Name: Jean(ette), filia Horatii PontifecisAge: 34Gender: F
Player: ChrisberYear Born: 1265Size: -1
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1299Confidence: 3
House: Ex MiscellaneaDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points: 0

Intelligence: +2Strength: -1 Presence: 0Dexterity: +1
CleverSmall Frame ShyNimble Fingers
Perception: +1Stamina: +1 Communication: 0Quickness: +2
Keen-eyedTenacious Flat DeliveryFleet-footed

Speak French: Peasant4  * Affinity: Animál3
Speak Latin: Colorful Phrases5+3  Certámen : Animál1
Scribe Latin: Speed Writing3+1  Alertness: Sounds2
Magic Theory: Spells5  Guile: Quick Explanations3
Hermes Lore: Politics2  Search: In the Dark4
Hermes History: Houses2  Stealth: Hide2
Parma Magica : Perdo3  Faerie Lore: Faerie Festivals1
Concentration: Long Periods2  Sing: Solo1

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo8Animal* 8Ignem8+1Gentle Gift
Intellego5Aquam8Imagonem8+3Affinity: Animál
Muto8Auram9Mentem8+4Silent Magic
Perdo8Corporem11Terram8+1Bonus with Familiars
Rego8Herbam8Vim10+1Deft Art - Animál(?)
      -3Small Frame
  Vís (18):3  -1Del.Circ. - Crowds
      -2Wild Magic
      -2Weak Magic - Mentem

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave-1Cautious+1 ReputationLocation0
Dodge: +3Light Wounds
Soak Total: 0Medium Wounds
Fatigue Total: +1Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Jeanette's Grimoire
20Cr/An11Soothe Pains of the BeastTouch/, Sun./
  Animal recovers a lost Body Level with Sta 3+ roll.
20In/An11Tongue of the BeastsBody, Conc.
  Auram requisite for birds, etc.
10Re/An17Disguise of the Putrid AromaSelf/, Sun./, Auram
  An animal isn't interested in what it can't smell.
20Re/An17The Gentle BeastEye/, Sun./
  Calms Size 3- animal until frightened or wounded.
20Re/Au16Circling Winds of ProtectionReach/, Spec.
  Hth opponents must make Siz 9+ or be blown away. Melee attacks are at -2, ranged at -10. Lasts 5 rouds after concentration ends.
Tremere Fecit.
25Re/Au16Wings of the Soaring WindSelf/, Conc.
  Fly at 40 mph, but must maintain concentration!
Constantine Fecit.
10Cr/Có10Bind WoundTouch/, Sun./
  Any subsequent recovery rolls required are at +1.
Hieronymous Fecit.
15Mu/Te11Hands of the Grasping EarthNear/, Sun., Rego
  Earthen hands grab target unless Qik-Enc 11+ (8+ for only one ankle) Str 15+ to break free (12+ for one) Each hand has +25 Soak roll.
10In/Vi5Sense the Nature of VisTouch/, Inst.
  Tell what Art raw vis is connected to.
Bonisagus Fecit.