Name: PorphyrAge: 53Gender: M
Player: PLAYERYear Born: 1247Size: 1
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1300Confidence: 3
Experience since last update: DEADDecrepitude: 0Last update: DEAD

Intelligence: -4Strength: 4 Presence: 1Dexterity: 0
SluggishHuge Chest Imposing 
Perception: -5Stamina: 2 Communication: 2Quickness: -2
InattentiveTireless Legs CharmingSlow Reflexes

Speak French: Noble5  Ride: Lance Charge5 
Lance Attack: Charge5  Bastard Sword Attack: Vs Axes & Maces6 
Knight Shield Parry: Vs Axes & Maces6  KS Local Nobility: Knights2 
KS Heraldry: Knights2  Folk Ken: Nobility1 
Leadership: Inspire Bravery1     

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore Virtues & Flaws
Brave3 DragonslayerGern1 +5Guardian Angel
Loyal3 Good WarriorGrogs2 +2Large
Cowardly-3  -4Demon Plagued: Sloth
Slothful1  -1Poor Memory
Religious0  -1Dutybound
Chivalrous2  -1Deep Sleeper

LoadSpaceMelee Weapon1stAtkDamPar
-52 Bastard Sword (1h): vs Axes & Maces5918
10 Knight Shield: vs Axes & Maces9
1 Lance (enc +1 figured in)6717
   (Charge using hvy horse)7826

Dodge: -6Unhurt
Soak Total: 17Hurt
Fatigue Total: -1Light Wounds
Encumberance: 3Medium Wounds
Armor: Heavy ChainHeavy Wounds
Load: 6Incapacitated
Protection: 14
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

1283 Day Sergeant
1278 Helped Slay a Dragon at Gern
1277-1283 Helped train the Grogs at Covenant Amnis Mirabilis. Served as a live-steel opponent to practice against.
Died of old age in 1300

In line for Banneretship of Gern
Sir Hanson of Gern will die in winter, 1283
Has a Fine Steed, Hound and Hawk, and has excellent quality armor and weapons of any sort he desires as a result of saving Sir Hanson from the dragon