Character Generation for Dogs in the Vineyard

First Step: Background

Second Step: Stats

Divide all your stat dice among Acuity, Body, Heart, and Will, at least 2 dice in each.

Third Step: Traits

Divide all your trait dice among whatever traits you care to define. You can't mix dice sizes in the same trait (that is, 1d6 or 2d6 is fine, but 1d6+1d8 is not allowed.) If you don't have some trait like "I'm a Dog" you'll need to take a relationship with the Dogs in the next step.

Fourth Step: Relationships

Choose two people that are important to you and assign one or more dice to them; write your remaining dice under -AVAILABLE- to be assigned in play. If you didn't take some trait about being a Dog, you need to take a relationship with the Dogs.

Fifth Step: Belongings

Freely define whatever important belongings your character has. A Dog has a colorful coat made by their kin and community (usually high quality), a copy of the Book of Life, a small jar of consecrated earth. and usually a horse and a gun. See -THINGS' DICE- on the character sheet for what dice to assign each item.

Sixth and Final Step: Accomplishment

Define something that you hoped your character accomplished or learned during initiation as a Dog. This will be played out as the stakes of a conflict.