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December 21, 1999
a year ago

Work and Fridge Cleaning

A really busy day at work today. Between meetings and much code to be done, it was really good and satisfying and busy. I finished one thing I'd been working on for the last few days and got onto a smaller thing that I was mostly able to finish today. It's good when it gets down to the one a day size things, because I feel like I really accomplished something each day rather than feeling like I got nothing done because I explore an avenue and figure out that it's a dead end.

It was also nice in that I'd brought some of the cheddar and ale soup for lunch along with a slice of the pizza from last night, so I had a really hearty lunch while sitting at work. That really actually helped me stay concentrated and focussed. When I have to break in the middle of the day for eats, I usually forget what I was doing or start somewhere else completely. Not the best way to do things that need hours of concentration.

That's one of those things about coding.... I really do need to have hours of concentration and thought to really follow things all the way through. So the times when I had to take a break every twenty minutes really sucked for my production.

But by the time I got home I was exhausted. John had managed to fit the turkey into the refrigerator, but there was absolutely no room left for anything else, and there would likely be plenty of other things once the folks got here from the party. So we had to do something about clearing parts of it out. The easiest way, in part, was to say dinner is anything you can find in the fridge. I found a few fuzzy things that went into the garbage, one of the problems with having a refrigerator that is really big is that things really do get lost in the back. I did, however, also find some good things as well, and happily ate while John used the exercise bike.

My knee hurt from Sunday's scramble on the trail, so I didn't want to ride. He showered and then we eyed the turkey that was still pretty hard. I think, because of Alton Brown's show on turkey, that we should be able to thaw it tomorrow. So instead of worrying about it, I went upstairs and dictated the last weekend for journal stuff. Yay!

We're getting into the days when I usually fade out for a while, but we'll see how long I can actually keep this up.

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