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December 6, 1999
two years ago

Clean Teeth and Christmas Cards

It's good to have clean teeth.

It's also been a while. I have to admit that I hate going to the dentist and I put it off for as long as I think I can get away with it. Some of it is knowing that I've had bad dentists in the past and how very hard it was to find a good one. Some of it is just fear, and some of it is just that I'm lazy. But nearly eight months ago I asked the entire plant about where I should go for dentist services and they all answered. There was only one dentist that more than one person went to, so, in the end, that's the one that I picked to go to. Last month I finally made the appointment, when I thought about it and some of my gums were starting to bleed a little when I flossed.

I know that when it starts to bleed I really do need to get in to get everything cleaned up. Gum disease is a very bad thing.

So I had my appointment today, this morning, and it turned out pretty good, all in all. Got there good and early and had an awful time trying to park in their tiny parking lot, so, instead, I parked in a metered slot on the street, slotted in all the coinage I had and then went in to see a very cheerful receptionist. A bit of paperwork later and the hygenist was actually able to get to me early. The good thing about both the office and the patient being early is being able to do things.

They were thorough, quick, professional and not too talkative. It was very straightforward as a cleaning, and she gave me a solid packet of floss threaders because I keep losing them. The dentist did a good look at everything, and since nothing seemed wrong to him, that was that. Unlike Dr. Nelson who tried to make *something* out of even a clean exam. It was very refreshing to have him not recommend a thing when everything looked good and solid. He did check out my toothguard to be sure that it sat in the right place, since I had brought it, and that was about it.

Very nice. I have recommended Dr. Hulce to a few other folks and now John has an appointment with them. That should work out.

John and I spent the entire evening working on Christmas cards. I know it's early, but there are a lot to do to make sure that folks get our new address. And it's fun to go through our entire address book and make sure everything is up to date and to have reason to go out and ask people their addresses and their new information when I don't have it. Got a lot of conversations initiated and questions started as well as finished a lot of the cards. It was nice to end up with a big pile of about 50 or so and know that there's about ten more to do. Tomorrow will be Christmas letter time, we're making a 'this was the year' letter and coping bunches of them and then mailing them out with the cards. Catching up is hard to doooooo....

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