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December 29, 1999
two years ago

Back to Work

I got nearly nothing done other than merging all my code with everyone else's code that had changed in the last week or so and then testing everything before checking it all in. Not a particularly good feeling. I felt like I really got nothing done, but it was a necessary step to get everything working with everyone else's stuff. Constant integration and testing is a really good thing for stablizing big masses of code. All the production I had finished in the last two days seems to have spoiled me as to my expectations of how much I can get done in a day.

It also felt really, really strange to be back at work, in the office. It was so long since I'd been in that it felt strange. Interacting with people again, getting interrupted all the time, again, being in meetings again all felt so pointless in some ways and also incredibly busy and stressful in others. It was a really strange combination of things, but I really didn't want to be there, but by the end of the day I felt a little better about most things.

On the way home I was low on blood sugar and feeling punchy and giggling a lot and John took us to Whole Foods where I was able to get the last of the things I needed to make crab cakes. He got me home safely and I had fun putting the cakes together. It's a lot like mud pies but different, real food things. Essentially, however, it's playing with mush and patting it about and making it into what I want to make it. It's especially mushy if you're trying to make cakes the first time you've mixed all the ingredients together. I learned from one of the Food TV network programs that crab cakes hold together much better if you refrigerate them for a while. So I put four of the first patties into the freezer while I finished making the other four.

But time I was done the first four had firmed up enough that I could make patties out of them. I covered them with the same soft bread crumbs I had made them with, and then fried them in a little canola oil until they were crisp. John made salad and garlic bread while I was finishing the crab cakes.

I was feeling somewhat grumpy about the lack of progress today. John managed to distract me with Crash Team Racing. We discovered that if I played just a few rounds it really wouldn't hurt my hands in the long run. The real trick was making sure that I only played a few rounds. With the extra competition, the harder tracks, and the fact that John has played all the tracks multiple times I didn't do quite as well as I wanted to, but I've always been one to want to be perfect the first time through. I think, however, get noticeably better even in the two or three rounds that we played.

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