Name: Lucius, filius CaballiAge: 100Gender: M
Player: GretchenYear Born: 1197Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1297Confidence: 3
House: BonisagusDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points:

Intelligence: 5Strength: 0 Presence: 3Dexterity: 1
creativestringy friendlygood dancer
Perception: 1Stamina: 1 Communication: 1Quickness: 1
probingtenacious enthusiasticenergetic

Speak French: Colorful phrases4  Drinking: Drinking Songs2
Speak Latin: Colorful phrases5  Stealth: Hunting6
Scribe Latin: Decode3  Local Heraldry: (Adamas)1
Magic Theory: Spells108  Folk Ken: Soldiers2
Hermes Lore: Bonisagus31  Occult Lore: Ghosts21
Hermes History: Bonisagus31  Fantastic Beast Lore: Habitat2
Parma Magica : Vim31  Leadership: Giving Orders3
Finesse: Grace3  Humanities: Philosophy3
Certámen :0  Chirurgy: Bind wounds3
Concentration: Boosting5  Medicine: Physicianry3
Affinity to Vim: Creo87  Local History: Faerie2
Meditation: Resting the body32  Faerie Lore: Pyrennes11
Enigmatic Wisdom: Res. Twi.3 

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo24Animal19Ignem*12+3Affinity to Vim
Intellego20Aquam*14Imagonem*12+1Strong Writer
Muto*15Auram*14Mentem20+1Inventive Genius
Perdo*12Corporem18Terram*14+5Night Reader
Rego*12Herbam*13Vim25-4Minor Magic Def: Cor
      -2Disjointed Magic
  Vìs (77):15  -1Loose Magic
  Long: -17   -1Start w/ 2 Twilight
  Vís: 0   -2Noncombatant

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave3Stubborn1 BoatrockerLocal Mages2
Obscure1Crotchety2 Dangerous InnovaterBonisagus2
Fear Demons3Catlike1 
Dodge: 1Unhurt
Soak Total: 3Hurt
Fatigue Total: 1Light Wounds
 Medium Wounds
 Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Lucius's Grimoire
*35Cr/An44*The Faithful ProtectorNear/Sight,Sun/Inst
  Creates a size 0 wolf with white fur anywhere within 15 paces.
*40Cr/An44*Conjuring the Quick RetreatReach/Near,Sun/Inst
  Creates a white horse with full tack, all of white leather and bone.
40Pe/An32Death of the Butcher's BladesNear/Sight,Inst
  Animal takes 5 wound levels. If it dies, the skin and head are flayed as a trophy, all good meat parts are neatly cut off the bone. The animal seems to fall in a pool of blood. No tools are needed to get meat and skin.
45Cr/Co34*The Body Made WholeTouch/Near,Sun/Inst
  Heals all damage to a human body 1 level per round. Requires a cloak or blanket over the target.
*45Cr/Co34*The Body HealedTouch/Near,Sun/Inst
 Heals all damage to a human body 1 level per round. Requires the target to be naked. Like the Body Made Whole, but the target must be nude.
35Cr/Me45*Gift of ReasonEye/Sight, Sun/Year
  Gives the target the ability to reason clearly, as in the 30 Cr/Me spell Gift of Reason.
70Cr/Vi46*Ritual of Major Summoning4 mi, Spec., Rego, Rit.
  Sucks vìs to caster, damaging a region 4 miles diameter
10In/Vi54*Sense the Nature of VìsTouch/Near, Inst
  Tell what art vìs is connected to
15In/Vi54*Scales of the Magical WeightTouch, Inst
  Determine relative weights of vìs
20In/Vi54Perceive Magical ScentNear/Sight, Conc/Year
  Smell magic within 5 paces
30In/Vi54*Probe ObjectTouch, Conc.
  Aids vastly in object identification
30In/Vi54*Sense of the Lingering MagicReach/Near, Conc.
  Detect magic in the past and some analysis
35In/Vi54*Sight of the Active MagicBody/Touch, Conc/Moon
  See spells as "auras"
*35In/Vi54*The Invisible Eye RevealedNear,Sun/Year
  See a visible representation of any magical means used to scry on you, up to 60 point scrying spells.
*40In/Vi54*Seeking the GiftSelf,Sun/Year
  Discern if those you look at have the gift and its degree of flowering.
*45In/Vi54*Alarm of the Mystical IntruderSpec,Sun/100,Im
  Attached to a magical defense, if anything magical passes through the defense it sets off an alarm, which shows up in the location or locations specified when you cast the spell. It differentiates item, faerie, spell, mage, demon. The caster's voice sounds.
5Mu/Vi49Change the Nature of VisTouch, Inst, Ritual
  Change 1 pawn of vis into another, at a price.
15Mu/Vi49Gather the Essence of the BeastTouch/Near, Inst
20Mu/Vi49Wizard's BoostNear/Sight, Inst.
  +5 levels to a spell, not past 20. Int + Conc. 9+ for self
20Mu/Vi49Wizard's CommunionReach/Near, Inst.
  up to level 10 spell, up to 4 wizards, combines
30Mu/Vi49*Shroud MagicReach/Near, Sun/Perm
  Shroud up to 60 point spells, Int + Conc 9+ for self.
35Mu/Vi49*Wizard's BoostNear/Sight, Inst.
  +5 levels to a spell, not past 35. Int + Conc. 9+ for self
40Mu/Vi49*Wizard's CommunionReach/Near, Inst.
  up to level 20 spell, up to 8 wizards, combines
*40Mu/Vi49*Change the Art of VisTouch, Inst, Ritual
  Similar to Change the Nature of Vis, except that it can change a form into a technique. Changes 1 pawn of vis into another art for every 10 levels in the ritual.
50Mu/Vi49*Mirror of OppositionSpec,Spec
  Cast on up to 25pt spell to reverse. Int+Conc 9+ for self
55Mu/Vi49*Wizard's BoostNear/Sight, Inst.
  +5 levels to a spell, not past 55. Int + Conc. 9+ for self. Minor side benefit: Boosted spells are easier to concentrate on, with +3 to the roll.
20Pe/Vi46Wind of Mundane SilenceReach/Near, Inst.
  Dispel any spell (die + level)/2 caster's (Tech. + Form)
35Pe/Vi46*Demon's Eternal OblivionNear/Sight, Inst
  Removes 35+d10-DemonPoints Demon Points.
50Pe/Vi46*DisenchantTouch/Near, Inst
  Permanently remove enchantments on an object, if the highest level of enchantment on the item does not exceed 50.
*50Pe/Vi46*Demon's Eternal OblivionNear/Sight, Inst
  Removes 50+d10-DemonPoints Demon Points.
*50Pe/Vi46*Masking the Odor of MagicTouch/Near,Sun/Year
  Prevents a magic spell or power in an item or being from being detected unless the Penetration roll of the InVi spell exceeds 50.
*50Pe/Vi46*Wind of Mundane SilenceReach/Near, Inst.
  Dispel any spell +50/2 caster's (Tech+Form) at the time sie cast the spell, or double the caster's Might score. If the spell is from a magic item, the value is double the Level of the spell.
20Re/Vi46Waiting SpellReach, Spec., Ritual
  Wait up to 20 levels of spells
30Re/Vi46Watching WardTouch, Spec., Ritual
  Put up to 30 levels of spells on a person
30Re/Vi46*Circular Ward Against DemonsSpec., Ring
  Demons < die + Level cannot enter ring or harm into ring
35Re/Vi46*Aegis of the HearthSpec., Year, Ritual
  Protects 100 feet across, +100 diameter/+1 vìs
50Re/Vi46*Waiting SpellReach, Spec., Ritual
  Wait up to 50 levels of spells
50Re/Vi46*Watching WardTouch, Spec., Ritual
  Put up to 50 levels of spells on a person
50Re/Vi46*Suppress the Wizard's WorkNear/Sight/Conc
  Cancel one spell 40 or less while concentrating, with easy rolls: (3+ walking, 6+ threat)
*50Re/Vi46*Circular Ward Against DemonsSpec,Ring
  Demons < die + Level cannot enter ring or harm into ring
*50Re/Vi46*Maintaining the Demanding Spelln/a,1 minute
  Cast to maintain a concentration spell; must roll an Int+Concentration of 6+ to succeed.
*60Re/Vi46*Charm Against MagicTouch/Near,Sun/Year
  Gives a person +30 Magic Resistance, but they must penetrate that to cast any of their own spells.
Minor side benefit: you feel a prickling sensation when struck by magic.
*70Re/Vi46*Improved AegisSpec, Year/100, Ritual
  Very similar to the old Aegis of the Hearth, except that it takes 10 spell levels to get 5 points of aegis. However it can be quickened to last 100 years. You must still do a ritual every year. (Thus you can involve new people and drop old people out.) You can include arcane links in the ritual, as long as you name the name. If the ritual doesn't include at least one person in person, not arcane link and name form, from last year, the aegis drops. (Side effect: dew and mist collect more heavily near the aegis.)

* Not written into the library yet: 555 levels, 7 seasons

Extracting vis:

Forms: (Creo + Vim (req: form) + Magic Theory + 3*Magic Aura)/5
Techniques: (Creo(req: technique) + Vim + Magic Theory + 3*Magic Aura)/10


*60Re/Vi46*Circular Ward Against MagicRing,Ring
 (70) Makes a ring with +30 Magic Resistance against spells cast from either direction.
*40Mu/Te28*Gem to GolemReach,Perm,Ritual,Mentem
  (54) Transforms a carved gem into a life-sized replica of its shape of the appropriate Form, depending on casting requisite. A zombie-like mind will be instilled in the creature.
*60Cr/Vi59*Spell AegisNear/Sight,Inst
  (83) +30 to the amount which needs to be penetrated to dispell a spell. Conc+Int 9+ to cast on your own spell. Lasts as long as the other spell (similar to wizard's boost.)
*35Re/Vi46*Opening the Intangible Tunnel100 mi,Conc,Ritual
  (70) Open a magical channel to a target, using an arcane link, and cast a spell through it of 35 or less.
*60Cr/Vi59*Find the Chink in the DefenseNear/Sight,Inst
  (83) Adds +15 to Penetration of another spell. Conc+Int 9+ to cast on your own spell.
*60Cr/Vi59*Conjuring the Will for MagicReach,Inst,Ritual
 (83) Cast this ritual upon some vís of any form or technique, and you will create an entity, elemental, or perhaps fairy with related magic. The more vís, the larger the entity. If you kill the entity, you get the same vís out which you put in. (Put the vis in separate piles and you may get several small entities.) If you do the proper warding spells you can prevent it from being a demon or faerie, probably. Look out for demons...
Study Vim vis and work on the Vim book... (Get Vim up to 30.)
Study Creo vis and work on the Creo book... (Get Vim up to 30.)
Study In/An/Me, add 6 combined, spend 2 seasons and enhance Aristotle.

Aristotle, a cat
  • Abilities: Stealth: hunting 6, Perfect Balance: narrow perches 4 Speak Latin: colorful phrases 5, Speak French: colorful phrases 4 Meditation: resting the body 4, Humanities: Philosophy 4
  • Mystic Might 10 (bond strength of 55) (5 unused)
    (5 more In/An/Me: +10 Secondary Power (+4 An/15 level spell)
    (1 more In/An/Me: +5 Shared Ability (Perf Balance/Parma Magica: Vim)

  • +3 gold bond (3 fewer botch rolls)
  • +1 silver bond (+1 to Personality Rolls, Resistance vs. mental influence, etc)
  • +2 bronze bond (+2 to Soak, healing rolls, and rolls to withstand deprivation)

  • +5 shared ability (stealth/meditation) (ambush/contemplation)
  • +5 mental bond (perception/intelligence) (curiousity/crotchety)
  • +5 shared protection (Lucius retreats from surprise)
  • +10 shared speech (their voices are a compromise between cat and human)
  • +10 mental communication (catlike/stubborn)
  • +10 transfer fatigue (Lucius sleeps curled up/Aristotle sleeps far less)
  • +10 unlimited bond
  • -5 sympathetic pain (they flinch in the same manner)

    oak leaf: protects from up to hurricane strength elements for 12 hours
    sunberry: sheds light for an hour anywhere except inside a church,
      use when he doesn't want to use magic
    two branches, three uses each, that can transform one thing to another
      of the same kingdom, using a poem