August 22, 1997

Netcom Sucks. To the tune of the old adage: Never attribute to malice what may be attributed to stupidity.

I called them last week because they mysteriously started to send me mailed in, paper invoices for payment, for the last three months, with no explanation and no reason. I didn't want my service cut out from under me, so I called last week, early in the day so I wasn't in the 20 minute phone queues and got through to them and they charged me for the last three months on my credit card at the auto charge rate, which I thought reasonable and all right.

Then, last night, while in the midst of a frenzy of prep for Dragonflight, this coming weekend, my shell account suddenly wouldn't let me on it, saying that my payments were overdue and I had to get things cleared through customer service. I raged, ranted, raved and screamed around poor John last night, just so utterly enraged and pissed off, and I had called specifically to make sure I didn't have an interruption!! I got onto Eskimo North, found out that they had tcsh, mh, and tf, and signed up with the intent to sign up for six months straight. They had what I needed and wanted at a lower price, and that was good enough for me. So in the next week or two I shall be making the changeover to, likely. These pages may or may not move there. I'm still not sure, and James Walden has said that there's no need to hurry.

I called Carl and Trip to make sure that plans for today would be okay. Carl gave me a very keen analogy that finally got me to laugh... there are only so many neurons in the Netcom network anyway, and if you poke 'em they go, "OH! A user poked me! I guess I'd better turn on or off their account!" poke poke poke, "Oh the account's on! I better turn it off." I just died laughing at that point and finally gave up my rage. Trip helped a lot by simply being Trip, and never once saying 'I told you so.'

So I got through this morning, and the lady checked my account, said that it wasn't scheduled to be cut off. Then she said that they were having some problems with the Seattle POP and then said that they were having some problems with the shell accounts. So it wasn't me. It had nothing to do with the fact that I'd had to clear things up last week. It was nothing but one big netcom screw up. I asked if she knew when those problems would be fixed, and she had no idea. Remembering all my friends that had worked, at one time, for support, I knew it wasn't, in any way, her fault, so I just asked for their 888 number to check on progress and wandered away. I don't really care anymore. I'm willing to pay one more month just to get everything I need *off* that machine, but that's all there is to that. I'm off netcom as soon as I can be.

Got lots of stuff done on my app yesterday and little done today, what with the excitement of both netcom stuff and the DragonFlight stuff happening. Both John and I are pretty exhausted, and this morning we both drove seperately because I had to pick people up and there were seperate things happening at different times. I was so tired, I dropped into Victor's for a shot of espresso pick me up and found out that John had been there just minutes before. Joined at the brain.

Spent most of last evening doing peaceful stuff after the phone calls, chopping veggies, marinating salmon, making iced tea, fridgerating root beer and just looking forward to the visit from everyone. I enjoy cooking so much because it's so completely hands on, and everything involved in really great cooking involves ones taste, values, choices in so many ways. At it's best, cooking is an expression of personality, of self, and it's point of appreciation is its goal. So that's fun.

Also having fun thinking about Ceej's latest thoughts and Cera's. Good to have friends that think.

Putting together an autotar for this entire site, so I have backup if I need it badly enough...

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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