Franklin Academy Christmas 1996

Most students' parents got them clothing, and Ick! likely got a bunch of toys besides what's shown here. Where two or more people gave a gift, it's listed under the first name alphabetically.

From To Gift
Ayumi-sensei Ick! Tickle Me Elmo
Ben Spike Cap to match jacket
Deb Doug Airhorn
Deb and Ick! Doug Nice running shoes
Deb Ick! Secret Disguise Shopping Bag
Deb Larisa A year's back issues of Adventures of Action Girl, plus a subscription
Deb Maureen Biker Teddy Bear
Deb and Ick! Maureen Makeup kit
Deb Mr. Jones, Mr. Roosevelt, Dr. Solomon, Ms. Fairchild, Mouse, Dr. Alexander, Frank, Joe, & Mike Force-10 t-shirts
Deb Peter An old german book on weapons & armor, with line drawings. Another old book on jewelry
Deb and Ick! Snow TV
Deb and Ick! Spike $150 Used Motorcycle (needs some work)
Deb all students Force-10 t-shirts.
Dr. Solomon Ick! A Child's First Garden of Algebra
Ick! and Spike Deb A thigh-length kevlar motorcycle jacket
Ick! Dr. Alexander A pretty blanket (she should stay warm while she recovers)
Ick! Dr. Solomon A nifty abacus she found for sale on
Ick! Frank, Joe & Mike ?
Ick! Larisa ?
Ick! Miss Fairchild A couple of cool books in Hungarian, the language she's working on now
Ick! Miss Lane One of those boxes with ten soothing sounds you can choose from
Ick! Miss Lee flowers
Ick! Mouse A remote controlled mouse. "You could, um, attach other things to it, if you wanted to..."
Ick! Mr. Jones deely-boppers (primary colored band with silver doo-dads) "I just thought, you know, some people are scared of you, and no one likes being scary all the time...."
Ick! Mr. Roosevelt Go set - Ick!-proof, because she wants to play too.
Ick! Ms Dumas ?
Ick! Peter email address of Arnie Bowers, well known material scientist and metal worker with an agreement to correspond, along with a list of the top 10 metal-related web sites.
Ick! Sensei Japanese tea set she saw on
Ick! her parents A nice card
Frank, Joe & Mike all students year's supply of batteries for cellphone and pager
Larisa Deb sweater (which she *asked* for) and a gift certificate good at a fancy women's store in Boston. (Deb *always* needs more clothes.)
Larisa Doug Greaves and arm guards with wicked little spikes in them. Perfect for those close plays at the plate. Er, if we ever play softball.
Larisa Ick! VCR. Now she won't have to miss Sesame Street just because she's out saving the world.
Larisa and Peter Ick! teddybear
Larisa Maureen something we'll never know.
Larisa Peter Rapier and left-hand dagger (main gauche)
Larisa and Spike Peter 1-kg samples of all the stable, easily handled metallic elements from aluminum through lead
Larisa Snow GPS gizmo, so she'll always know right where she is. Even if we don't.
Larisa Spike Tight leather pants, a new pair of sunglasses, and a pair of brass knuckles.
Larisa all faculty, including Miss Lee and Mr. Jones Assorted nice but not particularly remarkable things
Miss Fairchild Deb Black T-shirt with The Tick's head saying "EAT MY JUSTICE"
Miss Fairchild Doug Speed Racer T-shirt
Miss Fairchild Ick! The Brain (as in Pinky and...) baseball cap
Miss Fairchild Larisa T-shirt with East German Triathlon - Crawl, Climb, Run
Miss Fairchild Peter Black T-shirt with white lettering (in style similar to Spike's) "Don't Worry, It'll only seem Kinky the First Time"
Miss Fairchild Spike Black T-shirt with white lettering "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"
Miss Lane Deb West with the Sun (stories of early aviatrixes)
Miss Lane Doug The Nova Express
Miss Lane Ick! Big Bird Saves The World popup action book
Miss Lane Larisa Huckleberry Finn
Miss Lane Peter A book of French Romantic Poetry
Miss Lane Spike Lolita
Miss Lee Ick! Deerstalker cap
Miss Lee all students Force-10 Uniforms
Mouse Deb Parachute lessons
Mouse Doug Highway impact canisters
Mouse Ick! The Ick! Cannon
Mouse Larisa Ruggedized geiger counter
Mouse Peter Historic France on 100 Francs a Day
Mouse Spike Tanker Boots
Mr Jones all students Tactical Headsets
Mr. Roosevelt all students Assorted Cyberstrike Nerfguns
Ms. Dumas Peter A tournament-quality foil
Network Spike industrial-strength can opener
Peter Deb Titanium earrings. They're colorful and dangly, shaped like champagne flutes with effervescent contents.
Peter Doug A winged, steel helmet
Peter Larisa A titanium charm bracelet, with colorful alchemical symbols
Peter Maureen jewelry. No one but Maureen will ever see it now.
Peter Snow A titanium necklace anodized with shadings from silver to ice blue, with snowflake pendant ("Oh, you got me a garotte.")
Peter Spike Hardware for the jacket, designed to look like vines and roses (with thorns). Hurriedly re-anodized in silver with blood-red roses after being opened.
Peter all staff Cards printed out on the library printer.
Peter all students Team badges. They're steel, consisting of a black force 10 symbol crossed with a silver sword. The swords are sheaths for very small knives, about like the blades on miniature SAKs.
Santa Claus Ick! Superhero Barbie (in yellow spandex with golden glider wings; doesn't actually glide though)
Snow Doug (none of your beeswax)
Snow Ick! TV Satellite Dish and 1-year subscription
Snow Peter two first class air tickets to Paris, open departure and return
Snow Spike 1997 Harley-Davidson FXDL Dyna Low Rider
Spike Doug hockey mask
Spike Ick! stuffed toy Snuffalufagus and a waterproof backpack
Spike Larisa four-foot tall fire-retardant teddybear
Spike Maureen mirrored blue Gargoyles sunglasses and a can of Mace
Spike Mouse emerald grass snake
Spike Mr Jones can of machine oil
Spike Ms Fairchild black bullwhip
Spike Peter CRC and a copy of the Kama Sutra
Spike Snow and Doug another copy of the Kama Sutra (but Snow hid it before anyone except maybe Doug saw)
Spike Snow black leather jacket