The Staff

Miss Lee (Headmistress)

Miss Lee is chinese and confined to a motorized wheelchair. She has sharp intense black eyes and long glossy black hair tied back in a braid that coils to her lap. Maybe 50s, but her skin is smooth so maybe only 40s, or a well-preserved 60. She rarely addresses anyone directly, but when she does she always uses last name, with Miss or Mr. She speaks perfect British with no hint of accent.

Mr Jones (Factotum)

Mr Jones is only slightly over average height (6') but very intimidating. His hair, skin and eyes are the color of a dark alley on a moonless night. His hands are big and hard, and his eyes are flat and hard. There are layers of muscle under the thousand-dollar suit and perfectly knotted tie. Age appears to be 40ish. He addresses you by your last name, no honorific. He has a quiet, smooth, deep voice.

Mr Roosevelt (History instructor)

0900 History - Mr. Roosevelt, mid 40's, male, short dark hair, grey eyes, Right arm missing at shoulder (Ick! knows why), Right eye patch, stands straight. Grey suit, white shirt, tie, shiny black shoes. Not History of Conflict and Transition, but History: The Good Stuff

Miss Fairchild (Languages instructor)

1000 French - Miss Fairchild, a short pretty woman in her late 20s with dark hair cut pretty short but stylishly, and a quick smile. A soft voice, vaguely exotic-sounding accent, european maybe. When teaching she typically wears a jacket, blouse & skirt in beige & cream, and flats. Former linguist at UN, speaks 14 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Hungarian, ...
Currently discreetly involved with Dr. Solomon.


1100 Physical Training - Ayumi-sensei is 5'2", Japanese, perhaps 50ish. He lives above the Dojo and is found there at almost any hour.

Genevieve Dumas

Fencing Instructor - Ms. Dumas. French, Olympic caliber fencer, early 20's, tall and slim. Short dark hair, dark laughing eyes, very fit. Spending a year teaching here to earn enough to spend the next three years practicing full-time for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Solomon (Mathematics instructor)

1300 Mathematics - Dr. David Solomon, mid 40s, PhD Mathematics from University of Chicago, 6', bulky (take a 6' brick and chip away the corners, that's pretty much Dr. Solomon), big stubby fingers. Ick! & Maureen's internet research links him to a lot of papers from University of Chicago, UCB, and some place named Larry. Papers had incomprehensible titles.
Currently discreetly involved with Miss Fairchild.

Miss Lane (Art & Literature instructor)

1400 Arts & Literature - Miss Lane, 5'2, 100#, short blonde hair, blind. black jacket & skirt, grey blouse, hose, flats, mirrored aviator glasses. Blinded "in a boating accident."

Mouse (Natural Philosophy instructor)

1500 Natural Philosophy - "Mouse" aka Dr. Cecilia Marx, mid 20's, female, 5'8, 110# (thin, but not as thin as Vicky), unruly black hair, dark eyes, greyish t-shirt, black leather jacket, raggedy jean shorts, torn hose, mouse skull necklace and bracelet. Physics & Psychology (Neurochemistry) the real sciences. "Did someone leave that out?" "I... I've done some things the Mice wouldn't approve." Lots of papers on neurochemistry of mice from late 80's through 1990, degrees from Caltech, MIT and UCB.

Dr Alexander (Physician)

Dr. Alexander has short dark hair, green eyes, and sharp features. Late 30's, average height, comfortably built. White lab coat, stethoscope, the whole show. She addresses everyone by last name, with Miss or Mr., unless anyone asks to be called differently. She's a brisk, no-nonsense type who clips the ends of her words as though she were impatient to have them out and done with.

Frank, Joe, & Mike (Maintenance and security staff)

Frank, Joe & Mike appear to be the maintenance staff. They're unmemorable; average height give or take an inch or two, physically fit but not noticeably buff, have faded tans like they've spent a lot of time outdoors but not recently, dark hair and eyes, quiet.

In addition there's a cook and cook's assistant, names unknown since no one's asked them. Recently more security staff has been added.