March 24, 1998

Quiet Day

Not a terribly exciting day, today. But, a fairly good one for all that. Work was okay. We got home at a fairly reasonable hour, and I got on the exercise bicycle pretty quickly. I did the full 25 minutes, and went an extra half a mile in the same amount of time as I had been riding before. So that felt really good.

John took responsibility for dinner, so I showered in peace.

One of the things that John and Raven did with me on Sunday night, at Larry's, was go through the hair section at Larry's and look through all the hair conditioning products. I think that some of it was that Raven didn't really want me to cut my hair off. Not that I blame him. I have been, as John puts it, oscillating badly over the hair issue. Whether or not to cut it all off, or keep it and deal with it while I'm laid up. By getting a large supply of the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle, and a whole bottle of Pantene Pro-V conditioner for colored hair, I think I was coming down on the side of keeping the stuff.

Still haven't quite figured out whether I should re-dye everything to a darker color or not.

Anyway, the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle worked out excellently, and I climbed into my long underwear, settled on the couch, iced my knee, and watched some sports while John finished making dinner. Dinner was inspired from that new Mexican cafe, and consisted of quesadillas filled with spinach, portabella mushrooms sliced thinly, and cheddar cheese, all pan fried together in a soft flour tortilla. He cooked them just long enough to cook the mushrooms through. They were wonderful.

Also, since we had the new computer at home, we were willing to sell the old one. John's parents wanted the old computer, so came over and got instruction as to how to use it. I mostly just sat and watched, talked with Isabel for a while, and then went to bed and slept the sleep of the exercised.

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© 1998 by Liralen Li.

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