Armor made c. 1295 at the very earliest

Description of Armor

The armor was once metal, usually plate, but occasionally scale cuirass, and has been transformed into sapphire of various colors. It is very light and very strong. It is gleaming and transparent, with translucence lent by "frosting" on the inner side of most of it. The exception is the helmet, which is for the most part transparent - the tint is extremely subtle to provide excellent vision, though the helms still muffle hearing.

The bodyguards wear armor colored smoky black, the day guards wear a rich golden shade, and the night guards have a deep blue tint.

Each section of the guard also wears clothes in their color and black (or silver in the case of the bodyguard). They have warm black cloaks, with rich linings of silver, gold, and blue, respectively.

BodyguardCurrent ArmorSoakFuture ArmorSoakNotes
ArmandChain Hauberk16Full Scale15
WilhelmScale Cuirass7Scale Hauberk11
WillieScale Cuirass6Scale Hauberk10
FritzScale Cuirass11Scale Hauberk15
FranzScale Cuirass9Scale Hauberk13
EmilRing Hauberk11Full Scale15
MartinChain Hauberk16Full Scale15
JacquesChain Cuirass10Full Scale13
3 BodyguardScale Cuirass8Scale Hauberk12
Day GuardCurrent ArmorSoakFuture ArmorSoakNotes
Lucky PierreChain Cuirass12Full Scale15
MichelRing Cuirass7Scale Cuirass8
PaulScale Hauberk14Full Scale16
MaxScale Hauberk13Full Scale15
AlainScale Cuirass5Scale Hauberk9
AntonScale Cuirass4Scale Cuirass4Encumbrance Reduced to 1
6 LongbowScale Cuirass5Scale Hauberk9
2 SelfbowRing Cuirass4Scale Cuirass5
Night GuardCurrent ArmorSoakFuture ArmorSoakNotes
LucienChain Cuirass12Full Scale15
NigelChain Cuirass13Full Scale16
HansScale Cuirass8Scale Hauberk12
GeorgesRing Cuirass3Scale Cuirass4Upgrade to Longbow
AmbroseRing Cuirass2Scale Cuirass3
IrvingFull Chain11Full Scale8Encumbrance Reduced
6 LongbowScale Cuirass5Plate Hauberk9
3 SelfbowRing Cuirass4Scale Cuirass5
Armor Ratings
Scale Cuirass:Protection 5Load 1
Scale Hauberk:Protection 9Load 2
Full Scale:Protection 11Load 2.5