January 9, 1998

Going home last night, from the game, the night was clear and cold but for mist pockets lying here and there. Then we hit the 520 floating bridge and the wind was whipping in from the north, and with it came the fog.

The 520 floating bridge is one of two floating bridges that cross Lake Washington, which is so deep and has such a mucky bottom that the only bridges that will work over it are floating ones. They're both built with concrete pontoons that are anchored to the lake floor with huge weights and anchors that keep the pontoons in place. Since they are floating on the surface of the water they act, sometimes, as breakwaters, so on a really windy day, one side of the bridge will show a lake that's all chop and whitecaps and the other side of the bridge will have water as smooth as glass.

So the fog comes whirling in from the north, hits the bridge and, under the lights, is flung high and then curls like a ghostly breaking wave over the concrete span. The wind of the cars flying along the bridge keeps the mist and fog clear from the ribbon of concrete itself, a clear tunnel through the whirling chaos of the constantly breaking waves of fog pouring in from the north. It was like riding the tunnel of a constantly breaking wave that misted away as soon as you drew near.

Lake Sammamish was a wall of mist as well, in the cold, cold air, as the lake had absorbed sunshine from the previous day and so the water was warmer than the below freezing air. If there had been much wind at all over the eastern lake, we'd likely have had lake affect snow.

It's a clear, cold gorgeous day out today, too. After the game last night, John hauled all the pop and beer cases we keep out on the porch, so that they wouldn't freeze. The hot tea I'd put in my water bottle for the game was warm enough to unthaw me at the beginning of the game, but by the end there were shards of ice floating in the clear depths. Fezzik, dancing on the sidelines, had a layer of frost over his black coat by the time the game was through.

It was cold. The game itself was okay. Very cold, so I am glad I didn't ask Raven to come, or I'd have had to provide a down sleeping bag or something for him. We won. I didn't fall down. And there were puddles on the field that turned into ice before the end. The field itself was littered with shards of ice, so that it sounded like crunching through snow instead of the usual sand feeling.

Realized one thing. That John and I do think the same way about certain things. One of those things is that, for us, the world is made of people who do things and people who don't do things, for one reason or another. That is it isn't made, for us, of people who are 'better' or 'worse' at doing things, that, as a matter of course, anyone that does things will get better. So long as they keep doing it. So that anyone that does things should be encouraged to do more, not compared with anyone else. Comparisons don't help anyone do things, unless they're trying to learn from the comparison rather than using the comparison to show me or tell us why they can't do something.

It's a cop-out for me to say that because I don't know how to do something that I shouldn't even start. For me, that's what 'I am bad at X, so I shouldn't start X.' translates into. No matter how bad or slow one might be at doing something, if they keep doing it, I believe they can only get better. To say that they shouldn't even try to do something because they can't get 'better' than someone else at it is a fallacy as well, I think. I mean, I'm never, ever going to play wing the way Michelle plays wing, mostly because I'm not Michelle, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to play the best wing I can play and lend my own style of play to the way the team works as a whole.

But then I've often said I'm a pack animal, and just because my skills aren't the best in the pack doesn't mean that I don't make the whole pack stronger with my skill set than if mine weren't there at all. Yeah, yeah, it *is* a fucking wonderful life, damnit. Maybe some of it is also that I see the whole thing about creation as an enterprise that all of humanity is in on. That anything that is created by anyone is a necessary drop in the ocean of all that humanity creates. Whether or not it's good or bad is all just a matter of taste, something that is just crap to one person may speak deeply to another so long as it's created where both of them can get a look at it rather than just hidden away in the secret places of ones mind.

Some of it goes for just doing something to and gradually doing it better, like spinning, soccer, and the like. It's always fun to work with the folks that are brand new to soccer on the Red Door team, and help them figure out the way to play better without tearing them down at all and only building them up so that they can do more, learn more, play more, and have more fun.

Last night's game had some of that. The opposing team was kinda a contrast, in some ways. A few of the ladies on their defense were really into tearing us down as a way to build themselves up, verbally. Doing all kinds of small verbal abuse that just made me kinda look at 'em. What's the point of that? Does it make them feel better when they do that? Does it make them feel more 'right' or something?

It confuses me.

Anyway... slides again today. Whee... poor Adam is getting bugged with all kinds of Unix questions by folks and that's no fun. He needs to get his training stuff done for the coming week, too, and it's funny hearing him say that Data I/O did a Hong Kong chicken to Bill E. *laughter* Well, he outlasted Bill E. That's something.

On with the day.

Oh... and after Raven's last entry, I invited him over to talk with some trees, if he wants to. There are plenty that are pretty good listeners out in our woods.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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