October 31, 1997

Heh. John now knows what fishnet stockings feel like. He thinks they're really funny, feels like you have something on and then a wind blows through and you're *cold* in places you didn't know you could be cold in. Yeah. He's dressed up as a Saloon Girl today, shocking pink and black satin, with head gear, inch long shocking pink glitter lashes and, yes, fishnet stockings.

Just walking in he had the whole cafeteria filled with people there for the pancake breakfast laughing like crazy. As Ray said, "You gotta have some great big cajonas to pull *that* off." and he's really pulling it off. Has people yelling, "Hey, Cutie!" to him from across the building, and I think he got hit on more times than I can count during the breakfast. Okay, so the majority of those were from the management team, which were all dressed as Elvis. The glitter lashes stir up a breeze when he flutters them at someone.

I'm a blue girl today. Mermaid in subtle ways. Red shoes, skeleton earrings, shell necklace, and married, so that I can have my legs, still. Dress the color of deep water, batiked with waves and shells, flowers and chains... Got my prince, and he's a really pretty saloon girl. *laughter*

Took forever finding the face paints last night, but did get a wave on my cheek, and in the process of searching, I pulled up old writing from nearly six years ago, including my very first character sheet for Saraquael, my cat shaman for Shadowrun. How cool!

All packed, all ready to go. Halfway regretting it and halfway not... regrets are for the pile of work I still have to do, and for the possibility of watching and being with John some more. Halfway nots are because I'll have fun, and travelling in this outfit should be fun and of amusement value. Besides, there'll be the big plus of getting to see Carl and the Gang.


© 1997 by Liralen Li

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