Name: Imbria, filia HadriciiAge: 33Gender: F
Player: GretchenYear Born: 1267Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 1
House: FlambeauDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points: 5

Intelligence: 3Strength: 0 Presence: 1Dexterity: 1
clever  noble miengraceful dancer
Perception: 2Stamina: 1 Communication: 1Quickness: 1
intuitivewillful expressiveswift

Speak French: Noble4  Charm: First Impressions21
Speak Latin: Vocabulary5  Folk Ken: Nobles22
Scribe Latin: Beautiful Hand3  Subterfuge: Arguments2
Magic Theory: Spells51  Etiquette: Nobility1
Hermes Lore: Flambeau21  Intrigue: Gossip21
Hermes History: Flambeau31  Local Lore: History1
Parma Magica : Perdo4  Chirurgy: Bind Wounds1
Finesse: Precision31  Ride: Speed1
Certámen : Aquam0  Speak German: Eastern1
Penetration: Perdo21  Survival: Forests1
Concentration: Long Durations11  Speak Arabic: Travelling1
Affinity w/ Aquam: Perdo41  Levant Lore: Geography1
  Stealth: Sneaking1

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo10Animal9Ignem6+5Fast Learner
Intellego8Aquam8Imagonem6+3Affinity w/ Aquam
Muto9Auram6Mentem6+1Book Learner (+2)
Perdo10Corporem12Terram6+1Inventive Genius
Rego6Herbam6Vim11-4Susc: Dominion
  Vís (34):6  -2Loose Magic, 4 Twi.
  Long. Pot:-0  -1Flawed Parma: Creo
      -1Bad Reputation

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave2Friendly2 HellionFamily2
Dodge: 1Unhurt
Soak Total: 1Hurt
Fatigue Total: 1Light Wounds
 Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Imbria's Grimoire
20Cr/Aq23*Mighty Torrent of WaterNear,Conc(5),Aim(-3to+1)
  A three foot diameter cone of water sprays from your outstretched arms for up to five rounds (Conc.). +14 damage, Str+Siz 10+ or be knocked back. Targetting starts at -3 and increases by one each round.
*25Cr/Aq23*Deluge of Rushing and DashingSpec,Conc
  A stream floods, starting at its nearest point to you and continuing one mile downstream. Anyone near the stream when it floods is struck by water (+18 damage) and caught in the flood. Every round, the victim must make a Str+Dex+Swim-Enc 9+ to escape the flood. If not, they take +10 damage and lose a fatigue level.
*10Mu/Aq22*Lungs of the FishBody/Touch,Sun/Year,Auram
  Turns water into air as it reaches your lungs.
20Mu/Aq22*Bridge of FrostSight, Spec
  Makes a 15 pace bridge allowing 6-15 creatures across. The bridge lasts an hour and can be any shape.
25Pe/Aq24*Curse of the DesertNear/Sight,Inst,Co or An
  +16 damage, soak Stm+Siz. Must drink in an hour or die.
*30Pe/Aq24*Vile Water of SterilitySight,Inst
  Ruins a body of water up to a small lake.
*20Re/Aq19*Waves of Drowning and SmashingSight, Inst
  Raises a five foot high, 30 pace wide wave that can submerge swimmers, overturn rowboats, and damage sailing ships. It starts as a small, curved wave and grows for the first ten paces, at which point it reaches max size. It dissipates after 100 paces.

l:Form+Tech+Int+Magic Theory+Aura(3+3)+InvGenius(3)+Spell bonus(know sp)
To Research:
*15Cr/Aql:40*Frosty BarrelReach/Near,Sun/Inst
  Creates a cask made out of hard ice, containing any desired liquid. (Req: Ig (oil), etc.)
*15Re/Aql:36*Gift of the Floating WoodSight,Sun(Spec)
  Allows anything Size +3 or smaller to float until they leave water or until Sun.
*15Re/Aql:36*Cloak of DrynessTouch/Near,Sun/Year
  Keeps water from touching an object or creature of Size+3 or smaller, even if it is submerged. Allows animals and men to drink, however.
  Creates an intricate filigree-like spinning globe, about hand-sized, of cool white light, enough to read by, which moves as you concentrate upon it and follows you around if you don't.
*15Mu/Tel:30*Weapons to WaterNear/Sight,Sun/Inst,Aq
  Changes stone, metal, glass, or earth, of an amount that can be enclosed in the arms, into water.
*20In/Aql:38*Posiedon's ViewSelf/Touch,Sun/Year
  See through water.
*25Pe/Aql:41*Break the Oncoming WaveNear,Sun/Year
  Breaks all waves and torrents of water (even magical) as they come within 10 paces.
*25Re/Aql:40*Pull of the Watery GraveSight,Conc
  Creates a strong undertow which pulls any object smaller than a rowboat 25 fathoms (150ft) into the depths. Those caught must make a Str+Dex+Swim-Enc of 9+ per round to avoid being dragged under.
*30Re/Aql:40*Parting the WavesSpec/Spec,Conc
  Parts a body of water up to 50 paces across, revealing a five pace wide dry path at the bottom. For every pawn of vis, the body of water can be another 25 paces across.
*30Mu/Aql:43*Cloak of WinterSight/Spec,Spec
  Over an hour it snows and sleets on a body of water up to 2 miles in diameter, causing it to freeze. One pawn of vis adds 1/2 mile to the diameter. If the water is running it either freezes up or fills with ice floes.
*35Cr/Aql:40*Forceful Wave of WaterNear,Inst,Re
 Creates a large amount of water and then sweeps it in a wave covering about 60°. The wave breaks at ten paces; all within fifteen paces struck by the wave take +18 damage and must make a Str+Siz roll of 15+ or be swept off their feet.
*30Re/Aql:36*Tower of Whirling WaterNear/Sight,Conc
 From a large body of water, form a waterspout that moves under your mental direction. It does +14 damage to anyone it hits, and they must roll Qui-Enc 8+ to avoid being sucked up. (To fall 20 ft when the waterspout fails.) Int+Conc of 10+ to make the spout move across land.
*35Re/Aql:41*Protection of the Circling WavesReach,Spec,Cr
  A waterspout surrounds you, circling at great speed and obscuring you. Anyone near enough to attack with a hand weapon takes +14 damage and must make a Qui-Enc roll of 8+ at the beginning of each round or be sucked in and start to drown immediately. Melee attack rolls against you are at -5 and missile/thrown attacks at -15. The waves circle for five rounds after you end concentration. The spout dips sideways before it fails, dropping anyone caught in it 20 feet to the ground.
*40Pe/Aql:46*Parching Winds of the DesertNear(10pcs),Inst
  Removes most of the fluid from all targets within 10 pace radius area of effect, doing +16 damage, which can only be soaked with Sta+Siz. The target must drink within an hour or die. Req: Co or An. Doesn't affect the caster.
*35Cr/Aql:39*Lungs of Water and DeathNear/Sight,Inst,Pe
  Fills a target's lungs with water. The target can do nothing but fall to the ground and cough up water. Sta roll of 8+ to avert drowning in three minutes. Req: An,Co
*40Mu/Tel:33*Lake of StoneSight,Sun/Inst,Aq
  Can potentially change all Terram objects saving gemstones within sight into water; the caster can exclude sections as desired. A quick way to get rid of an annoying castle, or a charging army's weapons and armor.
*30Cr/Aql:39*Breaking the Perpetual Drought1mi,Inst,Ritual
  Restores normal rainfall to a region. Extends 1/2mi per pawn of extra vis.
*40Pe/Aql:41*Calling the Odious Drought1mi, Year/Perm,Ritual
  Causes a drought: 1/10 normal rainfall, streams dry, rivers dwindle. The area of effect may be increased by a half mile radius for each extra pawn of vis.
*50Re/Aql:36*Neptune's WrathSight,Inst,Ritual
  Create a gigantic wave 20 feet high and a mile wide.

To Learn:
Get all Forms to 10, An,Aq,Au, and Co to 15 if possible. All Techniques to 15 except In (10).
l:Form+Tech+Int+Magic Theory+Spell Bonus(when know spell)
25In/Aql:29Voice of the LakeNear,Conc
 Hold a conversation with a body of water.
20Cr/Aul:23Helm of Sweet AirTouch/Near,Sun/Moon,Re
30Pe/Aul:25The Cloudless Sky ReturnedSight,Inst
20Cr/Col:31The Chirurgeon's Healing TouchTouch/Near,Sun/Inst
15Mu/Col:23Subtle Eyes of the CatTouch,Sun/Year,An
*35Mu/Col:30Gift of the Bear's FortitudeTouch/Near,Sun/Year
15Pe/Col:31Dust to DustNear/Sight,Inst
15Pe/Col:31Confound the Connection100/400mi,Inst
10Re/Col:25Rise of the Feathery BodyBody/Touch,Conc/Moon
15Re/Col:25Endurance of the BerserkersTouch/Near,Conc/Sun
30Re/Col:25Circular Ward Against Human FormRing,Ring
30Re/Col:25Leap to SelfSelf(50mi)/Touch,Inst
*25Mu/Igl:24Flames of Sculpted IceNear/Sight,Spec,Aq
25Re/Igl:21Ward Against Heat and FlameTouch/Near,Sun/Year
30Pe/Iml:23Veil of InvisibilitySelf/Touch,Sun/Year,Co
30Re/Iml:21Effortless Image from the Wizard 50mi,Sun,Co
20In/Mel:17Tongue of the FolkSelf,Conc
25Cr/Tel:25Wall of Protecting StoneNear/Sight,Sun/Inst
25Mu/Tel:24Shape Wall of StoneNear/Sight,Conc,Re
10In/Vil:20Sense the Nature of VisTouch/Near,Inst
20In/Vil:20Perceive the Magical ScentNear/Sight,Conc/Year
30In/Vil:20Sense of the Lingering MagicReach/Near,Conc
5Mu/Vil:23Change the Nature of VisTouch,Inst,Ritual
30Mu/Vil:23Wizard's CommunionReach/Near,Inst
35Mu/Vil:23Wizard's BoostNear/Sight,Inst


Three kraken eggs, due to hatch around 1350.