The 1999 National Land Rover Rally was held in Breckenridge, Colorado, from August 12th to 15th.

Breckenridge lies at 10,000 ft above sea level, ~80 miles west of Denver. During the winter it is a bustling ski area. In the summer it is a bit quieter, but a great center for accessing the numerous 4x4 trails in the surrounding hills.

During the 3 day rally, we explored a different trail/area each day. The links below provide a brief history in pictures of each trail (Phyllis took a lot of pictures...)

Day 1 - Chinaman's Gulch Trail
A twisty trail through sand, rocks and trees. Located south of Breckenridge, near Buena Vista, providing several scenic views of the valley with one of Colorado's finest accomodations (one of the state penatentiaries.)
Day 2 - Red Cone Trail
A spectacular ridge line drive above 12,500 ft, along the rim of an old volcano, due east of Breckenridge. Incredible views for miles in every direction, with steep downhills along a narrow ridgeline - not for the squeamish.
Day 3 - Wheeler Lake Trail
A winding journey along the base of a lush valley, due south of Breckenridge. More technical rock obstacles, without the fear of falling. A shorter trek, but with 16 trucks, a longer day.
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