January 2, 1998

Got to sleep a bit late last night for getting to work this morning.

You know, I could get used to a one day work week, but I sure wouldn't get a whole lot done. Yeesh. Though I did manage to start looking at web pages on process management tools and figure out some of the overriding characteristics of what might be useful in such an overall tool.

We did drop by Victor's on the way in to work, and it was really, really quiet there, especially for a Friday morning, as the place is usually just packed solid. It was quiet and fun and interesting with the new mugs that Fezzik had gotten us, as the metal does a great job of keeping things hot and stable, but the mouth of the cup is small enough that it's sometimes a little difficult to get things into it.

Lunch was a run to the bank to deposit pay, get cash and then try out the Country and City tea place, which was closed, we thought it was closed for lunch, so went to Dixie's but the line was through two rooms, so abandoned that plan and went to Burgermaster. Yum. Burgers. Yum. Root Beer Float!

That was very keen.

Anyway... that's all to a quiet day at the ranch.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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