Day 2 of the 1999 National Land Rover Rally at Breckenridge, Colorado.

Red Cone Trail:

Paul Donahue, our fearless Photographer.
Lined Up Behind
On the road to Red Cone.
Rangie Blowing Bubbles
Our fearless trail leaders.
Mountains Behind
The view from Georgia Pass.
Continental Divide
One of several crossings throughout the weekend.
Behind Us Bounce
Even tripods don't help on these roads.
Up Up and Away
The trail 'up' to Red Cone. You can just see the trail continue up the ridge to the far right.
Tiny Tundra Blues
Summer is short at 12,000 ft.
Around Lunch Area
Vista views at lunch time.
Mud Splat Edges
The approach to Red Cone. The road rides the top of the red ridge to the right.
Steeper Climb
The final assault.
You Want Us To What
Our leaders explaining the demise of a Jeep Grand Cherokee last fall...
Road On Ridge
If the altitude doesn't take your breath away, the view will.
Strategy Huddle
The drivers recconoitering at the point of no return.
On The Edge
A little crowded for 8 trucks at the top.
Starting Over
We start our decent... the first truck is parked at the first place you can stop.
On the Moguls
The mogul field on the way down.
Here They Come
The full perspective.
Follow the Leader
Down one hill, but not done.
More Swept Slopes
Looking up at Red Cone. The white stripe is the trail we came down.
Looking Forever
Miles of views in the thin air.
The final decent.
Intent John
What the passenger sees...
Waiting For Rest
Everyone made it safely.
Green Valley
A wet summer has made everything green.
More Red Cone
Looking back at Red Cone from the top of Radical Hill.
View Halt
Part of our motley view.
Walking an Edge
A land of contrasts.
Over the Edge
Don't get too close...
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