January 11, 1998

I'm not used to being alone at home when it's not my choice. I'm used to things like this morning, when I was home while John was out busy doing things while I lazed and slept in and made my own breakfast. It was the normal being alone while John was busy with other things kinda mode. It went on for much of the day, as he got ready for his trip to Colorado.

We watched football for a bit of time, snuggled up on the couch. The night before things had been so bitterly cold that I kept the fire in the woodstove burning all night to keep it warm upstairs. Woke up around 5am to feed it a bit more, and so it was burning still when John first got up, so he fed it and brought it back up again. So the livingroom and upstairs areas had the edge off them during the night.

Then I took John to the airport and came home.

Alone but for Fezzik, it was kinda interesting to be alone not by choice. It's not the same, but I took care of myself and made a nice chicken hash with chicken, potatoes, onions, celery and spices, and it was good and hot and filling against the cold. While it was still light, I stocked up on the firewood, and watered all the plants and pulled the ones away from the sill that could freeze.

Watched a lot of TV last night, basketball, hockey, and then X-files. A new episode that I enjoyed, but I enjoyed the rerun a lot more, it was the one about the convicted guy on deathrow that could channel spirits after he was taken away from the chair the first time. I loved that episode. As much because of Scully's belief and doubts as to the emotional state of the killer who could channel.

Went for bed, then, cleaned off my piercing and then John called to say that he was safe, warm, and fed, and that Colorado was warmer than Washington, the bum. He was fine, which helped me sleep warm and sound, with the heat from the wood stove warming me as well.

© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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