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January 17, 1999

Football and Socks

Spent pretty much the whole day watching football and working on my silk socks while trying to rest my hands enough so that they they wouldn't be destroyed by the socks. I tried frequent rest breaks and the like, but I kept going back to knitting on the second of the two socks, even with my left hand starting to say that it was about to have enough.

I took a few breaks to just ogle the Levenger catalog again, and to take some of the wool I'd dyed weeks ago and start to pull the fleece apart so that I could card it eventually. We didn't really eat that much, just the rest of my breakfast from the day before for breakfast and John made taco salad for dinner and then disappeared, for most of the day, out into the rain and the garage to work on the Range Rover. So it was a quiet day, on the most part, though rain lashed against the windows all day and all night.

Damn. I kinda want a really nice Waterman fountain pen. I found out from Kathy that Gaimon had written Starlight with a fountain pen as it was supposed to be a Victorian novel and so it would have been written by hand, on the most part, and computer books (like some computer journals) have a tendency to explode to cover all available memory space when unchecked by reason. So he did it all by hand. I know the difference that happen when I write by hand and when I type as well as when I dictate, so I can see why he might have wanted the language that would come from the slower, more time for thinking and less room and possibility for correction method.

Turned out that Computer Renaissance will give me a few hundred for my 701CS Butterfly, which I haven't been able to use for years. Which would be plenty to set me up in a full Circa system that would last me years. Reverting back to the first portable notebook system. That should be a blast.

Unfortunately or not, The Fugitive was playing last night, and I started watching it and was so fascinated that I forgot to stop knitting and finished the second sock and redid the toe of the first to better fit without really stopping at all. My wrists ached after that, and my left hand is really unhappy, eventhough my voice still isn't quite back on-line either. Which is making this kinda interesting to do as I'm pushing my hands a bit again. Luckily the connection speed is so slow I have to take a little time typing.

The socks are gorgeous, though. I kept the cuff and arch in wool, to keep the stretchability where it had to be. The silk is soft, warm, and a bit inelastic in comparison, so the cuff is best in wool. I had mine in dark wool so that whatever showed above a boot would likely be dark, eventhough the silk is a honey colored tussah. The yarn is really strong, it seems and slides even better than wool on the hardwood floor. Whee...

Fezzik just watched me while I slid about.

Dreams were of notebook systems again and when I woke up I realized exactly what it was I needed, really, and what tests I had to do with the printer and drawing software that I had to see if I could make my own pages.

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