Okay... here's a horrendously bandwidth intensive page, so I'm just kinda lumping it all together in one place as enough people have asked to see The Hair, that I've indulged them, now.

The above is me before any sea changes.

This, and the next two are off the 'amazingly tawny' look (as coined by Marith) that happened before the first dyeing job.

The above is the first incarnation of The Hair.

The subsequent incarnation came about when Paula, my usually hair stylist lady who was utterly horrified when I first thought about bleaching and dyeing my hair, but who became quite enthusiastic when faced with the accomplished fact, then went about bleaching my hair until it was platinum blonde and applying the *same* dye to it. It's 'Atlantic Blue' by Punky Colours which looks very much darker in the bottle, but turns out this astonishing sea blue/green... that wears away a bit with each showering. I expect to be back to the hairfall colors sometime in December, but likely much lighter due to the silver blonde underneath.

Largish pic with me with blue hair, though much, much darker than it actually is.
Side shot of the same, but more real to life colors, but still a bit dark
Cousin It? This is probably the closest to the true color of the stuff.
Wings? Not good colors, but funny

And finally, a picture of myJohn and I.

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