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This page and the pages it links to refer to Feng Shui the Role Playing Game, not Feng Shui, the art of arranging your living space to provide a healthful and fortunate living environment. Feng Shui is a role playing game based on Hong Kong action movies, and it exists in the same multiverse as the collectable card game Shadowfist. These pages assume some knowledge of the game and its background. A short index of existing pages is listed below:

Feng Shui House Rules

Alcohol Impairment

In Feng Shui, a drink of alcohol will cause -1 impairment per drink for 6 hours. I find this at variance with real life and with action movies. Since injury just short of death causes only a -2 impairment, I fail to see how having a 3 glasses of wine over the course of an evening can cause worse impairment than being in a car accident and shot several times.

According to the Drivers Education course I took in high school, an average person will metabolize one drink every hour. DMV Blood Alcohol charts and tests indicate that 1-2 drinks does not cause impairment, 3-4 will cause reflex loss, but no other noticeable effect on coordination and 5+ drinks are dangerous. This is for a 160 lb person. My personal experience (mostly gained in college) matches this analysis.

My house rule is that you can take drinks up to 1/3 your Con without impairment, up to 2/3 at -1, up to 1x your Con at -2 and an additional -1 for each 1/3 of Con above that.. At levels higher than your con, you must make a Con check at difficulty 0 to avoid passing out. Each hour the PC can eliminate the effect of one drink.

This means Joe Normal with 6 body can drink about 12 drinks in one hour before being at serious risk to pass out. He will be at impairment -5, which is pretty harsh. This matches my personal experience. Other nasty side effects such as throwing up can be if the con roll is between 1 and 3. Hangovers will happen if it is cinematic to do so.

The only Feng Shui rule regarding drinking that I like is that Beer only counts as half a drink for all impairment purposes. That fits my view of cinematic drinking.

Gun Decisions

Fast Draw

I think the Fast Draw in the rules is fine but should have been called something else. I allow an additional schtick Lightning Draw, which allows the PC to switch weapons at no shot cost.

Panic Fire

My old Traveller game had a rule which allows a PC to empty his clip and target more victims. The autofire rules in Feng Shui are good if you are trying to shoot a lot of bullets into one person, but do not simulate the massive amounts of property damage caused by emptying a clip to try to hit the hero who is dodging like heck.

My rules allow Panic Fire, which is sort of Aiming in reverse. Panic Fire can be done with any gun, not just automatic weapons. Panic Fire provides a +2 AV bonus, but normally requires 5 shots of time before anything else can be done. It has the following penalties:

You can buy the Gun Schtick "Hail of Bullets" which eliminates most of the penalties. One schtick can make Panic Fire a 3 shot action. One schtick can remove the jamming & dry firing penalties. One shtick can allow the gunman to fire non-automatic weapons as if they were automatic for the purposes of doing more damage to a target. The three schticks can be bought in any order. Lightning Reload is helpful.

You can not combine aiming with any form of Panic Fire, even with the schtick "Hail of Bullets".

Fu Power Decisions

This section is redundant with information provided on my Fu Power Analysis page. It contains only rulings, not power analysis or the reasons for the rulings.

Drunken Stance

The first Drunken Stance schtick can be used on almost any skill (driving, guns, medicine), and additional schticks can be bought for overcoming penalties for additional skills. However, you still have to do something strange to indicate that you are channeling Chi with your fu powers.

See also Alcohol Impairment.

Flying Sword

I allow a separate schtick "Thunder Kick" to be bought, which is exactly the same as Flying Sword except that the attack must be a Kick, not a Sword strike.

Old Master Unique Schtick with Fu Powers

The FAQ says that Old Masters do not do +6 damage with bare handed attacks if they are using Fu powers. I like Old Masters to be as terrifying as possible, since they are forced to have a 4 body, have no choice of skills and have only Leadership as a useful non-combat non-info skill. Therefore my house rules give Old Masters +6 damage with bare handed attacks, if the Fu power says anything like "do a martial arts attack", or "+n to your damage". If the Fu power says STR+n damage, the unique Schtick does not apply.

Water Sword

In my game, the Water Sword dodge penalty works on one opponent at a time. A new display maneuver must be done (and chi paid) before applying the dodge penalty to a new opponent.

Other Fu Power Rulings

In Fu Power descriptions, the word "Dodge" means Dodge or Parry if the Fu Power is an attack. If the Fu power is a defense, it means "Dodge", but can be bought separately for "Parry".

In Fu Power descriptions, the word "Gun" means Guns or Bows/Crossbows.

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