 body level, and -+1 Def.
15Pe/Co46Dust to DustNear/, Inst.
 Turns an (un)dead body into dust in two rounds. Only works on those unposessed by spirits. Req: Animal for animals.
15Pe/Co46The Wound that WeepsNear/, Inst., Aimed
 Each round the target must make a Stm roll; 2- one fatigue level is lost (body level if unconcious), 9+, the bleeding stops. -3 if in melee, +1 if completely still. Chirurgy 7+ stops it.
20Pe/Co46Incantation of the Milky EyesNear/, Moon/Inst.
 Blinds a target, leaving the eyes milky with cataracts.
45Pe/Co46Grasp of the Crushed Heart (improved)Sight, Inst.
 Target must make Stm 15+ or die. If the roll suceeds, 5 Stm are lost regardless.
Hieronymous Fecit.
20Re/Co30Awaken the Slumbering CorpseNear/, Conc./Moon
 Raises one Zombie or Skeleton from unconsecrated burial.
25Re/Co21The Walking CorpseReach, Inst., Ritual, Mentem
 Turns a corpse into a skeleton/zombie, mindless but faithful.
30Re/Co30Strings of the Unwilling MarionetteNear/, Conc.
 Control the gross physical movements of the target. Target can roll Str 12+ to resist, roll each round.
25Pe/He38Great RotSpec., Inst.
 Rots wood up to a house or small inn. The structure collapses after about a minute of creaking and groaning.
Hieronymous Fecit.
25Re/Me21Retain Clear ThoughtsTouch/, Sun./
 Resists attempts to influence target's mind or behavior.
Hieronymous Fecit.
30Re/Me21Incantation of Summoning the DeadReach/, Sun./
 Calls up a ghost if on spot of death or know full name, and unconsecrated.
Hieronymous Fecit.
30Cr/Vi35The Enigma's Gift Touch, Inst.
 Causes Target to go into Twilight. Caster must stress roll Enigmatic Wisdom 6+ or enter Twilight instead of target. to influence target's mind or behavior.
Hieronymous Fecit.
20Mu/Vi33Wizard's CommunionReach/, Inst.
 Up to a level 40 spell, up to 4 magi.
Lucius Fecit.

Mercuric Magic

3+ Mercuric Mages can automatically Commune (using average of Form + Technique)

Spontaneous Magic at penalties: Mercuric Art/5 with automatic fatigue

+20% for following forms in Ritual Magic:


He teaches the *ed forms at +1 what you would ordinarily get.

Library: every spell in 1st ed. book that involves the elements and corporem and vim.

Vis Stores
Creo Animal Ignem 
Intellego Aquam Imagonem 
Muto Auram Mentem 
Perdo Corporem Terram 
Rego Herbam Vim 
(Owe 6 vis to Aeolio)