December 27, 1997

Woke up to the alarm, no late morning today. Had a 9:30am breakfast with Mike Wasson so it wasn't a hardship time, but earlier than my body really wanted. But it was worth it, as it always is.

In a lot of ways Mike's and my friendship is a lot like my friendship with James Birdsall. We get together for a meal every few months or every month and we have fun just talking and getting caught up with each others lives and bouncing things off each other. Conversation and good food cheaply and getting to visit for a while. It's always fun, usually thoughtful, and I never have to worry about what I saw with either of them. There's always thought and depth to the conversations, and even when we don't agree on something there's a willingness to listen to each other through and learn. So it's always good for me.

So they're both always well worth making time in my schedule to meet up with them and it's fun. So we had a good time getting caught up and he asked lots of insightful questions about my new company and I asked him a lot of questions about his upcoming plans, offered a little help and we'll see how things work out, as he's moving up to Seattle after the beginning of the year. Hoorah! I'll get to see more of him! He also has family in the area, which made the decision just a bit easier for him.

So it was cool.

I got home around noon. And started setting things up for the party and we were ready at 3, but folks didn't start arriving until about 4. Sadie and Paul and Deirdre arrived then, and Fezzik and Sadie took off around the house. Homer showed up to play as well, and the three of them went tearing around and around and around the house, down to the pond, through the woods to Homer's house and then all the way back and up and down and all around. Sadie got soaked, Fezzik got wet underneath, and Homer was happy after all this time without his family but finally someone to *play* with! So they all had a blast.

People trickled in. Jon Singer, Zonker, Richard Threadgill, whom I've never seen before, but had heard of... all watched as I danced the dance of delight when Jon Singer gave me a packet of the Yunnan Gold for Christmas, as well as a single-serving packet of the smoked silver needle tea from Imperial Tea. My. Christy Miller, the Pellerins, and Mark Fisher. Christy told us that Mike Moores was having a party that night, too, so David Jablanski couldn't make it. John's mom and dad made it and so it was a much quieter little party than Fezzik had had before. Not a bad thing, as we sat around and got to talk more and we had tea and had fun and Fish stayed afterwards to help clean up.

We sat down and watched Wing Chung with him and had a mug of hot tea and it was good.

Wow. A party *and* sleep before 11pm. Not bad.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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