Our Heroes

Ick! "Superfluid" Petersen

Age 7: Born 5 Nov 1989

Yes, Ick! is her legal name; by the time her parents realized she was sapient, it was too late to change the birth certificate. However, being people of strong Christian values, they cared for her even when they thought she was just a blob. Once they found out she was sapient (she started talking at about 3 months), they gave her a teflon-lined room and a TV. Being both weird and corrosive, she couldn't really play with other kids, so most of her education and intellecutal stimulaton has come from that TV. It seems to have done her much less harm than one would expect.

Appearance: Ick! is 25kg of grey-black amoeba. She can extend arbitrarily many pseudopods, but doesn't have enough strength to lift herself much off the ground. For special occasions, she can be dyed with food coloring, but it takes a lot of dye.

Physiological Differences: Ick! is, well, amoeboid. She gooshes easily and without apparent harm (having no centralized organs), she can extrude as many pseudopods, eyes, and miscellaneous appendages as needed, and she secretes (optionally corrosive) slime from her skin. She is also almost entirely brain, and will just get more intelligent as she grows. Plus, she's taken communion with the Pope.

Quote: "Awwww, man!"

Deb "Champagne" Mulholland

Age 15: Born 4 March 1982

Deb is probably the most 'normal' student at the Academy, having been a functional member of her native society even if that society was rich Southern Californians. Because of this respectable upbringing, Deb has much more respect for authority and much more common sense than her teammates, qualities they don't always appreciate.

Appearance: Deb has light brown/blonde hair, enough to be braided into a long but slender queue, and dark blue/gray eyes, the color that might be described as 'steely' in a less perky girl. Her demeanor as a whole is cheerful, and even when upset tends to look more pensive than distressed. She is average height, maybe 5' 6", and slender of build. She tends to wear jeans and sweatshirts, as clothes have a disturbing habit of being a lot more fragile than her lifestyle requires. However, under Spike's urging, she made some changes to her wardrobe that were rather more revealing than had been initially suspected. While Deb does not have a boyfriend, there are currently at least three strong candidates.

Powers: Deb's powers are very straightforward: she's really strong and really tough. Some of her strength seems to operate very slowly, though, so she can lift and squeeze and tear with more force than she can punch or leap. Martial arts classes at the Academy have taught her how to apply her strength better, and she's gotten to be rather frighteningly good at grabbing speedsters. She can run pretty fast, too, but can't fly, which really annoys her.

Quote: "But we're supposed to tell the police what happened!"

Tatiana "Catydid" Bolinski

Age 13: Born 13 Jun 1983



Quote: ""

Jill "Shadow Lotus" Hanley

Age 13: Born 13 Jun 1983



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Miguel "Glacier" ?

Age 13: Born 13 Jun 1983



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Vicki "Twilight" Alexander

Age 16: Born 15 Nov 1980 (unobserved)

Vicki is a juvenile delinquent and petty criminal from the streets of Washington DC; she is, as one might expect, cynical and allegedly uncaring, although her heart is much softer than she would ever admit. In issue #6 she ran off with the notorious supervillain Great Chicago Fire to live a life of crime and plenty.

Appearance: Vicki is medium-tall and very thin, almost anorexic. She has short black hair and dark eyes, dresses in plain dark Tshirt and jeans, and has a solar orb and lunar crescent tattooed on the backs of her hands. She does not cast a shadow.

Powers: Vicki does things with shadows. She has been seen to teleport from one shadow to another, produce illusions in shadows, and make a knife of shadows that hurts as much as a real knife but leaves no wound. Those souls unfortunate enough to be dragged along when she teleports report travelling through a dark place filled with huge shadowy monsters with glowing eyes, and generally refuse to ever be carried again.

Quote: <upraised middle finger>

Maureen "Foxfire" St Michaels

Age 12: Born 10 Jan 1984

Maureen has been withdrawn from the Academy by her parents, who don't want their darling daughter fighting with dangerous criminals and mutating bizarrely, even if she is a glowing freak.

Appearance: Maureen has silky black hair, cut chin-length in back and in bangs in the front, and violet eyes. Despite having gained about two years of development while in the cocoon (see issue #5), she's still short and thin, but is terribly cute, especially when she puts on her leather jacket and tries to look tough.

Powers: Maureen's powers changed drastically when she went into the cocoon, although they still follow the same theme. Instead of rooting everyone around her to one spot, she can make individuals temporally slow, or groups of people mentally slow. She still uses her powers reflexively when frightened.


Doug "Reentry" Powers

Age 13: Born 13 Jun 1983

Doug was probably the least developed character on the team, since he spent most of his time in the infirmary or on academic probation after being whacked with a soccer goal in #1. He did appear to hold grudges quite strongly, and was even better at being sullen than Spike. He left the Academy for academic reasons after the first semester.

Appearance: Doug is rather scrawny and weasely-looking, with short dirty-blond hair, grey eyes, and an upturned nose. He dresses like any other thirteen-year-old boy.

Powers: Doug can run real fast, and when he runs, he builds up a protective field of force around himself. When he stops, the field discharges into whatever he hits, sending them flying and leaving him standing unhurt but unprotected until he starts moving again.

Quote: "Ow!"

Michael "Nightmare" Hernandez

Age 16: Born 1 Oct 1980

Not much is known about Michael, except that, like Vicki, he seems to have lived the sort of life Spike pretends to. On the other hand, Spike's never sacrificed her life for her friends after being mind-controlled into attacking them, and Michael has.

Appearance: Michael was tall, well-muscled, and dishy, with long-lashed brown eyes, dark hair that curled over his forehead and collar, and smooth tanned skin romantically marred by a curving scar on his right cheek and a variety of other scars on his chest and back. He normally wore a battered brown leather jacket and the James Dean sort of aura of danger that makes fathers reach for their shotguns.

Powers: The nature and full extent of Michael's powers were never revealed, but he appeared to be able to make people believe their deepest fears were true, so strongly that they often went catatonic. On at least one occasion, a nightmare physically manifested itself in Michael's presence, but this may or may not be related.

Quote: "ARGH!" *thud*

Larisa "Alchemy" Tikhonova

Age 14: Born 26 Aug 1982

After failing to stop Larisa's parents from being murdered by a Russian Mafia hitwoman in Chicago, the Academy students took her home with them and Miss Lee and Mr Jones enlisted her in the Academy. Having just lost both her parents and been trapped in a strange land among paranormal freaks, Larisa was shy, retiring, and quite traumatized during her stay at the Academy. The French supervillain La Panthere turned her halfway into a panther; the treatment for that also removed her superpowers and her shyness, but she doesn't seem to miss them.

Appearance: Larisa is of moderate height -- about 5'5" -- and, although slender, not unusually thin. She has auburn hair and is quite pretty, though in a rather winsome way. She normally dresses casually, if a little conservatively, but has proven to be very suggestible to what the rest of the group thinks she should wear.

Powers: Larisa had Fission Powers. She emitted heat and light, occasionally with devastating effect, transmuted elements, and shielded herself with uranium armor. She also emitted noticeable amounts of radiation, burned anyone who touches her, and occasionally muttered about blowing up. Although she no longer has the powers, she also no longer has the drawbacks, and in fact is now a completely normal human, so far as anyone can tell.

Quote: "Um, if that's okay with you..."

Peter "Foil" Debus

Age 15: Born 1 Dec 1981

Peter is from Akron, but he has the heart of a True Musketeer. Whenever possible, he is gallant to women, protective of the weak, and honorable toward all. He also tends to declaim bad poetry, miss all except the most blatant innuendo, and use words like 'cad'.

Appearance: Peter has short dark blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and a dark tan from working on the farm in Akron. He's average height, rather thin, fairly graceful, and quite handsome. He dresses normally for an American teenager, except that in fights he conjures up gleaming titanium armor that changes colors as he moves.

Powers: Peter can animate metal and make it do his bidding. Normally he carries around several kilos of titanium that he uses to form armor for himself when trouble breaks out, and he can grab hold of any other metal in the vicinity and use it to wreak various forms of havoc, especially tying people up.

Quote: "They don't have that in Akron!"

Spike "Tesla" Grusser

Age 16: Born 22 May 1981

Spike likes to pretend that she's a tough, cool biker-industrial-punk with no respect for anyone, no fear of the law, and the morals of an alley cat, but now that she has a team and a steady boyfriend, the act is slipping pretty strongly. Except maybe the bit about morals.

Appearance: When she first arrived at the Academy, Spike did her suburban best to look like a biker punk: black leather jacket with studs and chains, engineer boots, ripped blue jeans, ripped industrial concert shirts, crewcut dyed an unnatural shade of black, tinted contacts to match. She may not have actually mellowed since then, but she's at least found her own way of denying normality. Her new jacket is covered with silver vines and blood-red roses of titanium (although the thorns are awfully sharp), and her hair is silver tipped with red to match. She still wears industrial concert shirts and skin-tight jeans most of the time, but they don't always look like they've been through a car wreck.

Under all that, Spike is suprisingly short and very pretty. Although she's put on a lot of weight since coming to the Academy, most of it has gone to all the right places, and if she's not built for a career in fashion modelling, no one male has complained, especially when she ditches her Tshirts and jeans for more flattering party clothes.

Powers: Spike is a fairly strong telekinetic, although her control isn't very good yet and she can only use a fraction of her full strength with any sort of dexterity. She can do a lot of the usual telekinetic tricks besides just picking things up, like flying, wrapping herself in a forcefield, and blowing the hell out of innocent scenery. She has a hyped metabolism to provide the energy for all this, so as a side effect she's exceedingly strong, fast, and resilient. But she has to eat about 2-3 times as much as a normal growing girl her size.

Quote: "Of course it's real!"

Dianna "Tsunami" Brethos

Age 16: Born 21 May 1981

Dianna is the product of the dysfunctional family of Senator Brethos, the chairman of the Senate Committee for Oppression and Control of Paranormals. Fortunately her father doesn't know she has powers, her mother is too strung out on Valium to say anything, and she has adequate blackmail on her brothers. Her father doesn't even know she's attended the Academy, although he'll probably find out eventually, even if he does spend all his time in Washington.


Powers: Dianna's main power seems to be to produce jets of water strong enough to break windows and bones, albeit with poor directional control. She also seems to be able to telekinetically manipulate already-existing water, although the extent of this ability is unclear.

Quote: "If you rat to Dad, I'll have to tell him about what you did."

Allegra Lynn Winters

Age 15: Born 12 Aug 1981

Allegra is a perky speedster from the Midwest.


Powers:Allegra is fast. Real fast. Real real fast. She kindly refrains from creating sonic booms in populated areas, however.

The two most useless words in the English language: "Allegra, wait!"

What They All Think Of Each Other

Everyone still dotes on Ick.

Between a roomful of apologetic flowers and the use of alcohol to overcome the problem that cropped up on Valentine's Day, Spike has taken Peter back, at least for the moment. There are somewhat alarming overtones to her interactions with Kathleen, though.

Kathleen is kind of sweet on Deb, which may or may not be related to Spike pushing them together at every opportunity, but Deb still chases every guy who crosses her line of sight.