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January 24, 1999


Truly a Sun Day, as the sun was actually out for nearly the whole day, and I actually did the best I could to get into it as much as was possible, though it wasn't all that possible. We went to breakfast early, at the Issaquah Cafe, then church and then the annual budget meeting for the church. The deacon's sharing went well, and nearly everyone told me they cried. The scripture readings were the first eighteen verses of the first letter to the Corintheians, where Paul's telling the church in Corinth how cool they are and how cool it is that God walks with them; and the passage from Matthew where Jesus calls the two sets of brothers from the Galilean Sea, to be fishers of men. My tiny bit of sharing had to do with how our jobs were taking us away from all that we knew, like the brothers leaving all that was familiar behind, and that of the things we were leaving behind, Eastgate was one of those things that we'd miss the most and that they'd taught us so much.

One common point among all those that left, for me at least, was that they weren't able to tolerate or respect those that disagreed. The ones that were left, the people that were now supporting the church, were the ones that seemed to be able to still respect or at least not verbally abuse those that disagreed. If someone differed, they differed and it was simply accepted as reality. For some reason, the majority of those that left seemed, to me at least, to be ones that has to abuse the people that were disagreed with. Though, there is, admittedly, some of that in some of those that are left as well. Humans are still humans.

I guess some of it was simply that I learned that Christians are human beings, faults, flaws, and stupidities all. And that's just how it is. Good with bad, mixed and real.

Anyway. Seems that how I wrote what I wrote left a lot of people in tears, and the pastor's sermon actually tied directly into it. That was, as always, amusing, as I don't plan that kind of thing, but God or chance or that angel that picked me up by the scruff of my neck and shook me seems to always make it so. That if I draw echos of the Scripture, it'll always echo in the resultant sermon. Even if they're as faint as the ones I thought I put in. It's so odd to realize that the faint echos, with the context of the sermon, were pretty much brought out in full. That was cool.

Afterwards, I was exhausted, but sat through the whole of the waffly budget meeting. The problem with leaving decisions up to a group of people is that the whole group has to figure out what it is that they're deciding and what it is that they want to do with it and then what to do about it. Ugh.

So by the time we got home, I was exhausted, so I just lay in front of the TV, watched the NHL's All Star game for about two minutes before I fell asleep on the couch, under a blanket, with the warm, warm sunshine all over me. Napped in the sunshine for two hours, and John came in and woke me up as we had to get the Range Rover over to the guy that could fix the overdrive now that John had the fuel pump going. So we drove two cars over to North Seattle, and the guy wasn't there yet. They were hauling a bunch of stuff from Everett, and were supposed to be back by the time we arrived, bu they weren't there, yet.

The One Flaw of the whole Seattle area is that there aren't many Dunkin' Donuts in the area, there are like three, most of them are city side, as well, and one of them is in North Seattle. So, since we were in the area, I really wanted to go there to get donuts. So the two of us went to find it, a quest, and we eventually figured out where it was, got there, and got a dozen donuts, two cups of coffee and we sat on stools at the bar facing the front windows and ate a few donuts and drank our coffee and watched the sunset over the concrete and strip malls of the Aurora corridor.

When we were done, we went back, and they still weren't there, so we just dropped off the keys, and went home. We thought about a movie, but I was just zonked, so we went and found some videos and went home. I fried some of the turnip cake, cooked the last of some really old potstickers, cooked a pot of soupy rice and we ate them with pickles and a bit of soy. That was yummy and quick and simple. Then we watched Six Days and Seven Nights. I could see why folks say that Harrison Ford did it for fun, as it's not a particularly deep movie, but it's really fun.

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