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May 31, 2000
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Chocolate Thingies

(for two)
1/4 cup milk heated to scalding
2 ounces finely chopped, high-grade bittersweet chocolate
1 egg at room temperature (dunk it for a while in warmish water (not hot!) if yours are fresh from the refrigerator.
1 Tbs. sugar

Heat oven to 350. Pour the hot milk on the chopped chocolate, stir until chocolate is melted and creamy smooth. If it never gets that way (give it a minute or three), then zap it in the microwave 10-15 seconds and stir it some more, until it is smooth. Take the egg, crack it into a bowl, pour in the sugar, then beat it all together until it's lemon colored, pale, and ribbons from the beaters. It takes a while at a pretty high speed to do that. Mix half the fluffy egg stuff into the chocolate, then fold the other half in gently, to not lose bubbles.

Pour into two 4-6oz ramkins, place in pan with sides at least as high as the sides of the ramkins and pour boiling water around the ramkins until about 1-1/2 inch from the tops of the ramkins or, if you haven't filled them totally, to the level of the batter in the cups. Place into hot oven for about 25 minutes. Tops will crack and dry a bit. Pull out and pull water out with a turkey baster or something, then pull the ramkins out and place on a rack to cool, at least 10-15 minutes. Serve warm with a bit of whipped cream and/or Godiva chocolate liquier drizzled on top.

John won a company-wide teamwork award today, for doing stuff that improved the team work of the whole software side of the company. It comes with cool prizes, and really neat acclaim from the fact that it's the engineers in the company that vote on who gets it. So he's done a really good job at it all and we wanted to celebrate, but neither of us had any inclination to go out and eat. We'd been travelling too much for both our appetites, so we just went home to eat.

For dinner, we had the peanut butter noodles, but I also added a pinky tip-sized blob of hot sauce, I think it's Korean, that stuff that you can get in the plastic squeeze bottles, that is as red as red as red is and has seeds thru out it? It's really hot stuff and I put one bit into the food processor and then tasted the sauce and it wasn't that hot and it was only after I'd added the second blob that I noticed that the blades for the small processor had missed the first blob completely, so I had cold noodles that were so hot they nearly made me cry. That was really weird.

But they were perfect for the nearly overwhelmingly hot day. The teriyaki chicken breasts could be grilled outside, not adding to the heat in the house, and John put together a nice salad as well. I prepped the breasts and letting them marinate while we shopped at Safeway to find all the perishables that we'd finished before the trip. I needed several of the perishables for the chocoalte things. Milk, eggs, salad things, and then John also decided to get all things that we'll need for the Goodell's dinner on Saturday. So that ended up being a cartload of stuff that was actually pretty cool. Stocking back up.

So I put the chocolate things in to bake before even starting the noodles and when I did the noodles, John cooked the chicken. Doing all this in parallel is very, very nice and the meal was satisfying, not terribly heavy for the warm day, and it was just so good to be home again and using the kitchen and eating together again. Sleep in our own bed was just fabulous again.

Home again. Home again. Jigadejig.

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