Rock N Roll Dreams

Still very much a work in progress, here are my current notes on The Jim Steinman RPG inspired by Brand Robins, using adapted Dogs in the Vineyard mechanics:

A game of rock n roll opera, of desperately pretty rebels without a cause, 50's ambiance with 80s hair and modern hyper-sexuality. It's all about the Bat Out of Hell, Nowhere Fast, Streets of Fire, I Would Do Anything for Love over the top emo porn modern fairy tale, with nothing less than 3 true loves, 5 broken hearts, a fight with sledge hammers under the L train in a thunderstorm, a beautiful 57 Ford, and the blowing up of that beautiful 57 Ford. If you'd offer your throat to the starving wolf with the red, red roses in the pale moonlight, this is the game you were born to play.

I've run it three times so far:

I also ran it twice at the 2012/11/3 Endgame minicon using Monsterhearts, with the second game set 21 years after the first.

Useful links:

Rule changes

Things that happened

The Rock n Roll Dreams run at Kublacon 2008 went great, with the bike mechanic PC who once touched Elvis (1d6) winning the race and riding off into the moonlit night on her own, the biker back from the war and his ex-ex-girlfriend being chased by a swarm of police cars into legend, and everyone else dying in the big race. The cherry red '57 mustang was not even scratched in the sledgehammer fight, and still sits outside that dive bar at the edge of the godforsaken town, rusting prettily.

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