December 31, 1997

Well, so much for being done with a story. Damned thing grew on me and mutated well away from Mark into its own life. After editing and a cut it might well do as application material for Clarion, as it'll be about the right size. Darn thing bloated, though, and I know what to cut and hone. Yeesh.

Happy, though, as the first draft is at least finished. Actually followed the no-rewrite rule.

The morning was bright again, today... and John wanted to go out and eat breakfast, so we looked at the Eastside Bistro, which is reported to have good breakfasts, but they were closed. So we defaulted to the Hotel Cafe, and had a marvelous meal, though we really looked different from the regular crowd and the smoke. The open top of the Stoat was welcome after that, but the food was absolutely excellent, great gravy over a rich biscuit with a bit of scrambled egg, to links and hot, crisp hash browns. Happy sigh.

We had fun wandering through a bike shop as John's wanting a new bike that can actually be ridden regularly along our dirt roads, something a bit less tempermental than our twelve year old touring bikes and more likely to induce exercise off of a soccer field. The new offices are right off the Sammamish Slough and East Lake Sammamish Road has been repaved to actually have a bike lane and shoulders instead of nothing. So it would actually be a possible ride if it were not for the way Thompson climbs at the last bit. Yeesh. But it's doable if we try.

So we looked. Just window shopped as we weren't sure of what we needed. We'll likely rent something and try it out before buying for sure and John really wants to talk with Adam about what makes for a good bike.

Then I happily binged with my gift certificates at Victoria's Secret on long, warm, Christmas colored cotton underware(TM) and many other cotton goodies. John commented that he thought that that was actually Victoria's Secret, that she only wore comfortable cotton stuff while pretending to the itchy lace stuff. I think he has something to that... as there's lots of nice comfortable things there.

The clouds started rolling in again as we left there, so we went home and I wrote while John worked on the Rangie and Fezzik slept at my feet.

We have a party tonight. Will likely bring the cabbage salad and have fun with everyone. It's been an interesting last day to an interesting year. John and I were pretty decisive in saying that it started great and ended great, but got really weird in the middle.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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