The Rostyki

The Rostykus tribe is a shifting thing, but these are the members as of October 1997. They're wise and funny and quick to accept others.

John Rostykus
My husband and the youngest of the four brothers. I'm really biased about him, so I won't say to much other than I am glad I've been married to him and shares as much of my life with him as I have.
George Rostykus
Is the boys dad, who's of Ukranian descent and is slender, active, laconic and cheerful. A Boeing engineer of four decades, he's steadfast.
Isabel Rostykus
Is the mother of the boys. A great sense of humor, she often reminds me of a little bird as she's always active, always cheerful, and good for picking up spirits. Together the two parental Rostyki have recently explored Greece, Turkey, the Ukrain, and even trekked through Napal. I want to be like both of them when I grow up.
Paul Rostykus
The eldest of the four brothers. Also known as Sherpa, and is involved with the Ashland Hash House Harriers. He's a doctor that went to Napal to work in a clinic for a while and see and help with stuff you don't see in the U.S. anymore. Presently he's mostly doing emergancy room and occupational health things in Ashland, Oregon, as well as being deeply involved in flying his small plane. He does more things than I do.
David Rostykus
The second brother. A carpenter and a builder, a general contractor and an ex-teacher, he does lots of things well. He has two kids, Yuri and Emily (once Emma, but she decided to change her name), who are beautiful, bright, and as individualistic as the rest of the tribe. I'm impressed by the fact that David only works three and a half days a week so that he can be a full-time parent the other three and a half days a week to allow Jenette her own time for the other half of the week. He does really great work.
Walt Rostykus
The third brother. He's actually the tallest of the four, and he works at HP as an safety engineer, setting up safety programs for all the plants, around the world. He's presently learning how to pilot a hot air balloon with folks down in Albequerque. He's funny and keen.
Cathie Elliot-Rostykus
Is married to Walt. She's a really smart, lovely, skinny red-head with an advanced degree in nursing and she works for Phillip's. She's really keen, and has been a great role model for me as a professional woman who's smart and great at her job. I like talking with her a lot as she gives me perspectives that I can't really get from my mother's generation, but with more experience than most of my friends.