Other Characters

Most of the supporting cast interesting to get names are listed here, divided geographically but not otherwise in any particular order.


Joey Brethos (obnoxious high school student)
Joey is an obnoxious punk at the local high school who also happens to be Dianna's big brother and therefore the son of the chairman of the Senate Committee For the Oppression of Paranormals. He is kept from ratting on Dianna by her knowledge of what happened to his dad's gun when he tried to use it to scare our heroes.
Vocabulary Lad/Kevin (obnoxious high school student)
Vocabulary Lad used to hang around with Joey but hasn't been seen for a while.
Jeff Reynolds (goth drummer)
Jeff is the drummer for Little Dead Girls, a goth band composed of Franklin High students, and apparently the most stable one of the lot. He's sweet on Deb and has asked her out a couple of times, but their dates keep getting interrupted by supervillain attacks, goth musican psychodramas, and such, which he handles with much less aplomb than Jason.
Karen (goth singer/guitarist)
Karen is probably the second most stable member of Little Dead Girls, but that's not saying a whole lot.
Isis (goth bass guitarist)
Isis is not one of the more stable members of LDG.
Sam (goth keyboardist)
DJ (high school DJ)
DJ has been sweet on Deb ever since she borrowed his table to whack Tar Babe, but appears to be losing out to Jason.
Kristy (cute high school student)
Kristy was sweet on Peter and asked him out a few times when he first arrived in Franklin, but Spike seems to have scared her off.
Tracy (Vicki's girlfriend)
Tracy hasn't served any plot purpose since Halloween night (#4), when she showed up in a skintight Slipstream costume and charmed Vicki, but the artist likes to draw her. She showed up at Arisia (#14) in an even more revealing Vampirella costume.
David (Vicki's boyfriend)
David went out with Vicki and committed petty crimes or something on Halloween night, but hasn't been seen since Vicki ran off to live a life of crime and luxury.
Tar Babe (dimwitted supervillain)
Tar Babe is apparently made of living tar. She's sticky, she bounces, she's very strong, and she can splatter people with tar to blind them or stick them to things or just to ruin their clothes. Unfortunately for her, her brain is made of tar too. She is currently in jail in Boston.
Ace & Flip (smartass supervillains, presumed dead)
Ace & Flip showed up to kidnap Ick one night, but were captured and turned over to Mr Jones. Later, Mr Jones returned the manacles Peter used to confine them, unopened but empty. No questions were answered.


Snow (escaped NEST paranormal)
Snow is one of Mouse's friends/experimental subjects from her days at NEST, raised by the US government to be a loyal paranormal asset. Our heroes met her in #3 while she was on the run from NEST, and gave her refuge at the Academy for a while. At Christmas, she left because she didn't want to bring NEST down on the Academy, and is presumably hiding somewhere outside the US. Snow is usually a fairly ordinary-looking thirteen-year-old girl with white hair, except when she dissolves into a blizzard. She has cold and snow powers.
Tin Angel (Boston's superhero)
Tin Angel is highly regarded by the people of Boston, since they didn't have a superhero until she showed up in October 96. She seems to be a cyborg, with mechanical strength, a railgun, and 140db loudspeakers. Ick! is pretty sure she knows Tin Angel's secret ID (an MIT student) but this hasn't been positively confirmed.
Photon (paranormal mercenary)
The only one of Tar Babe's rented friends to get away, Photon is a fusion-powered energy projector who explodes nicely when you puncture her magnetic bottle.
Gargoyle (paranormal mercenary)
One of Tar Babe's rented friends, Gargoyle is currently in jail in Boston. His superpower seems to be to turn people to stone by looking at them.
racerx@speedway.media.mit.edu (MIT student)
Our heroes haven't bothered to find out his real name, but he mostly corresponds with Ick! over the net so it's never come up. He apparently spends every waking moment in the basement of the Media Lab, working on autonomous vehicles. He provided the remote-controlled car that became the basis of the Ickmobile.
Doc Eel (loser supervillain)
Doc Eel doesn't actually have superpowers, just a taser and a squad of latex-clad goons. She and her agents are in jail in Boston.
Jason (MIT student and sidekick)
Jason is Deb's latest beau, having met her by helping her with her skirt after she had done a flying kick and had her hands full of supervillains. He is apparently also Tin Angel's agent (though only Ick knows that for sure). He's remarkably competent for a sixteen-year-old geek, and was extremely helpful in defeating Black August at Arisia (#14).
Tempest (loser supervillain)
Tempest and his band of loons assaulted a nightclub in Boston on New Year's Eve, looking for Tin Angel. Tin Angel was off saving New York that night, though, so he got beat up by our heroes instead, and dragged off to jail. He appeared to be a weather controller of some kind, but it didn't help.
Zip (loser supervillain)
One of Tempest's band of loons, Zip was not able to run fast enough to avoid being beaten to a pulp and dragged off to jail.
Night/Wraith (loser supervillain(s))
One or perhaps two of Tempest's band of loons, Night/Wraith was apparently able to split into two shadowy stranglers. He was chased off by Michael's evil mental powers, and hasn't been seen since.


Great Chicago Fire (hot supervillainess)
Great Chicago Fire is, of course, the most notorious supervillain of Chicago. She has straight-forward fire powers, which she uses for straight-forwardly avaricious crimes. Laurentide of Team One is her arch-foe and possibly her sweetheart. When last seen, she was running off with Vicki to live a life of crime and plenty.
Weasel Girl (minion of Great Chicago Fire)
Weasel Girl (also known as Whirlwind) is apparently the thirteen-year-old daughter of two convicted supervillains, working for GCF because she said she could break them out. Weasel Girl runs real fast, talks real fast, and doesn't let thinking slow her down.
Stormhawk (WWII supervillain)
Stormhawk has never been seen on-screen for certain. Our heros suspect that the nice middle-aged businessman who lent them a hotel room when they were stranded in Chicago was Stormhawk, since he got a voicemail message under that name, but nothing further ever developed.
Fenris (WWII supervillain)
Thought killed in WWII, Fenris demonstrated the error of that conclusion by setting up an infernal engine to crush Chicago beneath a blanket of snow, create the Fimbulwinter, and bring about Ragnarok. He was last seen being carried away by a valkyrie as his Fimbulwinter machine exploded messily.
Ben (handsome Chicago PD tactical team officer)
Ben was on the police team that helped our heroes take down Fenris and his Fimbulwinter machine. He earned Spike's undying devotion by giving her his leather motorcycle jacket; it is unclear whether he knew just how many years she was below the age of consent at the time.
Black August (insane Japanese supervillain)
Black August has the strength, skills, memories, and neuroses of all sixty thousand people killed by the Hiroshima bomb. He was the archenemy of Moon Blossom Zeta Force until they got killed, after which he took up mugging anyone foolish enough to be dressed like them.
The Iraqi Attaq Paq (loser Iraqi supervillains)
Apparently these are the villains who attacked the UN Secretary General in UNPEACE #1. They showed up in Boston to kill or kidnap Doc Scud from his secure hospital bed, and succeeded in dragging him off. Their team apparently consists of someone with vapor powers, someone with wind powers (Scirocco), someone with time powers, someone with a big honking sword, and possibly an illusionist. Most or all of them were subsequently arrested by UNPEACE.