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Sometime before that fight on the bridge, while we were still figuring out what it was we were going to do, Angie came to Trip's and dyed my hair blue. The pots of dye had blue-purple labels on them, and so we thought that the contents would match, instead, the contents of the pots was a deep clear teal blue, just a touch more turquoise. But it was pretty gorgeous going on. I then just bundled my hair up in a towel and sat and played the rest of the game with bits of blue all over me. People wondered how long I'd be Smurf-like. Angie did come again later and rescued me from most of the blue with a pot of Noxima anti-pimple pads, that for some weird reason did a kick ass job of getting all the dye off of my skin.

Oh! Yeah! Also, about the time when everyone had characters made up we stopped for a bit and had the best completely vegitarian Chinese meal I've ever had. They even had an imitation orange beef, where the beef was some texurizes something or another, likely a type of mushroom or something, that took the orange really well and had a lovely texture and was crisp around all the right edges and places. Yum. They also had most excellent scallion pancakes.

Sleep that night was easy, but on a black pillow case, with the black towel wrapped about my head. Morning was a bit like Christmas... what with unwrapping my head and then washing the hair out. A whole lotta blue dye went into Carl's tub and shower. A whole lotta blue. Not a dark blue, either, but a bright, bright blue that turned the white bright blue. I spent nearly as long scrubbing out the tub as I did washing my hair, and I ran out of conditioner with just the one application. And when I stepped outta the tub, dried my hair on my towel, and shook it out it was gorgeous. Bluey green... more green in front, more blue nearer the back of the top, the darker parts of the hair had taken the green to their hearts, and in the sunlight Carl got in the bathroom, it glowed...

That was so keen. I then combed out my hair, got dressed and then came down to a breakfast of Big Macs, french fries and ice cold pop. Which was when I found out the backmost top right molar was broken.

Not fun.

When I was a kid, I got a lot of cavities, and a lot of cavities meant a lot of fillings, and the dentist that I had when I was little did big fillings. Big metal fillings. Which means that now, as I grow up, those big metal fillings are deteriorating and making my molars really really fragile. I had one, about six months ago, just shatter, completely, and we had to crown it. This one, luckily, just broke the inside corner off it; but it was sensative and it hurt when I drank cold stuff, and I didn't have a clue how much damage there really was.

So, when Trip and Bryant got to Carl's, I wasn't really in the mood to play much, and they were nice and humored me a bit, until I finally realized I really wanted to see a dentist. So all three of them were really nice and piled into Carl's car and went with me to the dentist's where they told me it would be $60 just to look at it and they had no idea how much it would cost to fill it. The dentist looked at it, he recommended doing a filling and then was about to start into a speel about how a crown would last longer, but do more damage when I said, "Wait a minute. I'm visiting, I got back to Seattle in a few days, will the tooth last until then?" He frowned a bit and then nodded, "If I were a betting man, I'd bet all my money on it."

So I nodded, thanked him for looking at it, and really didn't have to thank him because I then paid him for just looking at it. Which I really shouldn't be grumpy about because he really was the expert. It did hold, and I did get a filling in it, at first, from my dentist and the filling seems to be holding me okay.

Anyway... after that, I was still with a bare, open tooth, and I wasn't in the mood to spend $40 on food I couldn't eat at La Fondue. So I called Tara to tell her, but couldn't get her, then called Miles and did get him to tell him. But the problem is that La Fondue needs people to go in pairs. So I called Gretchen who had been feeling utterly grisly the day before and found out from Brad that she'd been sleeping all day and still wasn't feeling very good. So Gretchen and I backed out of La Fondue together, which meant we were out as a pair, so the rest of the folks could still go without scrambling for another person. That worked out well.

What also worked out well was that I managed to get a hold of John during all that and just talk with him a little bit. That helped out my mental state quite a lot and stablized me to just deal.

Trip, Bryant and Carl then hit upon a way to get me to forget my tooth and took me to see Face/Off again. It was most marvelous. Then I sipped Mexican tortilla soup, Mexican chocolate and watched the guys eat a whole lot of Mexican food and had fun avoiding the conversational flyers on the tables.

I finally got a hold of John around midnight, and it turned out that the reason he'd been gone all day was because he'd been buying a Land Rover! A really keen Land Rover, a long wheel base station wagon that was painted red, with a safari top and grass stems painted all along the sides. A huge roof rack could hold everything, and it drove a lot like our other 109, which means that all the double clutching that I learned on the other machine was applicable here. That was good. It was in really good shape, no rust, a completely rebuilt engine and lots of other goodies. He told me about the whole adventure he'd had in getting it, including deciding to at least get a cashier's check about thirty minutes before our bank closed. He got his mom and dad to drive him over to Vashion Island, which is a ferry ride away, and both coming and going the ferry gods smiled on them and they were able to ride the ferry nearly immediately after reaching both docks. That was keen. So they bought it, and he was very happy with, and that was a good distracting story after my tooth.

So sleep was actually a bit easier than I thought it would be... and the next morning, I woke feeling a lot better. Carl's Tylenol helped the twinges die down, and we went to dimsum with the guys. Gretchen was still asleep. Brad was there. I had fun, eating slowly and trying to stay with soft things. The tea felt pretty good, as it was warm. We then gamed at Trip's place again, this time with Bryant GM'ing. That was a really fun game, and I will have a more detailed account of it elsewhere.

We dinnered at a BBQ place that was pretty good, and Flynn met me at Trip's and dinnered with us, and I got to talk with him a little bit outside. He showed me his motorcycle and we talked for a while. That was keen.

Carl said, on the drive home, that a big advantage to having me over the weekends was the conversations he could have as he drove home. Kept him awake and entertained, all in one. It was amusing to note that I do talk a lot with him, but during games I'm usually fairly quiet. I say a few things, but not a lot. Socially, I'm fairly talkative, but when problem solving and figuring things out goes, I seem to get very quiet. It was kinda interesting realizing that.

Monday was sleep in day. Just slept and drank a vanilla Odwalla and slept some more and read a little, and then brushed my teeth gingerly and then walked across the street to the grocery store and bought some conditioner for my hair and a chicken tamali for lunch. Ate that, showered, cleaned up the bathroom and read until Carl got back to the apartment. We then took off to Mountain View and the Hong Kong bakery, where we got stuff and drinks and ate seated next to Chrisber and Trip as they ate Chinese food out on a covered patio which was actually a parking slot out on the main street... We then took off for the Towne theater.

Usually, we go there for Hong Kong movies, and they were going to be showing God of Gamblers III and the first one as well; but they were also showing the French film La Samuri, which John Woo had raved about as the Perfect Film. It was very simple, set through Paris, including much of the Underground and the subway system. It was set in gangster themes, but trenchcoats and guns and shiny seedy bars with rich gangster owners and beautiful piano players might be any era. The achingly simple barebones apartment in the ugly part of town was of any era as well. I actually enjoyed the timing a lot, the long setups and shots of things leading up the each discovery was something filmmakers don't do any more. But it certainly wasn't a Woo-like film. Not nearly enough rounds of ammunition, but I could see something of the ballet that John Woo does in his films shaping the tone and timing of this one.

It was very keen and it's stayed with me, even after I've come home again...

© 1997 by Liralen