Kickstarter Tips for Role Playing Games

Tips last updated Thu Aug 18 16:05 PDT 2022
Top 10 RPG Kickstarters by amount funded last updated 2022-11-18.
I also track Top 10 RPG Kickstarters by number of backers.


Keeping an eye on these Active Kickstarters ( last updated Wed Nov 23 18:53 PST 2022 (UTC -8) )

PledgedBackersEnding atProject
$260,000+1,995+2022-11-27 7amParanoia RPG - The Perfect Edition
$200,000+2,000+2022-12-01 12pmItza's Guide to Dragonbonding: A DnD 5e supplement
$180,000+2,400+2022-12-01 1pmUtimate Guide to Foraging, Harvesting & Natural Discovery for 5e
$100,000+1,100+2022-11-30 5:59pmUltimate Faeries: Fey Monsters & Campaigns for DnD 5E & PF
$86,000+1,400+2022-12-02 11amHeretic's Guide to Devotion & Divinity (5E)
$69,000+760+2022-11-30 8:59pmTitan Robotics
$69,000+598+2022-12-05 8pmOutcast Silver Raiders
$50,000+370+2022-12-08 7pmBESM Multiverse: Anime RPG World Expansions
$41,000+1,100+2022-11-24 8amThe Quintessential Guide to Monster Encounters for 5e
$36,000+610+2022-12-01 6pmConvictor Drive: Armored by Grief - Japanese Anime TRPG
$29,000+490+2022-11-26 9:22amThe Gloaming Wild - 5e Survival-horror
$25,000+780+2022-12-01 12pmTroika! The Science-Fantasy Roleplaying Game
$24,000+310+2022-12-17 10amHeart of St. Bathus, A 5e Underworld Adventure
$21,000+480+2022-11-28 3:36amBeyond Corny Groń: Adventurer's Guide
$21,000+350+2022-11-30 10:55amThe Complete Dungeons at World's End for 1e and 5e
$19,000+490+2022-12-22 9amInscrutable Cities by Julian K. Jarboe on Backerkit
$16,000+560+2022-12-06 2pmThe Spider Palace for DnD 5e RPG - for only 4 GBP
$15,000+310+2022-11-24 5:45amThe City of Tears and other adventures
$14,000+280+2022-11-24 7:59amBest Left Buried: Throne of Avarice
$14,000+/15,000270+2022-12-15 6:59amSpace 1889: After - 5e / Empyrean Steampunk RPG
$13,000+330+2022-12-01 7pmWildendrem Volume One: The Valley of Flowers
$11,000+330+2022-11-28 9:24amGribble's Guide to the Academic Adventurer 5e
$9,500+260+2022-11-30 8:59pmEumorphica - Transhuman Spacefaring Role-Play
$9,400+540+2022-11-26 8amgutter_PVNKS | A CY_BORG Supplement
$9,300+199+2022-12-01 11:59pmO Captain: The Solo Journaling Game of Stories, Stars and the Sea on Crowdfundr
$9,000+340+2022-11-24 8:02amVermilium
$8,500+470+2022-12-04 10:59pmIn The Shadows - Expanding Thieves' Guilds in 5e
$7,500+/17,927170+2022-12-10 12:54amA Brazen Crown
$7,400+240+2022-11-27 12pmThe Sorcerers' Enclave
$6,800+100+2022-12-01 7amMonstrous Beasts: A Guide to Friend Them for PF2e
$6,700+140+2022-12-16 3:55pmThe Storymaster's Tales "Mysterious Islands" Family RPG
$5,200+180+2022-12-01 1pmVengeance of the Valravn: A Dark 5e Adventure
$4,100+/4,751170+2022-12-06 6:58amAdventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower
$3,400+170+2022-11-30 7:50amThe Great Crossing Heresies
$3,300+99+2022-12-05 8:05amGutterpunk: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$3,100+/5,22833+2022-12-15 6:27amLightspeed RPG
$2,100+59+2022-11-30 9:15amThe Blood: Expansions
$1,800+110+2022-11-24 6:23amA Bestiary of Enchanted England
$1,800+/2,31675+2022-12-15 8:03amMidwinter Ghost Stories: Spine-Chilling TTRPG Scenarios
$1,700+/2,50056+2022-12-16 7:11amAdversary
$1,600+80+2022-12-15 6:08amChronicle Connection Plus
$1,500+/9,621+19+2022-12-15 1:54amGuild 66
$1,400+70+2022-11-30 4:05amGhost Ops - Shadow War
$290+/50020+2022-11-29 9pmThe Midnight Codex

Kickstarter offers a list of ongoing RPG-related kickstarters although many RPG campaigns do not tag themselves as an RPG. (You have to ask Kickstarter support to tag you as an RPG, there's no way to set it from the interface.)

EldritchMouse spreadsheet tracking Zine Quest 4 campaigns

Upcoming RPG crowdfunding campaigns you can sign up to be notified about:

Physical Game Jams is a weekly-updated list of jams which accept physical games, including board games, card games, and roleplaying games.


If you know of other good articles on Kickstarter or Crowdfunding for table top Role Playing Games (RPGs) I'd like to hear about them at cdr AT

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Alternatives to Kickstarter

Our Next Crowdfunding Campaign by Evil Hat Productions about where to crowdfund Apocalypse Keys posted 2022-08-12

Crowdfunding Decision Document 1.1 by Rowan, Rook and Decard from February 2022 about where to crowdfund Orc Borg.

RPG Crowdfunding Tips

General Kickstarter Tips

These aren't about RPGs but have very interesting information anyway:

Useful Books on Crowdfunding

I also recommend these books for anyone interested in crowdfunding:

Other useful advice on Kickstarter

CrowdFunding Dojo has some excellent advice:
Avoid talking about donations. They're backing you, unlike a donation people are getting (hopefully awesome) stuff.
Second, NEVER talk in the third person on the campaign page ("Katie is...") People back people. ALWAYS First or second person.
Third, Backers are making your dream come true. They need to empathise with you. Share WHY this is important to you in DETAIL.
The last image of a Kickstarter video stays up when done. Remind people to share and pledge on it.

Advice from other successful kickstarter creators: When planning your funding goal remember that Kickstarter takes 5%, and Stripe takes 3-5%.

One tricky bit of the Kickstarter interface: you to use the same button you use to make proposals to go ahead and set up/launch an approved project.

For people who haven't done Kickstarter before, here are some useful things to know about the surveys you do at the end to gather information from backers. These are courtesy Steven Long from Hero Games' Book of the Empress Kickstarter:

You can only send out a Kickstarter survey to each tier once, so be sure to ask for everything you need. And all questions must be answered (other than the optional bits of address) so make sure you give backers a way to answer "none" or "n/a" for not applicable or what have you.

An interesting thing Zombie Orpheus did for their Hands of Fate kickstarter was direct the backer to a survey on Survey Monkey, which at the end gave the backer a code to enter in at the Kickstarter survey, as the answer to the only question. That gave them much more flexibility in asking what additional rewards people wanted.

If your project expenses are in a different currency than you're fundraising in, think about impacts of exchange rate changes between getting the funds and spending them. For instance, if you're raising Canadian Dollars but paying US Dollars (or vice versa) this can bite you. 10-20% moves can happen within the time frame of a project.

Update 2014-02-10: Kickstarter now permits backers to change their addresses after the initial survey, if you select "Let backers change their address".

Update 2014-10-29: Kickstarter has improved its handling of shipping: . You can set shipping costs per-country (or "rest of world") for each tier (although it may get tedious). It still counts the shipping cost vs. the funding goal, unfortunately, but at least now one can charge a different price for US, Canada, Europe, and Australia, without needing 4x as many reward entries.

Update 2015-01-06: Kickstarter is switching from Amazon Payments to Stripe.

Potentially useful places to tell about your RPG Kickstarter other than your own fanbase. (Podcasts, blogs, etc that would like to hear about RPG kickstarters, feel free to email me at cdr AT if you'd like me to add you to this list.


Top 10 RPG Kickstarters

Here are the Top 10 RPG Kickstarters I know of. If you know any I missed, please let me know via email or twitter (@carlrigney). This list is by amount pledged, but I also track Top 10 RPG Kickstarters by number of backers.

Kickstarter's Most Funded Tabletop Games includes all kinds of table-top games, not just RPGs, and doesn't show games that pre-date the division of games into Video Games and Table Top Games at Kickstarter.

1$9,535,20281,5662021-09-02Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game
2$2,692,69819,7232022-08-18Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt: A 5e Supplement
3$2,479,88816,9292021-11-18Fool's Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds for 5e
4$2,121,46528,9182018-03-11Strongholds & Streaming
5$2,100,2429,4032021-09-30Tanares RPG - 5e
6 $2,097,82015,0642022-05-06Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game
7$2,084,11727,0092022-05-02"Flee, Mortals!" - The MCDM Monster Book for 5e
8$2,013,96016,5962021-03-04The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game, Second Edition (SEK 17,070,638)
9$1,933,42615,0182022-11-18Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme
10$1,845,42218,0822021-07-01Heliana's Guide To Monster Hunting: A DnD 5e Supplement for 5e

Honorable Mention

$1,687,11715,3232022-05-26Blade Runner — The Roleplaying Game (SEK 16,513,148)
$1,650,34117,9242021-03-06The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns for 5e
$1,405,56915,6992021-12-02Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1st Edition Boxed Set
$1,372,68519,0332019-11-21Kingdoms, Warfare & More Minis!
$1,348,16015,5302021-05-22Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire for 5e
$1,316,81311,4832016-03-137th Sea: Second Edition
$1,279,24013,3762021-07-30Dungeons of Drakkenheim
$1,260,86310,2182021-05-21Auroboros: Coils of the Serpent for 5e
$1,237,19711,7102022-04-14The Griffon's Saddlebag: Book 2 for 5e
$1,073,22316,2672021-04-01Coyote & Crow the Role Playing Game
$1,025,3308,9632022-09-16Sebastian Crowe's Guide to Drakkenheim
$1,001,08514,0642019-04-11Humblewood Campaign Setting for 5e DND
$951,5636,1352021-11-05Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition (£701,862)
$845,2584,1852017-10-27Numenera 2: Discovery and Destiny
$814,80618,7252021-09-24Herbalist's Primer
$782,9235,6212020-03-20Ptolus: Monte Cook's City by the Spire
$772,9566,3672022-03-25Old-School Essentials Fantasy RPG Box Set
$741,6859,1382020-10-24Grim Hollow: The Players Guide
$741,0587,6112021-07-30Animal Adventures: The Faraway Sea for 5e (£543,996)
$711,4328,3232021-04-02Encyclopedia: Lore Book & Toolbox for your 5E Campaign
$706,15111,6842022-09-22Drakar och Demoner / Dragonbane (SEK 7,820,052)
$684,7554,3682013-06-08Deluxe Exalted 3rd Edition
$683,5827,9952021-12-22Vaesen RPG — Mythic Britain & Ireland (SEK 6,450,173)
$672,8993,9262014-04-02Deluxe Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition
$664,2741,8462016-09-16Invisible Sun
$663,1318,4952020-04-11More Magic items for 5e: The Griffon's Saddlebag | Book One
$654,5078,1032022-06-10DIE: The Roleplaying Game (£523,784)
$653,9706,6612020-10-08Heckna! Carnival Horror Campaign Setting for 5e DnD
$620,5758,0732020-09-03Twilight: 2000 — Roleplaying in the WWIII That Never Was (SEK 5,424,755)
$617,2664,3522016-03-20Robert E. Howard's Conan Roleplaying Game (£436,755)
$608,7028,0732021-04-22Anime 5E — Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Reimagined
$602,0226,4952019-10-20Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$594,1196,8352021-02-11Iron Kingdoms: Requiem *5e*
$591,4705,7182021-07-24Call of Cthulhu Classic
$576,8926,7942020-08-07The Shivers
$573,3424,3962021-05-06Ruins of Symbaroum for 5E (SEK 4,765,402)
$568,6364,9732020-05-12Deadlands: the Weird West
$567,3803,9352021-04-12Inferno - Dante's Guide to Hell for 5e (£412,820)
$561,8363,6682013-06-29 Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
$534,9573,4942015-10-18Corvus Belli's INFINITY Roleplaying Game (£346,330)
$533,2855,3302022-06-17Arora: Age of Desolation (for 5e)
$531,1727,5872020-10-02Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium for 5E
$524,1705,2892018-11-14Savage Worlds Adventure Edition
$520,2075,5362019-04-12Arcana of the Ancients, a 5E science-fantasy sourcebook
$517,5654,5672021-11-16Skyraiders of Abarax: A 5E world from Tracy & Laura Hickman
$513,1583,5822021-09-10Delta Green: The Conspiracy
$504,4815,1922021-11-19Planebreaker—Explore the Planes for 5e
$498,3154,8542022-11-16Cowboy Bebop - The Roleplaying Game (EUR 481,673)
$481,0226,6802022-02-03Hull Breach Vol. 1
$477,5177,7482022-05-30Brindlewood Bay: Cozy Murder Mystery RPG
$476,9925,8422018-10-09Things from the Flood - Sequel to Tales from the Loop RPG (SEK 4,249,903)
$474,2408,7422021-03-17Vault of Magic for 5th Edition
$468,0626,0712020-09-07Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game for 5e (£360,519)
$456,5806,8662021-12-01Cy_Borg (SEK 4,144,283)
$456,3328,2392019-05-16Odyssey of the Dragonlords: 5th Edition Adventure Book
$450,4073,4502022-06-14Original Adventures Reincarnated #7: Dark Tower
$438,0764,2382016-05-19Rifts® for Savage Worlds
$433,36510,1032013-01-29Fate Core
$426,8066,4152020-10-29Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game
$418,4782,8832013-11-22The Strange, a Tabletop RPG by Bruce Cordell & Monte Cook
$417,5603,3172015-09-07Numenera: Into the Ninth World
$411,3552,8242021-02-15Pathfinder for Savage Worlds
$406,4005,6002016-12-15Tales from the Loop - Roleplaying in the '80s That Never Was (SEK 3,745,896)
$405,8824,2722022-10-07The Weird
$402,8325,7142018-08-22The Expanse Roleplaying Game
$395,5524,2152022-06-17Everyday Heroes™: The Roleplaying Game
$388,31410,8402021-10-28The Lazy DM's Companion
$383,3494,0702022-06-03Creatures: Complete Monster Compendium 2 for 5E
$380,0582,6842016-01-12Deluxe Changeling: the Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition
$380,0152,1082012-11-01Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition
$378,7756,8792021-09-08Tome of Heroes: 5th Edition Character Options for Your Game
$378,4082,5952019-09-13Numenera: Liminal Shores
$375,2164,3392021-08-26Forbidden Lands RPG — Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch (SEK 3,243,636)
$373,23310,3012021-02-04Alba - an Open World Adventure Book (£272,794)
$372,5473,9402020-03-03Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game
$366,70710,1922019-05-01Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs (£280,939)
$362,3242,5332015-10-29Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game
$361,6135,5972021-10-28The Practical Guide to Becoming a Great GM (£266,737)
$360,6065,1582021-06-19Into the Mother Lands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG
$359,8885,6042021-04-01Airship Campaigns for 5e (CAD 451,036)
$359,0313,5932020-05-16Torchbearer 2nd Edition
$358,5075,0962021-03-11Hexbound: A Witchy Supplement for 5e
$355,9622,2812017-06-30Torg Eternity
$354,3072,9252019-02-22Sentinel Comics: The Roleplaying Game
$351,2983,3462021-07-21DCC Dying Earth
$349,2604,0862021-06-24Exalted: Essence Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$348,6415,1122015-05-18The Planet Mercenary Role Playing Game
$347,9836,7822021-05-26Ironsworn: Starforged
$347,2153,8522021-08-13The Devil Made Us Do It
$346,9073,3992017-10-12Forbidden Lands - Retro Open-World Survival Fantasy RPG (SEK 2,828,267)
$343,6334,9482021-07-11Worlds of Web DM: Weird Wastelands
$341,3314,3802014-12-03Paranoia RPG (£217,517)
$340,0876,4342020-03-21Stibbles' Codex of Companions
$339,4781,5052018-11-16Invisible Sun - Return to the Actuality
$336,7242,7332016-03-31KULT: Divinity Lost - Horror Roleplaying Game (RPG) (SEK 2,746,655)
$334,7144,0852016-10-22Scion 2nd Edition Tabletop RPG
$331,3922,3212018-04-26Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought for Exalted 3rd Ed.
$329,4573,7742021-10-28Iron Kingdoms: Borderlands And Beyond for 5e
$318,9157,3702020-06-06Menagerie of Magic: A collection of Magic items for DnD 5e (£250,766)
$317,3353,4612022-11-01The Zone RPG
$315,6803,0802021-09-16Corpus Angelus & Corpus Malicious: Codex of Good & Evil | 5E (£,231,862)
$315,0332,1552018-02-11John Carter of Mars - The Roleplaying Game (£228,055)
$314,5723,3792018-08-24The Fantasy Trip - Old-School Roleplaying!
$313,7933,2732016-10-02Trudvang Chronicles (SEK 2,709,837)
$310,7493,7092022-04-21Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast on Indiegogo
$304,4302,4562016-04-01Worlds of the Cypher Systems
$303,9928,3692018-10-11Inhuman Conditions: A Game of Cops and Robots
$303,0923,7982021-08-31Uncharted Lands: Book & STL Collection
$299,1642,9652021-05-22Sirens: Battle of the Bards for 5e
$298,5688,1522020-11-12Thirsty Sword Lesbians
$295,6452,2482015-01-06Deluxe Wraith: the Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition
$294,6282,0852012-07-01Traveller 5th Edition
$291,5493,6932020-09-11Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy
$288,5262,3792019-03-14Lunars: Fangs at the Gate for Exalted 3rd Ed.
$288,2113,2822020-07-30Nightfell: Horror Fantasy Setting for 5e(EUR 242,703)
$286,5651,9852014-12-12Exclusive Numenera Boxed Set Edition
$286,0981,9872022-08-265E/PF2 Battlezoo Eldamon Monster Training & Year of Monsters
$283,9643,9442019-11-27Vaesen - Nordic Horror Roleplaying (SEK 2,717,353)
$281,3922,1412014-11-06Deluxe V20 Dark Ages
$280,3207,2862022-11-07Koriko: A Magical Year (£235,791)
$275,1873,5782021-11-18Planegea: The Prehistoric 5th Edition Campaign Setting
$274,8003,1962022-05-05Tokyo : Otherscape - A Mythic Cyberpunk RPG
$268,3241,9722013-04-02Achtung! Cthulhu (£177,557)
$266,0842,8192016-04-29Unknown Armies Third Edition Roleplaying Game
$265,7262,7012021-01-01Southlands 5th Edition: A Realm of High Adventure
$261,6465,2732022-11-11The Fifth Edition Gamemaster's Survival Guide for 5e
$260,9621,2762012-12-18The Guide to Glorantha
$258,4747,5962020-06-18Roll & Play: The Game Master's Tabletop Toolkit (£209,486)
$257,0701,7912022-05-08Lairs & Legends (for 5e)
$256,7344,0572019-08-17Out of the Box: Encounters for 5th Edition
$254,2843,9922022-06-16Bloodpunk: a Victorian Setting and a Dark Adventure for 5E (£209,803)
$251,3893,5142021-07-31Alkander's Almanac of All Things for 5e
$251,2182,1642022-10-27Riftborne: Champions of the Multiverse - a 5e Supplement (EUR 242,828)
$248,7714,1662018-01-05Creature Codex: 5th Edition Monsters Including Commissions
$246,5411,0032012-07-02Rappan Athuk
$244,9601,1992014-03-09Mutant Chronicles 3rd Ed. RPG (£151,072)
$243,9451,5462013-01-10Through the Breach: A Malifaux Roleplaying Game
$242,2054,0092022-03-26Overisles (£183,621)
$240,5202,6162022-08-11Land of Eem on Backerkit
$240,3734,4562019-10-30Deep Magic for 5th Edition: A Tome of New Spells & Arcana
$236,2524,1502022-06-10Campaign Builder: Cities & Towns for 5th Edition
$232,7693,5852019-10-02Forbidden Lands - The Bitter Reach Campaign and Reprint (SEK 2,302,706)
$231,2794,3122018-10-22Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for 5e
$230,3871,9762019-05-06Rifts® for Savage Worlds: American Armageddon
$230,2914,1962019-09-04Fiasco: The Cinematic Game of Plans Gone Wrong
$227,4924,9992021-04-01Remarkable Cults & Their Followers - GM Guide for Any RPG (EUR 193,204)
$226,6301,6482021-05-30Broken Compass: Adventure is Back! (EUR 190,248)
$224,7005,3122021-02-11Dangerous Destinations Hardcover or PDF for any Fantasy RPG!
$223,8413,2742021-11-20Raiders of the Serpent Sea: 5th Edition Roleplaying Book (CAD 283,074)
$223,4634,5622020-11-03Worlds Without Number
$222,8603,0382021-04-02The Darkest House
$218,7262,6702022-10-07Historica Arcanum: Empires of the Silk Road (5E+)
$217,4602,2882017-07-21The Yellow King Roleplaying Game from Robin D. Laws (£167,341)
$217,0241,3102018-04-24Torg Eternity - The Living Land
$215,3714,5602020-02-27The Ultimate Guide to Alchemy, Crafting & Enchanting for 5E
$215,3692,2592015-11-24Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG 4th Printing
$212,8251,7832019-03-21Rise of the Drow: Collector's Edition for D&D 5E and PFRPG
$212,5592,7702022-10-07Wastes of Chaos: Enter the 5E Borderlands
$210,1412,5432020-02-23Trophy RPG
$208,2023,0232022-10-03Dungeon Delver's Guide: A Sourcebook for D&D 5E and A5E (£183,357)
$207,8041,3742012-09-30Horror on the Orient Express: Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium
$207,6462,5532017-11-127th Sea: Khitai
$207,1772,3872020-06-10Trudvang Adventures - for 5E (SEK 1,934,145)
$206,8192,1762015-12-21RuneQuest: Classic Edition
$206,8062,3112016-07-19Mutant Crawl Classics RPG (MCC RPG)
$206,4063,2972020-05-10Brancalonia - The Spaghetti Fantasy RPG (EUR 190,262)
$203,5032,3282016-04-06Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder
$201,2631,2342018-12-24Torg Eternity - The Nile Empire
$200,4771,6192020-07-02KULT: Divinity Lost - Horror Guide & Scenario Collection(SEK 1,839,910)
$200,2202,9582022-03-11Dungeon Crawl Classics 100: Music of the Spheres is Chaos
$200,0454,0912022-10-12One-Shot Wonders: Over 100 session ideas for 5E (£176,174)
$196,9621,6622022-09-20WayStar - An Epic DnD 5e SciFi Conversion! (£173,169)
$196,9063,7752020-11-19Urban Shadows: Second Edition
$196,0302,4912022-10-02Starlight Arcana: A 5e Astral Supplement & Campaign (EUR 198,669)
$194,6114,5232019-09-06Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide for 5th Edition (AUD 284,145)
$194,4204,7632021-02-04Kibbles' Compendium of Craft and Creation
$193,7202,3662020-05-28M20 Technocracy Reloaded
$193,4043,2392016-03-08Pugmire Fantasy Tabletop RPG
$192,0363,1432017-08-30Stars Without Number: Revised Edition
$191,4281,9332017-02-24Midgard Campaign Setting: Dark Roads & Deep Magic
$190,6882,0042018-10-25Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD Roleplaying Game (£148,802)
$190,5722,6822022-11-22 12:59amDr Dhrolin's Dictionary of Dinosaurs for 5e (£160,459)
$190,0072,7902021-03-25A Mending
$189,7424,2412016-12-08Dialect: A Game about Language and How it Dies
$187,8212,3732022-08-31Wicked Ones and Undead Awakening: High-Quality Print Run (JPY 27,123,532)
$187,3072,5332017-05-17Eclipse Phase, Second Edition
$187,1711,8382017-04-25DCC Lankhmar
$187,1251,9232021-07-155e Adventures in Oz: Setting, Monsters, Maps, and More!
$187,0841,8372022-03-31Fragged Empire 2nd Edition | ttRPG (AUD 252,778)
$185,8982,0292021-11-09Brancalonia - The Empire Whacks Back (for 5e) (EUR160,346)
$185,4732,1452021-04-05The Terminator RPG (£135,007)
$185,2873,1942019-02-15Carbon 2185 | A Cyberpunk RPG (£143,738)
$185,1373,4022014-10-17Feng Shui 2: Action Movie RPG by Robin D. Laws
$184,8493,8512022-04-14Remarkable Guilds & Their Heroes - GM guide for Any RPG (EUR 171,093)
$184,5151,9562018-03-01Trinity Continuum: Aeon RPG
$183,8882,7062021-11-17Book of Ebon Tides: 5th Edition enters the Plane of Shadow!
$182,9691,7732018-08-31Nights of Payne Town: a new story arc for City of Mist RPG!
$182,0492,7932022-11-09Kids on Bikes: Second Edition
$181,3591,8422016-09-29Deadlands Classic 20th Anniversary Edition
$180,0942,9792019-05-12Old-School Essentials (EUR 160,390)
$179,2803,9252015-04-09Blades in the Dark
$178,6541,9392022-11-09Torrents of the Spellhoarder for 5e
$178,6431,6662020-12-11Heroes of the Cypher System
$178,3475,4882022-04-21An Unexpected Wedding Invitation (5e) (£136,938)
$176,5693,2292021-12-05Rewards & Rarities (for 5e)
$176,4501,5872016-09-30Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game, Powered by GURPS
$176,2091,0002020-04-14Fading Suns: Pax Alexius (EUR 162,500)
$173,7701,1562019-07-30Torg Eternity - Aysle (EUR 155,750)
$173,6841,1602016-11-18Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg
$172,9602,4172022-10-12Coyote & Crow: Stories of the Free Lands on Backerkit
$172,7562,9152021-11-08GURPS Girl Genius Roleplaying Game
$172,4101,6782021-07-31Hyperborea 3e
$170,6713,6542022-11-10The Session Zero System
$170,5092,2692015-01-27Grimtooth's Ultimate Traps Collection
$170,2402,1312022-03-27Astro Inferno (EUR 153,302)
$170,0734,2022019-05-02Ultimate Bestiary: The Dreaded Accursed for 5th Edition!
$169,7671,7202022-11-10Pinebox Middle School & The Horror Companion Double Feature
$169,4801,5042019-04-11Symbar - Mother of Darkness (SEK 1,570,958)
$168,9022,1492021-02-18Scion: Dragon and Scion: Masks of the Mythos for Scion 2E
$168,6872,3372019-05-31Empire of the Ghouls: A 5th Edition Campaign vs. the Undead
$167,3943,1432021-01-29Mörk Borg Cult: Heretic(1,399,365 SEK)
$166,4252,4442020-07-31Mythological Figures & Maleficent Monsters for 5th Edition (£126,628)
$166,2902,5002017-12-14Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition
$165,8833,2262022-10-11Apocalypse Keys
$165,7221,8752018-03-30Rappan Athuk: Reborn for Fifth Edition! Go down the Well!
$165,4683,0912017-10-16Mini-Dungeon Tome for 5th Edition or Pathfinder RPG
$163,5591,7262022-06-24Exigents: Out of the Ashes for Exalted 3rd Edition on Indiegogo
$163,1053,2002020-07-05Age of Antiquity: An Ancient World Setting for D&D 5E
$162,8191,0112017-03-17A Strange Box
$162,4322,5292022-10-12 7amThe Monster Overhaul
$161,6913,0942019-01-22Treacherous Traps for 5th Edition!
$161,5334,0692019-04-05Witch+Craft, a 5e Supplemental
$161,3122,4832020-10-01The Red Opera RPG for 5e
$161,3024,0762022-03-31Pirate Borg
$158,9833,6762022-04-19Tome of Adventure Design
$158,8812,5012021-05-13Storm Weavers: Story Driven Solo Tabletop Game (EUR 130,686)
$157,7551,6162021-06-10Magical Kitties Level Up!
$157,7091,1462021-12-05Traveller RPG: The Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society II (£118,994)
$156,2931,8622018-07-31Delta Green: The Labyrinth
$155,4292,5752020-10-16The Scarlet Citadel: A 5th Edition Dungeon of Secrets
$154,6331,9442022-11-03The Secret World for 5e
$154,1552,0482017-02-28Dusk City Outlaws
$154,0261,4582021-10-15Blackbirds RPG
$153.7294,2262021-10-21Into the Odd Remastered (£111,909)
$153,6141,6152018-06-29Quest: the roleplaying adventure game for everyone
$152,2971,7192022-10-06Lore of Aetherra: Dark Symmetry for 5e
$150,4723,5492021-04-19Death in Space (SEK 1,272,994)
$150,3912,5942020-01-16Cults of the Blood Gods for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Ed.
$150,0032,1732022-04-14Bergin's Book of Beasts - DnD 5e (£114,822)
$149,6814,3322016-03-01Apocalypse World 2nd Edition
$147,7697532013-12-12Cthulhu Britannica: London - Call of Cthulhu RPG boxed set (£90,412)
$147,5121,6192016-06-02The Dark Eye RPG—English Edition
$147,4391,1302017-08-05Traveller RPG: The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration (£113,782)
$146,3542,4032022-01-05Salvage Union (£109,314)
$146,1061,5392021-03-05Trudvang: Seed of Vanirs for 5e (SEK 1,238,419)
$145,9501,9152016-08-11Coriolis - A Sci-Fi RPG from the makers of Mutant: Year Zero (SEK 1,233,574)
$145,4971,9002021-05-25Broken Tales (EUR 122,128)
$143,8052,3552020-10-01Scion: Demigod - Book 3 for the Scion Second Edition RPG
$143,4711,2242019-12-01Traveller RPG: The Deepnight Revelation Campaign Box Set (£111,111)
$142,1022,9492022-04-07Grizelda's Guide to Ghost Hunting
$141,8431,7292022-02-22Lore of the Traditions for the Mage 20th Anniversary TTRPG
$140,9381,6112022-06-02Sinclair's Library - PF2 / 5E - NPC Codex and Player Guide
$140,7883,9762021-07-01Wanderer's Guide to Merchants & Magic (5E) (EUR 119,603)
$140,5671,4772018-03-18Trudvang Chronicles - Stormlands (SEK 1,154,646)
$140,3621,7302022-09-01Tales from Sina Una for 5e
$140,12214982015-04-10Shadow of the Demon Lord
$140,0061,6722019-08-08BESM Fourth Edition (Big Eyes, Small Mouth RPG)
$139,9712,5712020-07-19Book of Monstrous Might for 5E Dungeons & Dragons DnD RPG
$138,7235,6812020-06-29Alice is Missing: A Silent Role Playing Game
$138,0411,0022021-03-30City of Winter
$137,9571,4202014-12-03The Dracula Dossier by Pelgrane Press (£87,935)
$137,6021,0532014-04-06Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Tuath
$137,4771,8082021-02-22Gods of Metal: Ragnarock
$137,2481,5942021-09-03Carbon Grey: The Role-playing Game and Omnibus
$137,0249512013-08-11Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Travels
$136,9582,4652022-11-08The Creators Guide to Epic Locations - Nature (£115,202)
$136,3331,1172020-06-02Shadows of Esteren RPG: Dark Romanticism
$136,1227752021-11-05MET Vampire: The Masquerade - War of Ages
$135,8402,6922020-11-25The Wildsea RPG
$134,4872,7572021-06-24Knock! Issue Two (EUR 114,250)
$134,3332,2162018-08-14Over the Edge: A Roleplaying Game of Weird Urban Danger
$132,7101,6572018-04-05Emissary Lost - Epic Campaign for Award-Winning Coriolis RPG (SEK 1,119,447)
$131,8113,4152021-04-01Survivalist's Guide to Spelunking for D&D 5E
$131,3571,6532017-03-23Mutant: Mechatron - Rise of the Robots Roleplaying (SEK 1,178,366)
$130,6191,7272021-08-01Vast Grimm (on Gamefound)
$130,1643,3302020-03-11Dragon Stew: a 5th Edition Cooking Supplemental (EUR 115,564)
$129,8201,7452016-11-20Bluebeard's Bride
$129,7541,0662015-01-21Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Occultism
$129,6401,7042012-09-16Tenra Bansho Zero
$128,8142,2162021-03-25Crypt of the Devil Lich for DCC RPG and 5th Edition
$128,7231,4902019-09-14Trudvang Chronicles: Muspelheim(SEK 1,244,843)
$128,5431,9642021-04-29Sin: A Spire RPG Sourcebook (£93,036)
$128,4002,4482019-10-17Heart: The City Beneath (£99,612)
$128,2911,4802018-12-13Mutant: Elysium - Roleplaying Humanity's Final Fall (SEK 1,163,217)
$128,2902,0302015-02-28World of Darkness Dark Eras Prestige Edition
$126,8771,7182019-07-17Fateforge: a 5th Edition Role-Playing Game
$126,1091,2842015-09-02Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.'s Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter
$126,0311,9272013-07-11Deep Magic: A Tome of New Spells for Pathfinder RPG
$125,6131,4932018-11-25DCC Annual (and other forbidden tomes) for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
$125,4401,6382013-02-05Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls
$125,3411,6572021-05-04Blue Planet: Recontact
$125,0981,8082019-07-30Trinity Continuum: Aberrant
$125,0641,4372017-03-24LexOccultum - Role Playing Game (SEK 1,121,760)
$123,4531,2512017-11-08Symbaroum - Monster Codex (SEK 1,031,062)
$123,1681,9462017-07-27Top Secret: New World Order - the espionage roleplaying game
$122,9852,0582017-12-07Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition
$121,5151,0082019-02-07Mutant: Hindenburg (in Swedish) (SEK 1,126,913)
$121,5002,2112019-11-14Corpus Malicious - The Codex of Evil for 5E (£94,132)
$121,4382,2002022-11-17Scion: God on Backerkit
$121,3017952016-01-17The Lost Lands: The Blight - Richard Pett's Crooked City
$121,2581,9362021-09-10XDM: X-treme Dungeon Mastery, 2nd Edition
$121,1472,9572022-03-06Knock! Issue Three (EUR 109,843)
$120,4572,6772018-03-05Good Society: A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game (AUD 154,774)
$119,1742,4462022-01-31Across a Thousand Dead Worlds(EUR 106,101)
$119,0958812022-03-03Absolute Power — Superhero Role-Playing Game (2-Volume Set)
$119,0391,8522018-11-29Chicago By Night - for Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
$118,9921,0982020-12-22Asunder: A Dark Fantasy RPG
$118,5341,9702017-06-15Monarchies of Mau Fantasy Tabletop RPG
$117,9651,8982013-05-22Transhuman: The Eclipse Phase Player's Guide
$117,9272,1682020-06-12Exalted Vales: Region and Campaign Guide for D&D 5th edition (CAD 160,252)
$117,6481,1402012-06-14Deadlands Noir
$116,7061,1182016-07-23Deluxe V20 Beckett's Jyhad Diary
$116,3831,6232015-07-02Beast: the Primordial Prestige Edition
$116,3661,9542018-07-31Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition
$116,1501,2492014-10-1313th Age in Glorantha
$115,3672,6012021-05-27Into the Wyrd and Wild - Revised and Reprinted
$115,3483,0462014-09-09Designers & Dragons history of RPG industry 1970-2010
$115,1128742016--04-05Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition
$114,9961,0582022-11-04Lex Arcana - 'Britannia' and 'Mysteries of the Empire II' (EUR 111,156)
$114,8821,2692021-03-09Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG - Reprint & New Deck (AUD 148,059)
$114,5853,1852019-07-04Remarkable Shops & Their Wares (EUR 102,267)
$114,3531,9322021-06-30MAZES Fantasy Roleplaying
$114,3231,8092021-02-14Epic Legacy Tome of Titans for 5e
$114,3018452021-03-04Everway Mythic Roleplaying Game
$114,1201,2812019-10-08SLA Industries: 2nd Edition (£90,444)
$112,7661,0252013-08-25Space 1889 - SF Role Playing in a More Civilized Time (£72,379)
$112,1272,1302019-10-04Historia: Dark Fantasy Renaissance Setting for 5e (EUR 102,012)
$112,0802,3192013-06-17OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game
$111,9581,4652019-09-13The Lost City of Gaxmoor 5E
$111,7501,5142015-06-17No Thank You, Evil! a Game of Make-Believe for Families
$111,4112,3162022-09-22Dr. Grordbort's Scientific Adventure Violence (for 5e)
$110,9391,3132022-09-29Black God's Kiss RPG Box Set for 5E/OSE
$110,7646352014-09-16Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - The Lone Wolf Adventure Game (£68,005)
$110,4411,3642022-10-27Anansi's Tapestry of Lives for 5e
$110,3251,5802021-08-31Mausritter: Box Set & Adventure Collection (AUD 149,041)
$109,8921,0272017-12-04Flash Gordon™ RPG for Savage Worlds
$109,5961,0192014-02-12Earthdawn 4th Edition
$108,7932,0662019-04-13The Ultraviolet Grasslands
$108,6832,0212020-08-16Dragonflight for 5e
$108,3622,1092016-02-05The Burning Wheel Codex
$107,3675,0242021-01-17Tome of Mystical Tattoos for 5e (CAD 137,587)
$107,3282,3712015-10-25Masks: A New Generation
$106,7521,0282021-07-09ZOE Presents: Ultimate Dungeon Showdown
$106,5701,9692022-03-31Realm Fables: World Generator Volume 2 & Volume 1 Reprint (£,81,569)
$106,2571,1932017-03-08Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game (ED RPG) (£86,913)
$106,1441,2652014-08-02Fragged Empire: Tabletop RPG (AUD 113,975)
$105,9416352014-09-16Joe Dever's Lone Wolf - The Lone Wolf Adventure Game
$105,8811,9802014-02-21TimeWatch: GUMSHOE Investigative Time Travel RPG
$105,2791,7972018-10-26Tales of the Old Margreve: 5th Edition Forest Adventures
$105,0451,2942021-03-26Victorian Mage TTRPG at
$104,8311,7672013-01-10Mummy: The Curse Core Rulebook
$104,6601,6912021-04-22Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$104,6459242021-03-03Lex Arcana - 'Dacia and Thracia' and 'Italia' (EUR 86,785)
$104,3131,7622016-11-24City of Mist, a noir RPG of modern-day legends
$104,2921,0282021-10-12Queerz! RPG
$103,6441,9482021-12-08Reach of the Roach God - Part of A Thousand Thousand Islands (SGD 141,662)
$103,1351,3592014-07-03Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm
$102,4091,3532020-12-08Xenolanguage: A Game about First Contact
$101,9763,9192021-02-16Bucket of Bolts, a solo RPG zine #Zinequest (£72,741)
$101,9752,1712021-03-05Crystalpunk Campaign Setting for 5e (AUD 131,423)
$101,5641,9972020-03-05Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition tabletop roleplaying game
$101,1745202019-09-25Call of Cthulhu Sverige (SEK 986,778)
$101,0432,1852020-05-11Orbital Blues (£71,476)
$100,6881,7602020-08-13Jiangshi: Blood in the Banquet Hall
$100,4212,2932021-12-13Yarg's Guide to Puzzles & Traps for 5e
$98,6238682017-05-22Sigil & Sign - Cthulhu Mythos RPG where you play the cultist (£76,034)
$98,1811,2162022-06-30Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying Game
$97,9602,0562012-12-15Ryuutama - Natural Fantasy RPG
$97,4031,7622021-11-23Advanced Lovers and Lesbians
$96,8131,4212021-03-16Farsight - 5E Evolved Explorative Sci-Fi RPG (£70,822)
$96,3261,1342012-03-16V20 Companion Deluxe Edition
$96,3011,6182022-05-19Ultimate Treasury: 1001 DnD 5E treasures, monsters, & magic
$96,2192,2202021-06-15Grio's Guide to the Wildlands (D&D 5e)
$95,8208812021-11-04Holler: An Appalachian Apocalypse for Savage Worlds
$95,2919212021-09-16SLA Industries 2nd Edition: Collateral (£70,000)
$94,3463,0872021-07-30Incantations for 5e
$94,2688382020-07-19Project Infinite Hole: An R&D Sourcebox for the Paranoia RPG (£72,598)
$94,2211,2152021-01-01Voyages of the Vagabond
$93,8942,6232019-05-21Fate of Cthulhu
$93,8452,1852012-11-02Hillfolk: DramaSystem roleplaying
$93,4713,0692017-11-28Kids on Bikes RPG - Strange Adventures in Small Towns
$93,3311,1092015-10-22Savage Worlds: Rippers Resurrected RPG!
$93,3151,1302021-10-21Apocalyptic Record for Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th Ann. Ed
$93,0901,1452020-07-16Legends of Omeria Starter Set
$92,2399932020-01-09The Starship Warden
$91,9501,4832017-08-17Spire RPG (£71,708)
$91,5541,7472017-06-23Cthulhu Dark (£71,835)
$91,3091,4232022-03-23Cthulhu Awakens Roleplaying Game
$90,8118542018-06-24Acute Paranoia: A box full of treason and summary executions (£68,353)
$90,0811,0822013-07-14The Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine RPG
$89,9202,3812021-11-29Be Like a Crow (£67,832)
$89,7041,3682022-10-27Undying Corruption: A Korean 5e Adventure
$89,5632,2722021-07-01ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG
$89,2275582017-06-29Western - the Roleplaying Game (SEK 751,530)
$89,1811,3412021-11-11Mutated Monsters: Evolve your 5th edition campaign
$89,0941,0102016-03-04Mutant: Genlab Alpha (755,002 SEK)
$88,5291,5202018-08-20Greg Stolze's Reign, Second Edition
$88,1321,2672021-08-21Necropolis: An Epic Adventure in the Desert Sands for 5e and S&W
$87,9891,1162020-06-04The Troubleshooters: action adventure tabletop RPG (SEK 805,061)
$87,8832,4542017-05-05A Touch of Class: 7 New Classes for 5th Edition (£67,691)
$87,8681,5262015-12-15Shinobigami - Modern Ninja Battle Tabletop RPG from Japan
$87,5631,1762022-02-09Soulmist : A Journey from Darkness to Light (5e) (EUR 77,260)
$87,0066202019-05-20The Adventurer's Guide to Theria Volume 1: Ellara
$86,6761,7162021-09-22Historica Arcanum: The City of Crescent (5E)
$85,8501,5132015-07-20Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy
$85,2662,3502013-05-21Golden Sky Stories
$85,1617262016-07-08The Lost Lands: Bard's Gate for 5E, Pathfinder, and S&W
$85,1309652014-04-23City State of the Invincible Overlord
$85,1107192016-04-05Polaris RPG (EUR 74,645)
$85,0892,2872022-02-03Limitless Heroics: Better worlds via Dice & Disabilities 5e
$84,6125512020-10-09Judges Guild Deluxe: Dark Tower, Caverns of Thracia, & More
$84,5609582018-05-02Yndaros: The Darkest Star, award-winning Symbaroum campaign (SEK 752,252)
$84,4302,7562017-05-29Cortex Prime: A Multi-Genre Modular Roleplaying Game
$83,8391,6302022-04-20The Herbal Journal of Cicely Longbottom: a DnD supplement (£64,287)
$83,7552,1342021-10-14Secrets of the Drow Trilogy (5e) (£60,952)
$83,2646242014-04-27Metamorphosis Alpha Deluxe Collector's Edition
$83,2442,6402021-05-21Court of Blades
$82,8792,4552012-06-30Dungeon World: A Game with Modern Rules & Old-School Style
$82,7691,5162017-08-25Paladin: Warriors of Charlemagne
$82,5691,6582019-10-17Deviant: The Renegades - a tabletop roleplaying game
$82,1191,4602022-02-28Zweihander Fantasy Horror RPG Starter Kit
$81,7071,4542019-08-16Magical Kitties Save the Day!
$81,1321,4812020-06-14The Mineralogy Manual
$80,6818102012-11-01Monster Hunter International Employee's Handbook and RPG
$80,4601,7132017-08-24Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition (£62,258)
$79,6847032017-05-23Aces & Eights: Reloaded, a Wild West role playing game
$79,5673,4462022-11-15The Wolves of Langston: A 5e Murder Mystery Solo Adventure (EUR 76,910)
$79,4851,5282018-11-30Kamigakari: God Hunters - Modern Action Anime Roleplaying
$79,2517882022-03-31Shiver Gothic: Classic Horror Reborn (£60,664)
$78,4971,8852022-10-21 5pmElementara: Guide to the Seven Elements for 5e (AUD 123,113)
$78,0781,0112018-03-15The Princess Bride Role-Playing Game
$77,1866872017-04-20FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG Core Book and miniatures (EUR 70,577)
$77,1421,6962022-03-31Milando's Guide to Magical Marvels (5E) (EUR 71,402)
$76,2021,5302019-04-25Contagion Chronicle - a Chronicles of Darkness crossover
$75,7391,9402021-07-02Asian Monsters: 90+ magnificent monsters for DnD 5E!
$75,5371,2522021-07-15Defiant RPG (PLN 293,623)
$75,3831,1602019-08-25Cities of Hârn
$75,3251,6252019-12-11Electric Bastionland RPG (£57,514)
$75,2328222013-08-01Primeval Thule
$75,2222,8252022-08-31This Ship Is a Tomb
$75,1369932015-05-18Fall of Magic - a role playing game of profound fantasy
$75,0452,0782014-03-01Project: Dark
$74,8872,1252021-04-01Adventures Await! for 5e
$74,8846822022-09-29Amethyst (5E) - Magic & Technology Collide (Collection) (CAD 102,126)
$74,1831,3112018-08-15Demon City: The Ultimate Horror RPG
$74,1009652015-12-20Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game The City People (£50,045)
$74,0335072014-12-15Masks of Nyarlathotep Prop Set for the Call of Cthulhu RPG
$73,9841,0322022-08-02Hellguard: Curse of Caina
$73,9579952014-05-08What's O.L.D. Is N.E.W. - Two Crunchy Roleplaying Games (£43,707)
$73,7111,0462019-10-12Hyper Light Drifter: Tabletop Role-Playing Game
$73,4719152013-04-01Freeport for Pathfinder
$73,3572,0742016-02-10Fate More: From Bits to Books
$73,1159912021-08-19a|state RPG second edition (£53,672)
$72,9952,0272020-08-02Monster Care Squad
$72,8161,2392020-10-31Ghost Hunters for World of Darkness 20th Anniversary
$72,2481,4482016-06-22Red Markets
$72,0082,6172019-09-19Ghoul Island
$71,8748192022-05-01Shield Maidens: A New Viking/Cyberpunk Tabletop RPG (£58,927)
$71,5537092022-11-07The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg
$71,2812,4822020-10-16Brinkwood: The Blood of Tyrants
$71,1892,2482019-05-30Trilemma Adventures Compendium (CAD 96,345)
$71,1631,1422019-07-03Ultimate Kingdoms for DnD 5E or PFRPG
$71,0342,4162016-11-30Monsterhearts 2 (CAD 95,085)
$71,0039022021-11-22Tempest Hold: RPG Book and STL Collection (for 5e) (CAD 89,797)
$70,9891,4902018-07-01The Black Hack RPG Second Edition (£54,122)
$70,7789632020-03-18Norse Grimoire for 5th Edition & Journey To Ragnarok reprint (EUR 65,757)
$70,2575462021-11-02Robotech: Homefront
$70,1018462012-09-2213th Age expansion book: 13 True Ways
$69,9702,3912022-02-28In Other Waters: Tidebreak for Mothership®
$69,9081,7102018-09-27The North Sea Epilogues RPG + Raiders Play Mat (NZD 107,608)
$69,9341,2912018-11-15Strata: a Spire RPG sourcebook (£54,686)
$69,8891,1032017-07-04Fragged Empire RPG: Expanded (AUD 92,156)
$69,6821,3182021-05-20The Shape of Shadows
$69,5121,3912022-03-31Roll & Play: Sci-Fi Toolkits (£53,209)
$69,3873,8952020-07-01Fantastic Lairs: Boss Battles & Final Encounters for 5e D&D
$69,1461,9632017-04-30Talislanta: The Savage Land
$69,0847802019-03-28Gods The Dark Fantasy RPG (EUR 61,592)
$68,9831,2772022-11-10Hunter's Full Moon Trilogy (5e) (£58,025)
$68,8286872017-04-10Symbaroum: Karvosti - The Witch Hammer (SEK 616,263)
$68,7691,0902020-11-04Flames of Freedom: powered by Zweihander RPG
$68,5931,5812018-07-03The Mountain Witch: Samurai Blood Opera in Mythical Japan
$68,3481,3452022-04-15The Real Thing RPG
$68,3181,1362020-08-07Tome of Alchemy: Magic Item and Potion Creation for 5e
$68,2581,3802021-03-05Under the Seas of Vodari - Aquatic Adventuring for 5e (CAD 85,159)
$67,9881,2472021-12-23Tome of Wondrous Items for 5th Edition
$67,8568972016-11-20Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea 2E
$67,7311,0172016-02-02Scarred Lands--FRPG setting in both 5e & Pathfinder editions
$67,7069222022-10-11Against the Faerie Queene - The Celtic Campaign for 5E & LoA (£59,627)
$67,4248182022-05-16Littlebox Journeys: Story games to take you far from home! (AUD 95,936)
$67,3239782015-06-25The Sixth Gun RPG for Savage Worlds
$67,2841,1172015-05-06Phoenix: Dawn Command - a card based role playing game
$67,0635912017-04-22Arcanis 5E RPG
$67,0391,1422019-02-28Reach of Titan
$66,9977132018-04-12Dragons Conquer America - RPG Core Book (EUR 54,078)
$66,5731,6432021-03-21Sea Monsters: 60+ savage creatures of the deep for DnD 5E
$66,4779202021-09-02Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG
$66,3591,0512022-08-10The Big Squirm (£55,136)
$66,2548232013-08-23Red Aegis
$66,1999792019-04-19Ruin Masters (SEK 615,744)
$66,1388702020-12-03Shiver: Roleplaying in the Strange & Unknown (£49,146)
$65,9935632015-07-21World War Cthulhu: Cold War for the Call of Cthulhu RPG (£42,607)
$65,8171,1902013-04-03Kobolds Ate My Baby in Color
$65,7421,2662022-11-06Grimoire of the Grave - The Ultimate 5E Guide to Undead
$65,4988042019-08-28Dungeon Degenerates: Hand of Doom Third Printing
$65,4941,8652018-02-07Faerie Fire, a 5e supplemental
$65,1821,8212018-11-18Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy
$65,0301,0762021-06-11Necrobiotic - A Dystopian TTRPG
$64,5451,2112015-01-01Shotguns & Sorcery RPG
$64,2349932019-06-09Good Society: An Expanded Acquaintance (AUD 93,459)
$63,8601,1882022-11-18Masters, Minions and Tactics: a 5th Edition Supplement for 5e
$63,8012,1692019-12-19Gradient Descent: Module for Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG
$63,2491,2692019-12-05Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition
$63,1301,2842019-10-12Scarred Lands Creature Collection for 5th Edition RPG
$62,8068312015-11-21Deluxe Werewolf 20th Shattered Dreams
$62,7231,5552012-10-01Tremulus: a Storytelling Game of Lovecraftian Horror
$62,6931,7622020-04-30Mörk Borg Cult: Feretory (SEK 612,916)
$62,5851,6612017-10-06Tiny Dungeon 2e - Minimalist fantasy roleplaying is back!
$62,5447712022-04-07Splinters of Faith: An Adventure for 5e and OSR games
$62,4491,8172021-01-07Field Guide to Memory
$62,4041,2382021-06-05Dawn of the Necromancer - 5th Edition Adventure
$62,3847922022-05-275th Edition Adventure: The Undying War
$62,2871,2342022-09-21The World of Kensei - For 5E (SEK 703,943)
$62,1532,6282021-02-11Colostle - A solo RPG - make100 (£44,902)
$62,0437032017-05-04Alternity 2017 - A Science Fiction Roleplaying Game
$62,0311,2992021-04-01Lore of Aetherra: The Lost Druid - A DnD 5e Adventure
$61,8701,1662019-06-13Ultramodern5, a 5E universal sci-fi sourcebook (CAD 83,212)
$61,7171,0812018-06-05No Thank You, Evil! - A Game So Nice We're Making it Twice
$61,7096722022-09-29Rultmoork D&D 5E Adventure w/Morphing Monsters & Moving Maps
$61,3788072014-08-11Dungeon Crawl Classics: Peril on the Purple Planet
$61,2369092022-05-19Beasts of the Dissonance - 5e
$61,0839102022-11-17The Longest Rest: a tabletop roleplaying game on Indiegogo
$61,0488702020-04-03The Greatest Thieves in Lankhmar: A DCC Boxed Set
$60,5931,0372017-08-05Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2
$60,2691,2452016-09-04Ultimate Bestiary: Revenge of the Horde! New 5E Monsters!
$60,0201,9072018-05-10Star Crossed: The Two-Player Game of Forbidden Love
$60,8509922019-11-25Deadlands: Lost Colony
$60,8076312021-11-26Relic (Original System + 5e Conversion) (JPY 6,901,757)
$60,7136842020-09-19Lost Lands: Tehuatl
$60,6793992020-05-03HârnMaster Boxed Set - Updated and Upgraded!
$60,5341,7772020-04-01Beam Saber - #RecognizeKSRU (CAD 85,621)
$60,2121,1442022-06-09Animon Story TTRPG
$59,6317932021-12-09Expedition from the Mysterious Peaks (for 5e)
$59,6088492021-10-28Knights of the Round: Academy (EUR 51,422)
$59,2955892017-11-13Outbreak: Undead 2E - The Survival Horror Simulation RPG
$59,2841,5422019-01-06Into the Wyrd and Wild
$59,1728822019-06-16Dark Trails RPG
$59,0697982021-07-23S5E: Superheroic Roleplaying for 5th Edition
$58,9821,2252019-11-07Wolves of God: Adventures in Dark Ages England
$58,7701,1292019-08-25Epic Legacy Campaign Codex: 5th Edition Beyond 20th Level
$57,9981,0632019-06-30The StoryMaster's Tales "Weirding Woods" Hybrid RPG (£45,869)
$57,8681,1752020-05-28Ekphrastic Beasts
$57,7121,8582021-11-10Abilities Considered Unnatural
$57,7071,0122016-10-27Salt in Wounds Tabletop Setting for 5th Edition & Pathfinder
$57,6632,7812020-07-13Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge
$57,5861,1592022-04-20Between Clouds - A Roleplaying Game of Flying Beasts
$57,4537562021-02-06Mystic Libations: Critical Cocktails
$57,2889392020-03-29TPK Bestiary - Vol. 2 for 5th Edition
$57,2135782020-10-12Broken Compass - Adventure Role Playing Game (EUR 48,587)
$57,0731,0122021-07-01Monsters of Murka: Chromatic Gamut
$56,7581,1002022-08-18Trinity Continuum: Aether Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$56,6574692022-03-31VHS: Very Horror Stories (EUR 52,441)
$56,2441,0612018-04-15Cartel: A Mexican Narcofiction Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$56,1881,0722020-08-20They Came from Beyond the Grave!
$56,1231,0642016-09-29Deadlands: Good Intentions
$56,1202,9422021-09-13Tiny Library (AUD 76,482)
$56,1017602019-12-19City of Mist RPG: The Starter Box
$55,8905182016-07-05Symbaroum: Thistle Hold - Wrath of the Warden (479,637 SEK)
$55,8861,4432020-04-13World Wide Wrestling: Second Edition
$55,8251,0822017-05-07Journey To Ragnarok: A Norse Mythology Adventure for 5e (EUR 51,369)
$55,6291,6742015-08-04Microscope Explorer
$55,6087052012-07-30Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG
$55,3911,1362013-12-10Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder RPG
$55,3291,0102021-12-16Trinity Continuum: Anima Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$55,1091,0782021-11-28Cthulhu Hack RPG Second Edition (£41,570)
$55,1099952019-01-04Silent Titans
$54,7411,0192019-03-22Powered by GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint
$54,6431,0102016-05-08Fragged Empire RPG: Protagonist Archive and Miniatures (AUD 74,818)
$54,6001,1142020-03-15Descent into Midnight
$54,5301,4122022-08-18Twilight Fables for 5e
$54,4048372022-09-08The Sundering for 5e
$54,1991,0452021-11-25Amazing Encounters & Places, Vol 1 (5e) (£40,894)
$54,1929522016-08-26Prince Valiant® Storytelling Game by Greg Stafford
$53,8838892019-11-01Haunted West, a Historical Weird West RPG Corebook #RecognizeKSRU
$53,8546142017-03-04Wearing the Cape: The Role Playing Game
$53,5241,2362022-06-30Injuries & Vile Deeds: Injury Systems for 5e - and more!
$53,4734812021-02-21Quest: Fantastic Characters and Wondrous Treasures
$53,2651,0672016-03-08Baby Bestiary Volume 2 & Vol. 1 Reprint
$52,9877712015-03-10Masks of Nyarlathotep Companion for Call of Cthulhu (£35,937)
$52,9338342021-09-09Picaresque Roman: A Requiem for Rogues - Japanese Anime TRPG
$52,8118702015-08-18Primeval Thule 5e
$52,8077152019-08-01The Lost Lands - Grand Duchy of Reme
$52,7346602021-11-04Chew: The Roleplaying Game (TTRPG)
$52,5582,0592022-04-07CBR+PNK: Augmented
$52,5251,2252019-05-16The Koryo Hall of Adventures 5e Compatible Campaign Setting (EUR 47,004)
$52,2771,8082022-05-19Creed's Codex: Arcane Secrets of the Summoners (5E)
$52,2236852021-12-07Nordlond Bestiary and Enemies Book
$52,2096602015-11-22Aethera Campaign Setting
$51,9631,0352018-05-11Black Void RPG (DKK 327,315)
$51,7094702017-12-08Aventuria Compendium - The Dark Eye RPG
$51,3271,1522019-06-16Mörk Borg (SEK 489,252)
$51,1501,0932018-08-12Zombie World: A Card-Based Tabletop RPG of Zombie Horror
$51,0621,2222020-04-26Tales of Arcana 5E (5th Edition) Race Guide
$51,0407972015-05-17Advanced Races Compendium for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
$50,9281,0102021-02-16Through Ultan's Door #Zinequest
$50,8768112019-07-02Amazing Adventures 5E RPG
$50,8201,2022021-12-21The Goblings: A Whimsical Adventure for 5th Edition (EUR 45,573)
$50,6679562018-05-15Overlight RPG: A roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantasy
$50,5331,8372019-04-30Party Backstory Generator for 5e and Other Systems
$50,4611,3102016-10-31Demon Cults & Secret Societies: 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG
$50,3321,1202020-03-20Pasión de las Pasiones
$50,3048822017-04-28Underworld Races & Classes for 5th Edition & Pathfinder RPG
$50,2774822019-07-10Earthdawn 4th Edition - The Adept's Journey: Mystic Paths
$50,2546192015-09-01Metamorphosis Alpha: Epsilon City
$50,1608852021-08-12Squeaks in the Deep Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$50,0753442021-11-18Dragon Thrones RPG 5e
$49,9651,2512022-01-22Hell Night
$49,7911,6842020-04-07Deep Carbon Observatory Remastered (£40,182)
$49,7855602022-10-31Dark Places & Demogorgons for Old-School Essentials
$49,7041,5822022-08-19The Scourge of Northland for OSE
$49,6621,0762019-07-31The Blood Queen's Defiance
$49,6491,2142017-12-29Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement
$49,5001,1952016--04-21Unbound RPG (£34,547)
$49,3496262022-04-07They Came From The Cyclops's Cave and [Classified]
$49,3247172011-08-25Far West: Western/Wuxia Mashup adventure game
$49,0898512022-03-21The Slow Knife, a revenge conspiracy RPG (£36,956)
$48,8958452022-04-20Kamon: Japanese Fantasy Setting for 5e (EUR 45,050)
$48,8891,1062022-10-04Vault 5e: Uncharted Journeys (EUR 49,550)
$48,8061,3342014-11-18Night Witches
$48,8029152019-11-21Tome of Horrors 2020 for Fifth Edition by Necromancer Games
$48,7561,0232012-04-14Dwimmermount: An Old School Fantasy RPG Megadungeon
$40,6024862022-11-22Kingdoms of Hârn: Orbaal Hardcover
$48,5166962016-11-21Aventuria Almanac - The Dark Eye RPG
$48,5048952017-12-26Tome of Horrors: Reborn for Fifth Edition
$48,1637952021-07-02Blood Sword 5e (EUR 40,916)
$48,1448492020-06-30Beowulf: Age of Heroes (£39,168)
$48,0882842016-10-19Lovecraft / Cthulhu based Spell Book & RPG / LARP Game
$48,0257832022-06-15Magi-Knights: The Roleplaying Game
$47,8549082019-01-24They Came from Beneath the Sea! -a tabletop roleplaying game
$47,7928192019-06-20Pirates of Pugmire - A Realms of Pugmire Tabletop RPG
$47,7749562017-11-05Rider of the Black Sun: A Fantasy Gamebook (EUR 41,228)
$47,3088712021-07-02The Hammer and the Stake Tabletop RPG
$47,1108422018-09-06Domina Magica - A Magical Girl RPG
$47,0729492021-03-29Alchemy & Poisoncraft: A module & an adventure for 5e (£34,259)
$46,9711,7052018-06-17Dream Askew // Dream Apart (CAD 62,355)
$46,8058312013-08-29Weird Wars Rome - Savage Worlds
$46,7136742017-07-03The Lost Citadel - Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Roleplaying
$46,6791,0972013-03-24Wicked Fantasy by John Wick.
$46,3348802022-08-23Atma: A Roleplaying Card Game - Season II
$46,2569732022-06-02Tome of Dungeons for 5e
$46,2354582017-07-14Warring Kingdoms - The Dark Eye RPG
$45,7768812019-04-11Mysthea: Legends From the Borderlands (£34,989)
$45,7076972018-08-30Rise of the Demigods
$45,6091,2132016-11-06Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook 3rd Printing
$45,6037752018-12-16Emberwind: a new breed of tabletop role-playing game (CAD 61,525)
$45,3215962020-04-12Britannia and Beyond, a regional guide for Cthulhu Invictus
$45,2761,1122021-07-22Tide Breaker RPG: Cinematic Tabletop RPG system
$45,2328812021-11-16Shotguns & Sorcery for 5E
$45,1988792016-09-18Villains and Vigilantes™ 3.0: The Mighty Protectors™ RPG
$44,9539662021-10-19Flabbergasted! A comedic tabletop RPG (£32,724)
$44,6073702022-11-23Unglorious, necro-fantasy TTRPG (EUR 42,768)
$44,5414242019-06-18The Dark Eye - Magic of Aventuria (EUR 39,721)
$44,4488782021-03-04Monsters of the Wilderness for 5th Edition (CAD 55,453)
$44,4037712018-12-12Shadow of the Demon Lord: Occult Philosophy
$44,3793952021-07-06Four Horsemen Universe RPG: Savage Worlds Edition
$44,3267292019-07-27Fragged RPG | Regions (AUD 64,467)
$44,2305072013-07-31Revelations of Mars
$43,9671,3872021-06-10Once More Into The Void (CAD 54,410)
$43,8861,5642016-03-30Godbound: A Game of Divine Heroes
$43,8556662022-08-31The Stillfleet Core Rulebook
$43,7751,2882013-02-09Cortex Plus Hacker's Guide
$43,6391,5072020-10-13Kingdom (2nd Edition)
$43,5607032020-07-20Journal d'Indochine
$43,3609282021-07-01Extreme Meatpunks Forever: The Roleplaying Game (£31,523)
$43,3378482022-03-03The Last War: A Forbidden Psalm stand-alone expansion (£32,678)
$43,3081,4032018-05-02Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG
$43,2175292019-04-14Ultimate Spheres of Power: The Complete System! (Pathfinder)
$43,2091,2862019-03-07A Pound of Flesh: Module for Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG
$43,0871,4532021-02-26Lighthearted, a Magical 80s RPG
$42,8665822022-10-12The Radiance Adventure Engine
$42,8591,0582014-10-15Karthun: Lands of Conflict
$42,3386482020-10-15Best Left Buried: Deeper (£32,702)
$42,1938772021-12-13Carved in Stone
$42,0577772020-08-16Inspirisles (£31,501)
$42,0371,7292019-07-02Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot for 5e
$41,9599182017-03-02Cold Shadows - Narrative Espionage Roleplaying
$41,6841,3442021-11-02Our Haunt by Jamila R. Nedjadi
$41,5161,2022017-08-11Parsely Games: Featuring ACTION CASTLE and Other Adventures
$41,4868582019-10-10PunkApocalyptic: The RPG
$41,4227832013-12-02Call of Catthulhu
$41,2961,1192018-03-31Hack The Planet (CAD 53,178)
$41,1641,0432019-10-19Under Hollow Hills #RecognizeKSRU
$41,0378552019-01-18Map Maker Adventures - Dungeon Crawl RPG for 1-4 players (4,504,831 JPY)
$40,9688932021-10-25Fight With Spirit: A Sports Drama RPG (AUD 54,523)
$40,6841,4682020-09-17Over Arms
$40,6016722016-02-29Aaron Allston's Strike Force
$40,5718852021-09-30Remember August
$40,4378542017-12-28SIGMATA: This Signal Kills Fascists
$40,4286792020-03-17Spheres of Might and Power; 5th edition D&D Supplements
$40,4167332021-07-31Fat Magic RPG - 5e Campaign Setting
$40,3757932014-10-31Chill 3rd Edition: A Horror Roleplaying Game
$40,1651,3242019-03-03Ordinary Towns: Small Settlements for Any Campaign
$40,1186782019-07-31Chivalry & Sorcery - the Medieval Role Playing Game (£32,863)
$40,1185042020-07-31Earthdawn 4th Edition - Empty Thrones
$40,0848242021-05-19Endless Encounters: Dungeons
$40,0067032021-04-12Solemn Vale™
$39,9987062017-09-19SINS - The Roleplaying Game (£29,498)
$39,8451,9882022-08-25Cute Creatures Compendium, by Catilus for 5e (EUR 39,945)
$39,7975462019-04-27The Grande Temple of Jing - 5th Edition (and other editions)
$39,6228962022-10-05Dead Belt - A Tabletop RPG for Space Cowboys
$39,6087362018-09-21Dystopia Rising: Evolution Tabletop RPG
$39,5631,4242021-06-08You Are the Dungeon
$39,4201,0532015-08-04The Warren
$39,3699782019-04-12The Seas of Vodari - 5th Edition Swashbuckling & Sorcery (CAD 52,500)
$39,3227652022-02-09Hex-n-Screen: Undying Sands + Bottled Sea (EUR 34,695)
$39,3091,1292018-08-10Tiny Supers: Minimalist Superhero Roleplaying
$39,2272,5672020-02-16The Artefact, a solo RPG zine (£30,051)
$39,2048742022-10-13Beacon TTRPG
$39,1761,1812018-10-01Occam's Razor, a collection of scenarios for Call of Cthulhu (£30,298)
$39,0616892022-06-26Kalymba Roleplaying Game
$39,0194822022-07-07Savage Battlelords
$38,8891,0232022-10-06Heroes of Cerulea — Pixelated Dungeon Crawl Tabletop RPG (SEK 434,261)
$38,8455112020-07-23Veil of Ruin (CAD 51,825)
$38,8188032022-08-27Old-School Solo Adventures for OSE
$38,7845442015-09-10Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game
$38,7146172022-11-17StokerVerse Roleplaying Game (£32,564)
$38,6986442017-01-12Harlem Unbound, a Cthulhu roleplaying game sourcebook
$37,9618262022-11-03Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook
$37,643450+2022-03-27Forgotten Ruin - The Role Playing Game
$38,5659962021-05-15Comets & Cockpits - Original 5e Setting
$37,4849172022-09-08Secret of the Black Crag for OSE
$38,4471,1412019-07-10Wicked Ones (JPY 4,161,377)
$38,4392,1532021-07-19Steve Jackson Games' GURPS 2021 PDF Challenge
$38,3888852017-10-19Cavaliers of Mars, a tabletop roleplaying game
$38,3286092021-05-29Wayfarers of the Farwood: A 5E Campaign Setting (EUR 32,184)
$38,2401,3892021-05-27The Prophecy of Nine Omens Trilogy (5e) (£27,469)
$38,3244932018-11-30Hyperborea: Players' Manual, Referee's Screen, and more!
$38,2611,3322019-06-16Hearts of Wulin
$38,2279462022-08-13Into the Cess and Citadel
$38,1271,0532021-05-05Academies of the Arcane (£26,947)
$37,9224792019-06-06The ORPHEUS Protocol
$37,9197662020-06-08Littlebox RPGs: two complete story games in two little boxes (AUD 55,228)
$37,8018182020-06-27Cat's Cradle: A Fantasy Town for 5e and Other RPG Systems
$37,6758462014-10-02Spirit of 77 - a Funky 1970's Tabletop Role-Playing Game
$37,3451,0662021-02-14Dungeon Bitches: A Queer TTRPG
$37,3414442021-11-19Earthdawn 4th Ed: Vasgothia and Champion's Challenge Vol 2
$37,2786012021-05-10Fantasy World (EUR 30,642)
$37,2595552015-02-14Skybourne: A Pathfinder Campaign Setting
$37,1447022019-08-09The Spy Game: 5th Edition Action/Espionage Roleplaying Game
$37,1021,4232018-11-15Thousand Year Old Vampire: A Roleplaying Game
$37,0808632015-05-03Epyllion, a Dragon Epic RPG
$37,0651,0602020-04-05Monsters! Monsters rpg & "Toughest Dungeon in the World" solo
$37,0559332021-02-18Our Shores: An RPGSEA Compilation
$36,9801,2852021-12-09Red Giant: A Cursed World TRPG
$36,9276262018-09-13Legacy: Life Among the Ruins - The Next World (£28,253)
$36,8531,0552020-08-04Necronautilus: Science Fantasy TTRPG
$36,7071,5152022-03-03Orc Borg - brutal chaos powered by Mörk Borg (£27,631)
$36,6788122019-09-19Eldritch Century - 5e RPG Dual System
$36,5486392014-10-28Five Moons RPG by Sean K Reynolds
$36,4967462022-07-29Wyrd Science - Issue 3... and beyond! (£30,327)
$36,4411,5182020-07-02Rise of the Ice Dragons Trilogy: Three RPG Adventures for 5e (£28,885)
$36,4037862018-10-24Bunnies and Burrows 3rd Edition
$36,3464792019-08-23World of Aetaltis - RPG Campaign Setting for 5E
$36,2868382019-11-21A Time for Sacrifice: A Call of Cthulhu Adventure
$36,1787392019-11-11Castles & Crusades: NPC Almanac
$36,1447472020-05-29Journey to Beryl's Reach
$36,0483242021-06-02The Morra Cinematic Game System
$36,0265812022-11-20Plants Nowhere to be Found - Hardcover edition (AUD 54,172)
$36,0221,1262020-05-17Treasures Of The Troll King: A Mörk Borg Adventure (£25,481)
$35,9861,1822021-03-09One-Page Adventures for D&D 5th Edition (£25,852)
$35,9346912021-10-24Glorious Taverns for 5e (£26,158)
$35,9009322020-03-22Tiny Cthulhu
$35,8826492018-04-10Freedom Squadron - A Savage Worlds Setting
$35,7436252022-05-25Pitcrawler on indiegogo
$35,7418812021-11-18Suburban Consumption of the Monstrous (£26,468)
$35,7184672022-11-22Mutants & Masterminds Reprint Extravaganza and More!
$35,6529882017-07-27Misspent Youth RPG: Sell Out with Me
$35,3888622018-05-02The King Is Dead: a Roleplaying Party Game
$35,1381,0822022-05-05Improv for Gamers Second Edition on gamefound
$34,7986072022-03-24Zin Never Dies: The Roleplaying Game (EUR 31,665)
$34,7684442019-10-25The Nuadan Chronicles - An Electro Fantasy Tabletop RPG
$34,5517412020-02-12Metamorphosis Alpha: Doom on the Warden
$34,5018922018-11-16ORUN: Post-Apotheosis, Afro-Centric, Space Opera RPG
$30,7547982022-03-14The Snow Queen

RPG-related projects:

$11,385,44988,8872019-04-18Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special
$658,6915,9982021-06-20The Story Engine: Deck of Worlds (CAD 814,844)
$581,6735,5912018-08-24Your Best Game Ever!
$509,3438,5202019-05-30Fantasy Grounds Unity
$385,7757,0372021-02-14Owlbear Plush
$257,4684,1262021-03-01The Wilderness Books of Modular Maps for Tabletop Roleplay (£184,964)
$195,2263,0452021-05-12RPG Sidequest Decks
$185,1571,9332021-09-16Wondrous Items for 5e: Dungeon Scribe - Magical Oddities
$182,9613,6342020-05-14Quest Decks: Adventure Cards for your RPG Games
$181,9651,6282022-11-04Into the Wilds Battlemap Books (£153,060)
$125,4563,2472017-02-14How to Write Adventure Modules That Don't Suck
$121,1691,1722019-06-03The Fantasy Trip: Decks of Destiny
$120,6302,1842019-04-10Welcome to Tikor | The Swordsfall RPG Setting and Art Book
$106,9822,9242020-06-18Role: A New Kind of Platform For The RPG Community
$101,6471,3512021-04-08Dungeon Notes for 5e
$82,0747892022-11-047th Sea: City of Five Sails Expandable Card Game
$73,7206,7402018-03-09Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master
$73,0678512022-05-25DungeonMorphs IV: More RPG Map Design Dice & Cards
$71,8767802021-11-22Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures (EUR 63,638)
$70,8231,5032018-12-14The Art of De Architecturart: collection of fantasy maps (EUR 62,656)
$70,1292892020-07-19Modular Castle System by Dirt Cheap Dungeons
$61,6641,0682018-03-15Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons and Dragons
$52,2851,1932019-12-21Magic Items Unchained (AUD 75,600)
$45,3415532019-07-11The Decks of Adventurer's Allurement - 5E Class Magic Items
$44,5205072019-06-06Big Bad Con 2019
$43,5941,6052022-07-16The Dungenerator: Series 2 and Reprinting Series 1!
$41,2811,1412019-11-14The Necronomicon Gamebook - Carcosa
$37,0843402022-11-22Pathfinder Coins of Absalom (AUD 55,883)
$36,1772382022-07-21Big Bad Con 2022 on Indiegogo