Name: Marcus Amadeus, filius HieronimisAge: 46Gender: M
Player: ChrisberYear Born: 1254Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 3
House: JerbitonDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points: 3

Intelligence: +3Strength: +1 Presence: +4Dexterity: +2
Quick WittedPowerful Stride Honest FaceGraceful Dancer
Perception: +2Stamina: +3 Communication: +4Quickness: +3
AstuteForceful Personality OratorQuick Reflexes

Speak French: Flowery Phrases4+2  * Affinity - Mentem3
Speak Latin: Hermetic Jargon5  Ride: Staying On2
Scribe Latin: Reading Silently3  Charisma: Politics2
Magic Theory: Spells5  Charm: First Impressions3
Hermes Lore: Politics3+1  Subterfuge: Bluff2
Hermes History: Legal Process2+1  Folk Ken: Townsfolk3
Parma Magica : Perdo3+4  Diplomacy: Negotiation3
Finesse: Precision2  Intrigue: Gossip2+1
Certámen : Mentem2  Strasbourg Area Lore: Politics2+1
Concentration: Long Periods1+1  Awareness: The Supernatural2
  Leadership: Giving Orders1

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo13Animal11Ignem11+1Social Contacts
Intellego13Aquam10Imagonem11+1Inventive Genius
Muto13Auram10Mentem*15+1Mastered Spells
Perdo13Corporem12Terram11+3Magical Affinity
Rego13Herbam10Vim11+1Special Circ. (+3) Important Witnesses
Vís (51): 10+2Quiet Magic
Longevity (34): -11 (31 Vis) +1Book Learner
 -1Deep Sleeper
 -1Weakness: Flattery
 -1Dark Secret/(Inf. Fam.)
 -2Flawed Parma (Elements)
 -1Deleterious Circ. (-5) No Witnesses

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave+1Tactful+1 Witch-smellerSt. Blaise2
Leader+2Talkative+2 Ladies' ManGrogs1
Dodge: +2Unhurt
Soak Total: +3Hurt
Fatigue Total: +3Light Wounds
Medium Wounds
Heavy Wounds
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Marcus Amadeus' Grimoire
20In/Me30Frosty Breath of the Spoken LieEye/, Conc.
  Target can decide on Guile+Com 18+ if a given statement will count as a lie.
25In/Me30Posing the Silent QuestionEye/, Spec.
  Ask one question, answered to the limit of target's knowlege.
30In/Me30Peering into the Mortal MindEye/, Conc.
  Deep mind probe, takes an hour for the full process, with half the information available within ten minutes.
15Mu/Me31Enchantment of DetatchmentEye/, Inst.
  Calms and greatly lowers the target's current emotions.
10Pe/Me31Trust of the Childlike FaithNear/, 1 minute/Sun.
  Target loses judgement and will believe almost any passable lie for the duration. Target gets Int+Stm+ 7+ to resist.
20Pe/Me30Loss of But a Moment's MemoryEye/, Inst., Intéllego
  Remove up to 5 min., targetted to a specific event/time. Target realizes loss on Int 8+. Careful introspection restores the lost memories.
30Pe/Me31Black WhisperSpec., Inst.
  Takes several seconds, restrained target, Stm 15+ or go completely insane.
15Mu/Co27Subtle Eyes of the CatTouch, Sun./Year, Animál
  Target can see in darkness, without visible changes to eyes.
20Pe/Co27Incantation of the Milky EyesNear/, Moon/Inst.
  Blinds a target, leaving the eyes milky with cataracts.

Six experience points remain for mastering spells.

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