Umbra - Playtest characters

Umbra PCs for 10/18 playtest.

Spice Candy, Lolita Razorgirl
Name d6				Essence 3
Trait Razorgirl +2 to Athletics rolls, +1 damage at close range
Insight d4	Grace d8	Body d8		Will d6
Medic d8	Info d6		Systems d6	Magic d4
Athletics d10+d8 Cunning d6 	Intrusion d4 	Contacts d4
Defend d6	Close d10+d8	Firefight d6 	Support d4
2 Wired Reflexes (athletics d8)
2 Retractable Spurs (close d8)

Moonraven, Elf poser mystic adept
Name d6				Essence 6	Fate 0
Trait Mystic Adept +2 to Magic and Will rolls
Insight d4	Grace d8 	Body d4 	Will d8
Medic d6 	Info d8 	Systems d4 	Magic d8+d6
Athletics d8 	Cunning d6 	Intrusion d6 	Contacts d6
Defend d8	Close d4 	Firefight d4 	Support d8
1 Seven Luck bag (magic 1d6)

Dos Equis, 37yo male cuban ex-cyberterrorist decker who betrayed his comrades and had those parts of his memory cut out and replaced with cutting edge deckware.

Dos Equis, decker with a gun
Name d8				Essence 4	Fate 8
Trait Decker +2 to Info and Systems rolls
Insight d6	Grace d6 	Body d6		Will d6
Medic d4	Info d8 	Systems d10+d8 	Magic d4
Athletics d6 	Cunning d8 	Intrusion d6 	Contacts d4
Defend d4	Close d4	Firefight d8+d6 Support d8
1 Smartgun link (firefight 1d6)
2 Cranial cyberdeck (systems 1d8)

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