Day 1 of the 1999 National Land Rover Rally at Breckenridge, Colorado.

Chinaman's Gulch Trail:

Mountain Background
Our starting point - the skier's lot, with ski runs in the background.
Noses and Tails
Part of the Land Rover lineup for the day's outings.
Heading Out
Scenic Colorado on the route south.
Castle Rock
More scenery enroute.
Winding Followers
The start of the trail... no straight lines.
Buena Vista
In the gulch with a view of Buena Vista in the valley below.
Into the Water
Yes, there's water in Colorado.
Over the Hill
A Land Rover in the wild.
Axle articulation doing it's thing to find a way through the rocks.
Nose to Rock
Someone left a big rock in the trail. A daunting approach, but faith gets you over.
And Over
A preview of Moab.
More Looking
If you bounce too hard your engine stops running. Of course, if you attach the coil wire back on, it runs fine.
Not sure who's directing who...
Coming Up
Conquering the rock.
Back to Valley
Yes, there are stop signs in the middle of nowhere.
Rocks Over Us
They call them the Rockies for a reason.
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