Umbra Battle Summary

Choose Battle Dice
Name die + Ability die + weapon dice, as follows. Divide them between your left hand (to defend) and right hand (to attack). Choose one of these:
d8 2d6 (at least one die in each hand)
d8 d6+1 (at least one die in each hand)
d8+1 (either hand)
Armor adds a d6/d8/d10 to defend based on amount of armor worn: Helmet (-1 to Firefight), Vest (-1 to Close), Limbs (-1 to positioning).
Then place either your Defend ability die in your defensive hand, OR your Close/Firefight/Support ability die in a hand with a die in it.
Lastly, place your Name die in either hand. Ready to go!

Weapon ranges:
Close (range 1): hands, knives, swords, pistols
Firefight (range 2): SMGs, shotguns
Firefight (range 3-4): assault rifles
Support (range 5-6) for drones, artillery, heavy weapons, indirect, snipers, spirits

Optimal Range: no penalty
+/-1 range: -2 to attack.
+/-2 range: -4 to attack.

Roll Name + Athletics. Act lowest roll to highest. Move yourself or one person/group that rolled lower than you by one range band. Highest roll gets two moves.

Attack Order
Roll attacks from highest positioning roll to lowest. Ties are broken by who has the shorter range weapon, followed by who's in the right range band for their weapon, followed by Ability.

Attacker rolls right hand dice. Defender rolls left hand dice. If attack result equals or exceeds defense result, it's a hit. Each hit impairs target's Name die. For each additional victory (every 4 higher than the defense result) either take +1 to your next position roll, give target -1 on their next roll, or impair target armor. When fighting mooks each victory can be used to take out another mook.
Wired Reflexes and Smartgun Links can split attack dice vs multiple targets.

Defense & Armor
Roll left hand dice. Must exceed attack result to avoid attack. Each defensive victory gives +1 bonus to next position roll. If your armor die was your highest, it's impaired by one level.

Tricks and Special Maneuvers
Replaces attack roll.
Magic: Magic vs. Will. -2 to target's next roll (type specified) per victory, or an advantage die.
Call out: Contacts vs. Will. Target must attack you with best attack at next opportunity.
Tactics: Cunning vs. Insight. -2 to target's next roll per victory.
Intimidate: Will vs. Will. -2 to target's next roll per victory.
Battle-wise: Info vs. Grace. -2 to target's next roll per victory.
Feint: Cunning vs. Insight. -2 to target's next defense roll versus this runner per victory.
Flank: Athletics vs Insight. Advantage die to runner's next attack roll vs. target.
Disarm: Body vs. Body. Range 1-2. Target loses one weapon for 1 exchange per victory.
Superior Ground: Info vs. standard opposition. Advantage die to runner's next attack roll.

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