Charter of Amnis Mirabilis

The primary purpose of Amnis Mirabilis is to gather information. It follows that the secondary purpose is to maintain a strong covenant and train wise magi.

All members of the Covenant have one vote as their right. The leader has as well an additional tie-breaking vote. A simple majority is sufficient for all matters saving admission or expulsion of a member, which requires unanimous consent of the other members. A quorum can be formed of all available members, but if a majority is not achieved the vote is temporary, and no measures directly affecting an absent member can be made. Anyone may call a council meeting; anyone may propose a motion. The leader chooses his successor, who is voted on upon the leader's death. If the successor fails, the oldest living member names the next candidate, who is then voted on.

A member may quit the covenant at any time, provided that he has no large outstanding commitments, in which case he may leave as soon as his obligations are fulfilled. Any former member who voluntarily reveals the secrets of the covenant has committed a breach of faith that is grounds for Wizard War.

Members are granted a sharing study environment, freedom from mundane cares, and magical aid as needed or available. In return, they should contribute commensurate with their abilities and the Covenant's need. Free interchange is the cornerstone of this covenant. Important information should be preserved, even if it will never leave the Covenant. If information is to leave the Covenant, it must be voted on by the council. The author or his appointed successor has veto right. Providers of vís have veto right over its use.

New members must be members in good standing of the Order of Hermes. They swear an oath to pay off any debt incurred, then serve a probationary period of five years. At the end of this time, the council of members must vote to either admit the new member, extend probation another five years, or decline admittance. A probationary member receives only supervised access to the library and cannot undergo more than ten years of probation.

1277 Lucius, filius Caballi, ex Domu Bonisagi

1277 Hieronymous, filius Cornelii, ex Domu Criamonis

1277 Horatius Pontifex, filius Constantinis, ex Domu Tremeris

1277 Hadrick, filius Lucii, ex Domu Flamberis

1277 Gabriella, filia Iasonis, ex Domu Ierbitonis

1277 Justinian, filius Horatii Pontifecis, ex Domu Tremeris

1277 Marcus Amadeus, filius Hieronimis, ex Domu Ierbitonis

1287 Aeolio, filius Catulli, ex Domu Bonisagi

1293 Imbria, filia Hadricii, ex Domu Flamberis

1298 Tanciere, filia Quimrici, ex Domu Tytali