The Dragon's Inn Stories

The stories of Joy from the Dragon's Inn (, starts violent but gets better. This particular selection is a single thread that I wrote most of, all but Metamorphosis, and which is whole in and of itself without too many threads or ties to other bits of the Mage Guild storyline. So I regard it as a self-contained sample.

A full out storyline with all the context can be found on Kelly J. Cooper's Site. It's much better for reading and getting a feeling for the whole story. And I love Kelly a lot, for herself.

Last Updated on April 12, 1997

A Nice Day for a Walk
The link that started this story line
'Have Mercy'
"When I was just seventeen, I ran away from home, to be with all the pretty people, to be on my own..." -- Annie Lennox "Legend in My Livingroom" from Diva
Moonlight and Shadows
Couldn't resist the cameo... as a little bit of background, at the time of this story, the Evil Powers were making small splinter dark godlings that were messing things up in Generica. There had already been a godling of storms, a godling that ate pain, and another that ate destruction. And this section of the story kinda fell into place with the others.
Metamorphosis: Turning Despair to the Light
Bernie Hsiung was writing Dariel, the Light Angel of the story, who'd taken down most of the other godlings, and I'd actually asked him to destroy her, but he thought of this, instead.
Laughter in Low City
This section came out whole, pretty much as you see it here.

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