Name: Tanciere, Age: 81Gender: F
Player: TripYear Born: 1214Size: 0
Covenant: Amnis MirabilisCurrent Year: 1295Confidence: 3
House: NoneDecrepitude: 0Twilight Points: 6

Intelligence: +3Strength: +1 Presence: +0Dexterity: +2
Creative Deceptively Strong BraveGood Balance
Perception: +2Stamina: +2 Communication: -2Quickness: +3
WaryIron Will ShyJumpy

Speak French: Peasant50  Finesse: Precision42
Speak Latin: Jargon50  Certámen : Offense20
Scribe Latin: Reading60  Concentration: Long Periods30
Magic Theory: Transformation74  Church Lore: Demons70
Hermes Lore: History70  Church Knowledge: Theology70
Hermes History: Merinita71  Occult Lore: Demons71
Parma Magica : Faerie Magic72  AK Doissetep: Inside43
Self-transformation: Physical62  Faerie Magic: Shapeshifting44
Faerie Lore: Humans72  Speak Spanish: Formal50
Scribe Arabic: Reading50  Scribe Greek: Reading30
Speak Arabic: Nautical20  Brawling: Claws62
Broadsword: Fighting Retreat30  Debate: Theology32
Alertness: Traps23  Stealth: Sneak52
Arbalest: Snapshot32  Intimidation: Overt11
Leadership: Small Groups41  Scan: Hearing44
Round Shield: Missiles33  Penetration: Faerie Spells33
Chirurgy: Poison22  Pick Locks: Traps20
Philosophy: Greek30  Mercurian MT: Conversion31
Greek MT:10  Stories: Legend Lore33
Etiquette: Grogs10  Local Area Lore: Personalities11
Drinking: Resisting pickups30  Folk Ken: Magi20
Poetry: Latin10  Speak German: Grog11
Earth Lore: Mountains10  Speak Irish Gaelic: (area)20
Hibernian History: Magic10  Medicine: Surgery11

TechniquesFormsVirtues & Flaws
Creo14Animál12Ignem14+1Good Characteristic
Intéllego15Aquam17Imágonem18+1Strong Teacher
Muto17Auram17Mentem11+2Faerie Blood
Perdo14Córporem20Terram14+1Faerie Sight
Rego16Herbam10Vim13+1Affinity: Self-transformation
      +1Faerie Magic
Vis:     +2Knack: Transforming
Vim 5+1Student
      -1Strong Faerie Nature
 -6Personal Magic
      -1Sheltered Upbringing
      -2Susc. to Divine Power

Personality Traits ReputationLocationScore
Brave+2Patient+1 ReputationLocation0
Hate Demons+2Outgoing-3 
Dodge: 8/9Unhurt
Soak Total: 2/25Hurt
Fatigue Total: 2Light Wounds
Claw First: 11-EncMedium Wounds
Claw Attack: 13Heavy Wounds
Claw Damage: 10/11Incapacitated
Sword First: 10-Enc
Sword Attack: 9
Sword Damage: 10/11
Sword Parry: 6/5
Shield Parry: 6/5
Bow Rate: -17-Enc
Bow Attack: 6
Bow Damage: 19
Winded2 min
Weary10 min
Tired30 min
Dazed60 min
Unconscious(2 hr)

Tanciere's Grimoire
-5 to use self/body spells on others
-6 to use self-transformation spells on others
-1 to use physical self-transformation spells on others
10Mu/Có42Eyes of the Cattouch, sun/yr, An
  See in darkness
20Mu/Có50Preternatural Growth/Shrinkingtouch/near, sun/yr
  +1 or -2 Size; +1 Soak, +1 Str, +1 Body lvl, -1 Def/Size
10In/Có37Sight of the True Formsight, inst
  See true, original form of any person whose form has been changed or masked
15Mu/Im47Disguise of Transformed Imagenear/sight,sun/y,r Có
  Make someone look different but still passably human
15In/Im35Discern Image of Truth/Falsehoodnear/sight,con/moon
  Tell whether image has been created or altered by spell of up to 20+stress die levels.
5In/Im35Discern Own Illusionsbod/touch, sun/moon
  See through all the caster's illusions
5Mu/Im41*Taste of Spices & Herbsreach/near, sun/perm, target
  Make food taste as whim *(36 An, 34 He, 40 Aq)
15Pe/Im34Invisibility of Standing Wizardself/touch, sun/yr, Có
  Invisible until move, speak, or touched by anything larger than a mouse
15Pe/Có36Confound the Connection100/400mi, inst
  Destroys arcane connection to caster or touched person
15Mu/Te32Rock of Viscid Clayreach/near, sun/perm
  Softens as much rock as caster can enclose in arms
10In/Te31*Eyes of the Eonssight, conc/inst, target
  Determine age of non-living object to +/-10% (Te 14)
15fMu/Có53Touch of Delightstouch, sun
  Target hallucinates most entertainingly
30Mu/Có50Gift of the Bear's Fortitudebody/touch, sun/yr
  +10 to all soak until Botched, -2 delicate touch
10Mu/Có50Claws of the Tigerbody/touch, sun/yr
  Big nasty claws, +2+Str+Brawl damage
35fMu/Có52Claws of the Dragonbody/touch, sun/yr, Pe
 Big nasty claws, +2+Str+Brawl damage
Poison: roll Sta+Siz+stress 12+ or be paralyzed roll 9+ each of next 5 min or die, 6+ each hour to recover
30Re/Te26Shield Against Stoneself/touch, sun/yr, In
  Immune to all missile weapons, +15 Soak vs melee
30Re/Te26Shield Against Metalself/touch, sun/yr, In
  Immune to all missile weapons, +15 Soak vs melee
25Re/Ig27Ward Against Heat & Flameself/touch, sun/yr
  +15 Soak vs fire
25Cr/Có36Restoration of Defiled Bodytouch/near, sun/inst
  Remove effects of poison, disease, premature aging
10Cr/Có36Bind Woundtouch/near, sun/inst
  Stops bleeding, +1 recovery rolls
40fMu/Có49Carapace of the Earth's Armorbody/touch, sun/moon, Te
  +12 Armor, scales have +20 magic resistance
10fCr/Có36Heal the Dragon's Touch touch/near, sun/inst
  Cures the poison from Claws of Dragon
30Mu/Có44The Silent Vigilself/touch, spec, Te
  Merge with rock twice own size, need no food or drink but do age, hear but use no other senses, twice as long to recover
20fCr/Ig30Breath of the Holocaustspec, inst
  20 Damage -1/p, 10Dam in 2p radius, aim +1
25In/Au34Eyes of the Batbody/touch, spec, Im
  'See' by sensing edge of air until able to see normally
30Pe/Im34Veil of Invisibilityself/touch, sun/yr, Có
  Completely invisible except in mirrors
25Cr/Im29Phantasm of the Human Formreach/near, sun/yr, Có
  Makes image of equipped human that moves at silent command
20Mu/Im47*Image Phantomnear/sight, sun/year, target
  Make one object look like another of similar size/shape
(Im 18)
35In/Im35Summoning the Distant Images100/400mi, conc
  See and hear through arcane connection
25Cr/Te25Wall of Protecting Stonenear/sight, sun/inst
  Granite wall up to 10p x 4p x 1p
25Cr/Aq28Arrow of Icesight, inst, Re
  15 Dam, aim +2
25fCr/Au37Wizard's Ghostly Breathnear/sight, inst, Aq
  Creates mist 30p across which endures as normal mist
45fMu/Co52Cloak of Mistself/touch, sun/inst, Aq, Au
  Can see, hear, move at walking speed, pass through cracks. May end spell at any time.
25fIn/Te35Eye of the Dwarfbody/touch, sun/moon
  See through rock like clearest glass
35In/Vi30Sight of the Active Magicsbody/touch, conc/moon
  See active spells as colored auras
25fMu/Co46Wings of the Eaglebody/touch, sun/moon, Re, An
  Grow big wings and fly at 10 times walking speed