September 11, 1997

I'm feeling kinda lost.

So I got myself a notebook and started writing into it all the things that I wanted to do and all the things that I thought that I really needed to do and I've made a kind of map for myself. Talked with a nice lady at WRQ this morning, I should probably talk with Vicka about her experiences with them and why she left. It's the first phone interview that was technical in nature. Gave me a lot of neat questions to think over and a few things to look up so that I'd know 'em if I ever need 'em.

What was really funky was that my interviewer was the twin sister of someone that I used to know at work. It's kinda interesting. I liked her attitude, as well as that of her sister, so that was keen.

What was really funny was that it was in parallel with John being phone interviewed by Microsoft folks as well.

It's pretty chaotic, all in all, and things are piling on things to worry about or remember or figure out and the notebook is very good about just keeping everything and making sure that I remember and get to things on time or so the things that I really ought to do. Like making absolutely sure that my Netcom account gets killed this month.

<sigh> I've found this teapot. Now I want it. Limited numbers, rather expensive, but it would be perfect for that champagne of teas, the estate Darjeelings. <sigh>

I like things that I can hold, and I love crackle glazes. Some of that has been because I've seen all the things (quick warning, the link takes you to a picture page, it'll take a while to load, but it's well worth seeing...) that Jon Singer's been doing with glazes and pottery. And the crackles are my favorite, still, though the opal blue and the iron glazes really are beauties as well. But the thought of a white crackle glazed yixing pot just calls me.

The Darjeelings don't really do too much better in a Yixing pot the way the oolongs do, but it would be nice to have something really nice to pour the most expensive of my teas from. I have a glass push pot, which is very nice and gives me a full twelve ounces if I want it, rather than the six to five that the tiny pots do, but the tiny ones are great for the teas with multiple pourings. Some Darjeelings do okay with multiples, but the black teas just are not in the same league as the greens and whites are. And most of the Darjeelings I've seen are black, though I've also tastes a few marvelous greens and one near white, which is the Makaibari Silver Tip. It's a smoky tea that's light and refreshing and sweet. it's one of my favorites and I gave Shiro a sample of the stuff because I thought he'd appreciate it.

There are Darjeelings that are estate teas, like you might have heard of estate wines or estate coffees, they're simply produced on one 'Estate', which actually may have many gardens, but they're owned by one place. They each have their own personalities and characteristics and quirks, much as in estate wines or coffees, and a few states even narrow their offerings down to a specific clonal type, which means that all the leaves essentially came from the same bush. They clone the bushes that produce the finest flavored teas and use all of one kind of leaf in them.

Darjeeling, like Ceylon or Assam are all designations given teas from a certain area of India. Darjeelings are from the Darjeeling district in India's Himalayan areas. Ceylon teas are from Sri Lanka. There are also teas from Dooars, Nilgiris and Sikkim, but are somewhat less well known than the first three. Green, black, and white are designations of how the tea has been processed.

Yes. When I'm uncertain, I am happiest with a mug of hot tea and a little time to relax in.

© 1997 by Liralen Li

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